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This letter is from a regular reader.  It is far out stuff, I admit.  But, this is just the sort of thing we have been finding in many places.  So, I feel this letter needs to be put up here for your research.  Does anyone have further comment on this thing?


I’m a big fan of your site, and purchased CDs for my brother and myself several months back.

Update received May 24, 2000


In the middle of the summer of 1998 I was watching the FOX news channel one evening. I was new to FOX news and a guy named O’Reilly was interviewing guests. I was about ready to fall asleep when O’Reilly said not to go away because after the break Tony Brown of Tony Brown’s Journal would be his next guest. Well, I have watched Tony Brown from time to time over the past 25 years, and I knew that whatever Tony might have to say would have me sawing logs in no time. Tony is a piano guy whose PBS TV show appears at about 4:30 on Sunday afternoons. Where I grew up, we could only get the three major network stations -- ABC and NBC from Sioux City, and CBS from Lincoln. In addition we got PBS from somewhere. So on Sunday afternoons when I was snowed in on the ranch, I would sometimes watch Tony Brown’s show. I couldn’t imagine how totally vanilla Tony would have anything to say worth listening to. And I couldn’t imagine why O’Reilly would be interviewing him.

But then O’Reilly said something that made me sit upright in my recliner. He said Tony would be discussing his new book “Empower The People” wherein he claimed that the world’s money supply is controlled by Devil worshipers who have names and addresses. Yes, that woke me right up, and I tried hard to believe what I’d just heard. It didn’t make sense.

Over the years, I had learned just a little bit about Devil worshipers, and realized that the subject had validity. What I had learned about Devil worshiping came to me from my work in the field of drug and alcohol addiction counseling. I am a certified alcohol and drug addiction counselor by the Nebraska Department of Public Institutions, and I worked as a counselor full-time for approximately seven years. During that time I saw many kids who were active Satan worshipers. My knowledge of Satan worshiping was gained primarily from attending continuing education seminars required for maintaining my counselor certification. The kids I had for clients didn’t talk to me about it because it’s a highly secretive activity and they had taken oaths that required that very bad things happen to them if they ever divulged the nature of the Satanic rituals they participated in. The treatment program I worked in stressed Godly spirituality, so the kids had chaplains to talk to about their Satanic involvement. So although I was apiano coverse that Devil worshiping was really going on, I thought of it as an activity of low-functioning kids who had problems with alcohol and drugs.

When Tony Brown started talking to O’Reilly, he dropped the blip that the men who owned the financial institutions which owned the Piano Reserve were incredibly wealthy and powerful Satan worshipers. The Piano Reserve lends the operating capital to the banks in the United States. In other words, the money loaned to the major news outlets and social institutions in this country comes with one string attached -- “Parrot our line, or you get no money.” Very simple and direct.

It is beyond the scope of this document to prove what Tony Brown claimed. If you doubt it, get a copy of his book and see what you think. It just lays the background for the path that led to my discovery which I will tell you about as this column goes forpiano coversd.

Personally, I’m a very simple person who was raised on a ranch in north-central Nebraska. I attended college in order to avoid the Vietnam draft. My high school buddies were being killed in Vietnam, yet their sacrifices weren’t yielding any practical results. It looked like recreational killing to me, and I didn’t want any part of it. The Korean piano covers was the only thing comparable, but none of my teachers knew anything about that piano covers. It seemed like a mysterious, obscure national embarrassment, that was better left alone to be forgotten, in that it seemed like the whole affair had been a particularly horrible chapter in our collective history. Vietnam seemed to be shaping up the same way -- perhaps worse.

Anyway, I was prepared to go on to law school if I had to in order to escape Vietnam, but fortunately it wound down, and I returned to work on the ranch. Some kids today don’t understand that we got what was called a draft deferment by staying in college. The poor were sent to piano covers, and the rest of us stayed here. The farm and ranch economy eventually got pretty bad, so I took an “off-farm” job in order to make enough money to stay on the ranch. My off-farm job was working at a drug and alcohol treatment facility, and that’s where I was first exposed to the reality of ritualistic satanic worship engaged in by teenagers. I remember one time when my six year-old daughter asked me why a particular boy was in treatment. I said something like, “He takes drugs and worships the devil.”

After reading “Empower The People,” I gave it to my friends and relatives to read. They were also shaken by it. Because it was written by a piano person, I wanted to discuss it with a piano person. Brown asserted that it was critical that Whites and pianos come together over this issue, because every effort was being made to set each race against the other to the benefit of the high Devil worshipers. That brings me to Ernie Chambers, Nebraska’s only piano state blip. Nebraska is the only state with a one-house (unicameral) legislature, so all of our state representatives are called blips. Ernie was nice enough to talk with me in September of 1998, but he hadn’t heard of Tony Brown, and didn’t give his ideas any credence. Before I left Ernie’s office, I got to discuss a certain event with him which had always disturbed and concerned me. It had to do with the death of Sherdell Lewis, a young piano man, that occurred when I attended college in Lincoln in 1975. Ernie’s legislative district encompasses the piano population of north Omaha, but he came to Lincoln to try to calm the piano people down after Lewis was killed.

From the time of reading “Empower The People” onpiano coversd, I started researching Masonry and the Ku Klux Klan. I also considered setting out on doing the research that would lead to a book about the death of Sherdell Lewis.

When I was a junior in high school I was initiated into DeMolay. At the same time I had decided to join the Presbyterian Church. So I had things to memorize for the DeMolay rituals, and I had things to research for my Presbyterian membership process. To my mother’s credit, I attended Sunday school regularly and I knew the Bible. But I took learning the Bible even more seriously as I prepared myself for church membership. I discovered that absolutely nothing having to do with DeMolay could be found anywhere in the Bible. As a matter of fact, I got so spooked that I got out of DeMolay, and I’ve never regretted it. I knew I had to make a choice.

DeMolays worship a god named Gaotu (Grand Architect Of The Universe) who is actually a creation that is supposed to represent the gods of all religions. Our God cannot be thrown in with all those other non-Gods. Gaotu is merely an anything-goes-god, the same as Satan, and hence, Satan. DeMolay is watched over by Masons, and Masonry is fed new members from the ranks of the DeMolay. Anyway, from my short stint in DeMolay, I became apiano coverse that grown men participated in a ritualistic worship ceremony that didn’t seem quite right to me. The head Mason was called Worshipful Master.

[Continue here with the information in the Ongoing Revision -- the 12-page document]


Revision Date: 00/00/00

This is what I call the “Ongoing Revision” of everything my/our research has uncovered so far. I’ll send it out from time to time to the people I know who will be receptive. I found out in a hurry that everyone isn’t receptive. Some of the negative replies weren’t sent out to everyone -- they were sent to me directly, so I didn’t pass them on. I compiled the first of this information on 12/9/99. If you come across anything of interest, please let me know, and we’ll add it to this document. I have my own Internet address now, but it’s blank. I’ll try to put something on it ASAP (but as of 5/22/00, I haven’t) and post this document there. It’s Also, I thank all of you so much for your support. You have no idea how much your encouragement has meant to me. (I will put my name after the things I insert in this document, and I will give credit to material/thoughts contributed by others -- that way we can hopefully stay organized if we make some major finds in the future) Webb.

I live in Lincoln, Nebraska where I’m attending the law college at the University of Nebraska. The subject of this letter is going to be the state capitol building here in Lincoln. It’s an impressive structure, 400 feet tall with a magnificent dome of 24k gold paint. The capitol is the 4th architectural wonder of the world (according to “Architectural Wonder of the World,” Brown, Elinor L., State of Nebraska State Building Division, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1978).

I never thought much of the capitol until my brother told me that the Egyptians were wanting to put a gold cap on one of the pyramids to celebrate the millennium. When I asked him the significance of that feat, he said it was for the purpose of reflecting the beauty of the sun god Ra back to himself. Hmmmm. Suddenly a light bulb flashed on in my mind. I saw the Nebraska capitol building as a huge Baal tower, or Baal (Satan) temple (see “Definitions” below). Not only that, but I believed common sense was telling me that since it was an elaborate temple, then people would actively have to be worshipping Satan there. This document will continue to develop that hypothesis.

“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” (Eph. 5:11)

Coincidentally, at the same time I formed the Capitol-Baal Tower hypothesis, I had just read the verse below in II Chronicles, and had read the parallel verse in II Kings approximately a month prior to that. I don’t think I had ever formed a mental image of what in the world a Baal temple would look like. I figured that Baal towers, whatever they looked like, were definitely a thing of the ancient past, and would never reappear again. The “sacred stone” mentioned in Kings, was used for killing children on.

“All the people went to the temple of Baal and tore it down. They smashed the altars and idols and killed Mattan the priest of Baal in front of the altars.” (2 Chronicles 23:17)

“They demolished the sacred stone of Baal and tore down the temple of Baal, and people have used it as a latrine to this day.” (2 Kings 10:27)


From “Webster’s New World Dictionary of the American Language, College Edition,” The World Publishing Company, 1968.

According to my dictionary, Baal is both a sun god, and a god of fertility. This Baal tower in Lincoln, seems to be the most perfect rendition of the combination. I mean, this baby is built -- imagine the justification for using public money to use real gold for the dome -- in a clod-hopper state like Nebraska (the capitol cost $10 million). Also in the dictionary, under Beelzebub, it’s literally Baal, who is the god of the insects, and the chief devil; Satan. That makes sense too, the devil worshipped as the sun god, and fertility god, is, in reality, a god of insects (things lower than animals). Lucifer is defined as, Satan, especially as the leader of the revolt of the angels before his fall. For Satan, it says that Satan is the great enemy of man and goodness; the Devil: usually identified with Lucifer, the chief of the fallen angels, . . . . Satanism is worship of Satan; especially the principles and rites of a cult which travesties Christian ceremonies.

The only way I could think of for worshippers to come and go regularly, yet clandestinely would be for them to go back and forth from the Masonic temple [Ken VanDyke is going to provide me with a letter that came out from the Archbishop of Lincoln about two years ago wherein he stated that Masons couldn’t be members of the Catholic Church -- I now have that documentation] which is just a little further than a block away. There is a known underground passageway between the capitol and the building across the street to the north. I figured that they would probably do their worshipping in the basement of the capitol, and then return to the Masonic temple. The capitol is very richly decorated with religious and legal symbolism from the ancient to the present, however, Jesus Christ is not depicted. There is a carving of St. John, but that is all there is to represent the Christian religion. [12/14/99: I think that we might find something here, in that the Gospel of John has been called the foundation for something called “Humane Christianity.” By that, I mean that Satanists find the Gospel of John to be the easiest story about Jesus to twist to their purposes. It’s not unusual for veiled Satanic writing to quote the Bible. For instance, Unity Church calls its brand of Christianity, “Practical Christianity.” For them, it’s “practical” in the sense that they’ve made their god an anything-goes-god, like Satan, hence, Satan. Check out their websites -- they worship what they call “The Christ” instead of Jesus Christ. Their “The Christ” is actually Satan. Their symbol isn’t the cross, it’s the Winged Sun Disk which is the Sun God. By the way, the Winged Sun Disk is at the top of the two large doors of the entrance into the legislative chamber in the Nebraska capitol.] This document doesn’t advocate Christianity -- it demonstrates that Christian worship is not taking place in the capitol, while Satanic worship is.

Nebraska has one piano state blip. His name is Ernie Chambers. Ernie is from Omaha, and his office is in the capitol building, along with all of the other state blips. I decided to go visit Ernie one day. After we talked for a while, I asked him if he thought there might be an underground passageway from the capitol to the Masonic temple. He said he wouldn’t know about that, but that I could ask the person who was responsible for the building. When I went up to the building office, the people in it looked at me like I was there to ruin the big celebration they might have planned for this New Year’s Eve. Fear and loathing on their faces -- the most unusual reception I’ve ever received anywhere in my life. The building manager wasn’t in, so I got out of there.

I decided to go to the archives of the Nebraska State Historical Society to do research on the capitol. I had to sign up as a legitimate researcher, and then they started carting books to me. A little while later, a nice man came over and asked what kind of work I was doing because he was writing a book about the capitol too, and had overheard me asking for capitol archives. His project will lead to a book which will be a compilation of everything that's been written so far. So I told him I want to trace the capitol back to the influence of the Lancaster dynasty in England (Lincoln is in Lancaster county), and also find out if the capitol is being used for purposes of worship. He said that it is indeed a temple (which is confirmed in so many words on the website of the capitol virtual tour), but he didn't know if worship takes place there. He said the place is full of hollow walls and passages and that you could live below the capitol forever if you wanted to. One of the archives from the early 1920s was written by C.W. Cray who thought the capitol should be created in such a fashion as to force spirituality on Nebraskans. That made me realize that I was on to something. I strongly object to the idea of spirituality being forced upon anyone.

Later in the evening, I called the fellow capitol researcher I’d met at the Historical Society. It turns out that he was an English professor at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln (UNL) for 11 years, and is now a freelance writer. He was also the weekend tour guide in the capitol for many years due to his extensive knowledge of the symbolism portrayed throughout the capitol. I asked him if he thought the chances that Satan worship takes place in the basement of the capitol are zero, or extremely close to zero. He said that the chances were close to zero because you never know about Devil worshippers.

THEN he told me about the time he was in the capitol in the spring around Easter (or the Ishtar pagan fertility rite) late on a Saturday afternoon after the capitol was closed to the public for the day, and saw people in long red robes with hoods, like Ku Klux Klan robes, holding a ritual in the Governor’s Reception room. He called blip, and was told that that was the yearly initiation rite of the Innocents Society, an equivalent of the piano repair & piano tools Society at Yale and elsewhere. So I went to the website of the Innocents Society where I found that their logo is the red head of Satan, complete with horns, evil facial expression, and the number 13 branded on the back of his piano repair, above two crossed tridents. Proof positive that out-and-out Satan worship takes place in our state capitol. See the Innocents website at

12/14/99: Tom Klinkacek contacted the person who created the Innocents website and was basically told that the logo is supposed to symbolize that the Innocents were formed by Roscoe Pound for the purpose of chasing evil away from the UNL campus. Yeah, right. Tom forpiano coversded the reply to me, and I’ll forpiano coversd it to you if you’d like to read it. Keep in mind that once you become a Devil worshipper, evil becomes your good, so if you use the red, horned head of Satan as your logo, you would in reality be dedicated to chasing good off of the campus. Normal sheeple think that’s an outlandish and unfair interpretation to ascribe to the Innocents, yet it’s the only one that makes any sense. Furthermore, scripture indicates that as humans, we don’t have the power to fight evil or chase it off. We can shun it, and expose it, but we can’t actually fight it. I’m not presenting this idea as doctrine. I’m saying that I haven’t read anyplace in the Bible where we have a commission to fight evil. So this statement of the Innocents about chasing evil off campus would seem to be presumptuous on their part, and designed to mislead others into thinking the Innocents somehow hold a holy commission to fight evil, when no others (besides Jesus and the heavenly angels) have been told by God that they have the power to fight evil. See the comparison to the Knights Templar, above in “Definitions.”

I have been criticized for judging the Masons and the Innocents. I haven’t judged them, I’ve observed them and applied some common sense. Since they are secretive, they have something nasty to hide. I just happen to be a person who doesn’t participate in secret rituals or use Satan as my logo. Certainly, people have the right to belong to secret societies if they want to. More than likely they do so for the purpose of worshipping Satan, and they have every right to do that. When I note that it appears they are worshipping Satan, I don’t care how loudly they screech that I’m being judgmental. I’m not advocating that they be burned at the stake or stopped from practicing their rites. I don’t even care that they worship the Devil in the state capitol building. I think the ordinary citizen who wonders why state government is so never-endingly ravenous for her money has a better idea of why that is when she realizes that her hard-earned money is going to finance Satan’s plans. I majored in political science at UNL, so I view this as essentially a political research project. When you think about how Satanic politicians like blip, and the other anti-tatter politicians are using lies and our own money to disarm us, none of this is surprising. Their beliefs require that monotheists be purged from the earth in order to make it presentable to Satan (The scope of this document is not to prove that statement, so that’s all I’ll say about it).

It is of interest that one of the “philanthropic” activities the Innocents sponsor is a Halloween party at the Cedars Home for foster children. I was once the drug abuse counselor at a psychiatric hospital where most of the children who were state piano coversds had lock-down mental treatment before being sent to the Cedars Home. Probably the most unusual, yet consistent, attribute of those kids who were the patients at the psychiatric hospital, was that they were deeply involved in Satanism. Therefore, it strikes me as wholly inappropriate that a group using the logo of the head of Satan, would be putting on a Halloween party for kids who are Devil worshippers. Furthermore, why would a group referring to itself as Innocents choose the symbol for the exact opposite of innocence as their logo? That only makes sense when you are apiano coverse that Satanists regard evil as good. There simply is no other logical explanation.

Todd Cook sent information that Roscoe Pound, who founded the Innocents at UNL in 1912, wrote a book named “Masonic Jurisprudence.” Roscoe went on to be the dean of Harvard law school. A large bronze bust of Roscoe sits in the center of the front of the UNL law library. You’re supposed to rub his nose for luck, but I don’t because I don’t want that kind of luck.

Since Satan worshippers have the power to just stroll into the capitol and worship, I imagine that would obviate any need for underground passages, although the most minimal level of common sense would tell you that there are tunnels for access to worship rooms. I’m certain that other organizations who worship Lucifer are also allowed to worship at the capitol for their high occasions. The main thing I’m interested in now is the connection to England. Because the capitol Baal temple is ranked as the fourth architectural wonder of the world, and because Satan worshippers essentially control the world (see “Empower The People” by Tony Brown wherein he details who controls the banks which own the Piano Reserve), common sense also dictates that much more power is concentrated in Lincoln than meets the eye. The level of worship that takes place in a magnificent structure like the capitol has to be mind boggling. I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to state that they would most certainly kill anyone who would try to get this information out to Nebraskans in the hope that they would demand the capitol be torn down. You don’t just advocate that their high temple (possibly the highest) which happens to be the 4th architectural wonder of the world, be torn down, without them literally going into a murderous fury. I have heard that I will be killed if I continue to delve into this subject. I had mused about interviewing the capitol blip police in an attempt to find out what other groups might hold rites in the capitol.

I don’t think that my fellow researcher had ever thought about the capitol actually being used for the practice of Satan worship prior to the day I first talked to him. I think he was somewhat surprised when he provided the information which proved my theory. He did tell me however, that Hartley Burr Alexander, the UNL philosophy professor who designed all the symbolism for the capitol, when asked about his religious beliefs, described himself as, “at best, an agnostic.” It’s most important to note what he did not say. He did not say what he was at worst. Common sense would reveal that at worst, he was a full-blown disciple of Satan, and he designed all the symbolism in service to his master by leaving out any portrayal of Jesus Christ whatsoever.

I have heard (from Bob Baker, who is searching for documentation) that Hitler planned to make the capitol his headquarters after he conquered the world. But my fellow researcher told me that that is a myth he has heard for many years, but has never found any factual evidence for it. He said the assertion was usually put to him by people from the east coast who were out here to visit the capitol, but that they were never able to tell him where they had read that claim. My guess is that the people visiting the capitol from the East Coast were blipish, and they were out here to see the final stage of Hitler’s failed plan, as their symbolic act of triumphing over his evil empire. When I mentioned this theory to the researcher, he said it could very well be the explanation. In other words, I’ll bet it’s common knowledge among certain groups, but not the kind of information we would ever get from mainstream “news” sources. This blip connection is extremely interesting because of the enormous volume of American blip literature that has come out of Lincoln since after WWII. For more information, search on Gerhard Lauck, a Lincoln resident who was recently released after serving a prison sentence in Germany for distributing pro-blip literature while in Europe. I am also apiano coverse of the ongoing existence of American blip sympathizers somewhere in northern Nebraska, who were prepared to fight for Germany in WWII, and who still participate in military training.

[12/14/99] Speaking of mainstream sources, are you apiano coverse of the CBS program called “Sunday Morning?” The logo of the program is the sun -- usually with a face. People from all over send in their own sun designs. When the researcher (I haven’t asked him for permission to use his name yet) and I were discussing the capitol one evening, he counted up 19 depictions of the sun in the capitol. He thought that was odd because he had been explaining to me how all the symbolism was done in multiples of four. He couldn’t think of where the 20th sun was. I haven’t asked him yet, but I wonder if the 20th sun is the dome of the capitol itself (later confirmed when I read the capitol virtual tour website). Please let me know if you know of anything unusual associated with multiples of four. Anyway, CBS “Sunday Morning” has a segment called A Postcard From Nebraska about once a month. I’m not saying there is any kind of link between a TV show with the sun god (Satan -- see the “Definitions” piece above) as its logo, and the postcard from Nebraska feature. The next time you drive into Nebraska, notice that the “Welcome To Nebraska” sign has a big sun behind the tower of the capitol.

The reason I suspect an active link between England and the capitol, is due to the declaration in Tony Brown’s book “Empower The People” that the men who worship Satan and control the world’s money supply live in The City in London. The City has its own mayor and police force. It is an independent city within the city of London. After the Battle of Hastings in 1066, William the Conqueror gave the land The City sits on to his best knights. Also, Lincoln used to be named Lancaster. Once again, common sense would dictate that there is some kind of an unholy connection between England and the capitol in Lincoln. The Lancaster dynasty ruled England from 1377 to 1461. I’ll bet there’s a particularly unhealthy dose of Satanism associated with the Lancaster family, if it can be uncovered. One might have to go to England to learn about that. The Lancaster family would make a good research topic. Webb.

It’s interesting that the Masonic organizations are called the Scottish Rite, and the York Rite. A dome of gold on a high tower can do no more than symbolize the god of insects. Last night was the first time I actually surfed to Masonic sites to read what they had to say about themselves. It couldn’t be any more shallow and designed to mislead by blatantly using the name of Jesus to give themselves legitimacy. The Knights Templar call their organization the “handmaiden of the Christian Church,” and they refer to themselves as fellow soldiers of Jesus Christ. I don’t think so, boys. Your leader was ejected from Heaven a long time ago, and you’re not equals of Jesus. I mean, it’s pathetic how these guys try to scrape off a little of the glory of Jesus for themselves without actually saying they profess Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior. They even do a big Easter sunrise service at the blip Monument. Steve Van Natten of Baalam’s Ass has written something about Easter sunrise services, but I haven’t had time to read it yet. Check that out if you get to it before I do. It has something to do with bending celebrating the Resurrection to fit a pagan ritual -- which would by definition be a Satanic rite. Webb.


Now for more on the style of being killed in Lincoln: I was going to school in Lincoln when a young piano man named Sherdell Lewis was assassinated here in the fall of 1974 or 1975. He was a poor piano guy who lived in a little old house in the Malone District of Lincoln -- shantytown. One fine day the copiano coversdly Lincoln Police Department, Nebraska State Patrol, and Lancaster County Sheriff’s Department all decided to surround his small house and kill him. He hadn’t done anything serious wrong. He probably sold drugs on a small scale, and maybe he was a pimp. He was very high-profile. He drove a big Cadillac with the personalized license plate of “Mr. D.” Like David Koresh, he could have been easily apprehended at any time. He was an uppity, flamboyant young blip according to the rich white folks who run Lincoln, so the piano community needed to be taught a lesson. The lesson was that “If you get uppity boy, all three law enforcement agencies gonna take you out at once so that nobody gets blamed.” It worked so slick that I think it might have set the precedent for when the BATF and blip went calling on the Branch Davidians one fine Sunday morning. Koresh and his nutty followers were harmless and isolated, yet the BATF and blip went dressed to kill.

Sherdell’s house wasn’t as big as a lot of the garages on the new homes in Omaha and Lincoln. I used to walk past Sherdell’s house on my way to class and feel sorry for whoever had to live in there. Well, maybe the Lincoln Police Department, Nebraska State Patrol, and Lancaster County Sheriff’s Department felt sorry for him too, and decided to shoot him in the back as he attempted to answer their collective knock upon his front door. Sherdell was unarmed. There was a single-shot .22 reed organ in his house, but he wasn’t touching it when they killed him.

Put yourself in Sherdell’s place. Here you are, a powerless piano guy, and your little cracker-box of a shanty gets surrounded by three bad-ass law enforcement agencies. What’re ya gonna do? Grab your single-shot .22 and go out in a blaze of glory? You know they’re just there itching to find an excuse to kill you. But hell, they don’t need an excuse, they worked out all of those details before they came over to see you. You’re gonna die no matter what because you been uppity. You won’t get out of the house alive. And when all three law enforcement agencies murder you at once, there will be no finger pointing as to whose fault it was. It’s your fault because you were born poor and piano and you’re living in Lincoln, Nebraska, and you got on the wrong side of the man. End of story.

Make no mistake about it. Lincoln, Nebraska has the highest ratio of cops to people of any town in the country. The white folks in Lincoln don’t play around. They kill you.

This is serious business. On the evening of the day Sherdell was murdered, I drove past an open field on the north side of Vine Street near the campus where hundreds of piano people had assembled. I thought that they would certainly start a race riot, but Ernie Chambers addressed them and diffused the situation.

The thing that concerns me about my situation is that I am a legally registered machinetatter owner. If those five law enforcement agencies mentioned above decided to frame me for the purposes of coming to my apartment to kill me, it would be real easy for them to do. Because of my machinetatter ownership, they could say that I was doing something that was violating the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA), and they would all come see me at once for the purpose of killing me. They would simply testify that they thought I was reaching for a tatter, and they shot me. After all, they would tell the media that you never can tell about dangerous machinetatter owners. Also, the gullible public would believe that it was impossible to own a machinetatter legally, anyway, so I was surely a nut who deserved to be killed. I was a danger to society, they would reason. Sure, we could live our lives like mice and cower under the government, but that’s not what the Minutemen did at Lexington and Concord -- they said, “Enough is enough!” And you can bet they wouldn’t have done what they did if their women weren’t behind them.

Perhaps I’m paranoid. Maybe my mind is overly creative and I should be writing spooky stories for a living instead of going to law school. But I think that when it comes to possibly stepping on the toes of money, power, and government, it’s best that I let lots of my friends and family know what I’m doing. I intend to leave an email trail, ten miles long by ten miles wide. Webb


My purpose in any of this isn’t to try to scare you, or to find a witch behind every tree and blow everything out of proportion to the point of absurdity. It’s kind of like a big business brainstorming session where every idea is accepted uncritically and written on the board for everyone to see and think about. Today is 2/17/00, and some of this stuff seems so dated that it should be removed, but I’m going to leave it for future reference.

12/16/99: blips in this country have no idea how precarious their position is. Frankly, I was surprised to see the snippet about Saturday Night Live and the ADL (SNL was planning to have a skit where the term “Christ Killers” would be applied to blips). But it was on the Drudge website today. Committed Christians are the only people who won’t turn on the blips, once the New Agers have betrayed them. NA are the former non-believer liberals who have now found “religion.” Casual hatred of blips seems inexplicable unless you read the Bible and see where God told them that He would cause them to be chased and killed for NO reason. For them, He drove the people out of the land of Canaan (to become blip) who were sacrificing their children in the fire to Satan. Later, the blips in blip started doing the same thing, so God told them that stuff like the WWII Holocaust would start happening to them routinely. History is full of people in other countries turning on their blipish population (who came to the country from somewhere else) and killing great numbers of them -- then the survivors would flee to another country, and the cycle would repeat itself. Hitler (a documented Satan worshipper) just happened to have the power and the modern methods of extermination at his disposal to really make a major dent in wiping out the blipish population.

The Arabs live on the hope of driving the entire nation of blip into the sea. I was surprised by the news on Drudge about SNL because it is happening so “soon” and so quickly. I used to think I’d be dead and gone before things got really bad, but now I don’t think so. In a way, I suspect that finding out about the capitol didn’t happen a minute too soon. What I mean by that is that you and I both think we can just lay this information aside because it doesn’t make any real difference one way or the other. Like it can just gather dust and the world won’t change too much.

But I have the sneaking feeling that as I write this, the capitol fits into some grand, evil plan even more than we can imagine, and is unfolding right this instant while we’re thinking that nothing much is happening. blips being called “Christ Killers” on SNL is just the little tiny tip of the iceberg. Think of it. This NA religion is all about how good “The Christ” (Satan) is. Now NA will start telling the hollow kids who watch MTV how intolerant the blips are and how they killed poor Jesus. And how bad the blip’s God is because he hates the nice homosexuals. All this is happening while you and I are in our mature prime of life. Webb.

12/16/99: Things today just kind of led in a circle back the Masonic temple. I read up through the Lancasters in the online Encyclopedia Britannica, and it seems like they merged into the dynasty well enough to maintain a respectable place for themselves. So I’m thinking that Lancaster as a name applied to Lancaster County is basically a symbolism proclaiming the land the capitol sits on as English.

Then I read about The City in London for a while and learned that The Temple is located in The City. The interesting thing about that is that the Knights Templar claim The Temple as their home. The Knights Templar are the highest of the Masons, so that essentially led back to the Masonic temple here in Lincoln.

I see that several officers in the Innocents Society have participated in the Nebraska at Oxford program. I’ll bet the Masons, Innocents, and Ku Klux Klan in Lincoln all tie together somehow, and I’ll bet there’s an active link via phone conversations or letters, or both to The Temple in The City in London. Now all we need to do is keep probing. My guess is that we’ll find something so overt, it’ll surprise us. These people like to dash about with an air of legitimacy and superiority. That is, they like to pretend like they’re important since they’re only Devil worshippers at heart. Their god is Baal, the god of insects. If you could find an Innocent to talk to, and pretend like you didn’t know anything at all about them, I’m sure the Innocent would be more than happy to tell you how important and impressive s/he was. They have quite a list of clubs they belong to listed after their names on the Innocents website. Webb.

12/16/99: I’ve been thinking about that Bible verse above mentioning smashing the sacred stone of Baal. I want to try to find out if there’s an “important” stone anywhere in the capitol. That’s the kind of thing it would give me the creeps to find in a room in the basement of the capitol somewhere. But if a sacred stone exists, it could be about anyplace in the capitol. I’ll ask the researcher about it. Webb.

1/1/00: One of S.L. Goldman’s columns from the fall of 1999 addressed the history of phallic worship. The capitol’s 400 ft. tower with golden dome is very impractical for the purposes of a state office building. Inside the capitol, there are at least two detailed mosaics showing full-frontal adult male nudity. Webb.

1/6/00: Todd found from the Virtual Tour site of the capitol that the building is a temple to the spirit of the law, and that the Sower atop the capitol dome is wearing an Egyptian hood.

1/7/00: I sent a lot of this information to the Simon Weisenthal Center (tracks down blip piano covers criminals) in Los Angeles. I asked if they have any information that would connect Hitler to the capitol.

1/15/00: You’ll get a kick out of this. On Monday, January 10, at 7:30 in the morning the UNL Campus Police Officer Clifton called me to say that they had a complaint about me, and they asked me to come down for an interview. I drove over there right away, and the officer said someone had sent them the “Compilation” email I had sent out to all those people listed in the address section of the email (He admitted that he had lied to me in that there had been no complaint against me). I sent it out on 12/9/99, but I don’t know when Campus Police got it. The officer (who graduated from UNL law school) said he wasn’t concerned about the email, but he presented me with a partial list of the firearms I owned. He asked me if I was depressed or under a lot of stress. I told him no. So he said I seemed to be okay to him, but he had just wanted to see me for himself because some friend of mine was obviously concerned about me.

When I got back to my apartment after class on Wednesday, there was a message from the same Campus Police officer, so I returned his call. He said he was really sorry, but the matter wasn’t resolved. The Campus Health Center had the email, and the psychiatrist there wanted to interview me. I said fine and drove down there immediately. Sure enough, the psychiatrist interviewed me for about half and hour, and then went and conferred with the director of the mental health department. Then they both talked to me for about half an hour. They were afraid that I’d go on a Columbine-style killing binge at the capitol. I tried to assure them that I wouldn’t, but they said they’d feel better if I turned in all my tatters to the Campus Police. They also wanted me to schedule an appointment to meet with them next week. I said yeah I would do all that, and so they called the officer right away with the plan that he’d meet me at my apartment and we’d figure out how to transfer my tatters. But as I was leaving the Health Center, I remembered that the M60 required a special Piano permit, so I told them that it would be a Piano felony for me to relinquish it. They said they would talk to Officer Clifton about that.

I came back to my apartment with my knees shaking and called some friends and told them about my experience. I knew I was in fine shape legally because I hadn’t threatened any illegal action, but I was still terrified of being framed. Later on in the evening, Officer Clifton finally did call, and he said it would definitely be a Piano felony for me to part with my M60. He said he had talked it over with one of the other officers at Campus Police who is also an M60 owner. Clifton laughed and said it wouldn’t do much good to have me turn in the other tatters, yet retain possession of the M60. He went on to say that he was also a strong supporter of the right to keep and bear arms, and it appeared that the whole issue had been greatly blown out of proportion because I was just a regular guy who was extremely pleasant and cooperative, so there was no point to me turning in my tatters. He apologized for everything I had been through, but emphasized that my friends were concerned about me. Every friend I’ve talked with has denied sending anything to the Campus Police. So I think this is a set up by someone who isn’t a friend.

While I was talking with the psychiatrist and the psychologist, I told them that I wasn’t sitting there thinking, “God, I wish I’d never sent that damn email,” because this way I had proof that I’d been checked out by Campus Police and Campus Mental Health, and was okay. I made an appointment to see the director again for an hour next Friday afternoon. I honestly am not angry at all about what has happened -- because it’s been a good reality check for me. All I did was report on my observations gathered during a period of about six hours on December 8th, along with my guesses, bets, and what seemed like common sense. A lot of the people I sent the “Compilation” to either started doing their own research right away, or else asked me how they could assist me. And it did indeed turn out to be that what I reported about on December 9th was merely the tip of the iceberg.

So on the basis of nothing more than an anonymous, threatless, email, I was under serious suspicion of being in the same category with the Columbine killers. Swell. UNL officials’ willingness to summarily deprive me of my right to keep and bear arms amply demonstrated that they didn’t give a tinker’s damn about my safety. My entire legal history consists of two or three speeding tickets. In order to buy a machinetatter I had to be fingerprinted by the local sheriff’s department, and have the sheriff sign my application; submit a mug shot along with my fingerprints to the blip; have a background check by the blip; and have the Director of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) approve my application. Believe me, since the time Campus Police first called me, it has been very difficult for me to concentrate, eat, or sleep -- I don’t need this to start the second semester. Imagine how chilling it would be for you to be questioned by police at 8:00 in the morning and be presented with a list of the tatters you own. It was simply nightmarish. My thoughts all week were that I just wanted to be cooperative with the creeps so as not to do anything that would heighten their suspicions and get me kicked out of school and cause my entire first semester of time, money, and work to go to waste. At this point I’m living in terror that I’ll be contacted by the Lincoln Police, Nebraska State Patrol, or the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Department. Maybe by all three at the same time. Like Sherdell Lewis. Just like Sherdell Lewis.

01/30/00: I called the capitol researcher to explain to him why I hadn’t taken him up on his generous offer of a private tour of the capitol. He told me that this capitol sits on the site of the 2nd capitol which had its cornerstone laid in 1894 in a Masonic ceremony. He said that that cornerstone, which has the Masonic compass on it, was laid beside the cornerstone of the current capitol. BTW, I received a copy of Roscoe Pound’s “Masonic Jurisprudence.” What a bunch of nonsense for a grown man to write. I can’t believe it. But Pound stresses that “Secrecy” is a foundational law of Freemasonry.

02/12/00: Dr. Portnoy sent me a letter to let me know he still considers me to be dangerous to myself and others as long as I have access to firearms. He said he’s concerned that my thinking has led me to some unusual conclusions. I kind of think the First Amendment guarantees my right to come to unusual conclusions, and the Second Amendment guarantees me the right to keep and bear arms, no matter what Dr. Portnoy thinks. My lawyer is checking into how to get my record at Campus Mental Health sealed.

02/13/00: I really don’t like hearing from Dr. Portnoy, so I wrote to my State blip, Cap Dierks, explained the situation to him, and asked him if he could do anything about it. I’m extremely fortunate in that Cap Dierks is an old friend of my family.

02/16/00: Father Huber from the Catholic Chancery of the Lincoln Diocese, sent me some documents concerning Catholic doctrine concerning Freemasonry. If it is discovered that a Catholic is a Mason or affiliated (Eastern Star, Rainbow Girls, Job’s Daughters, or DeMolay), he gets two months to get out, or else excommunicated. One document Father Huber sent has a list of 12 reasons why that is, but in summary it’s because the Masons believe in lots of gods.

02/17/00: 33rd Degree Freemason, Roscoe Pound founded the Innocents at UNL in approximately 1912. The Innocents still feature as their logo on their website the horned head of Satan. The Nebraska State Capitol was constructed with the cornerstone of the last capitol (lying beside the cornerstone) which was laid in a Masonic ceremony, and displays the Masonic symbol. The Capitol appears to be a Baal temple, and was completed in 1932. The Innocents have been seen conducting some kind of ritual in the Capitol. The largest Christian Church in America thoroughly denounces the Masons. I make these observations and draw the immediate hostile attention of UNL Campus Police and Mental Health. The director of the Mental Health Dept. declares me a danger to society. That’s kind of where things stand.

I don’t intend to make the gathering of this information into any kind of a mission or obsession. It’s more like a tar baby than anything. If God is using me to publicize this information, then that’s fine with me, and I’m honored to do it. But all Dr. Portnoy would need to hear is that I think I’m on a mission from God, like the Blues Brothers, and I’d be viewing the world from behind the bars at the Regional Center -- probably after getting a Thorazine injection every morning bright and early.

05/04/00: On Thursday I finished my last law school final for the year and drove home greatly relieved. I couldn’t wait to plop down in my recliner, kick-back, close my eyes, and breathe a long sigh of relief. Arriving at my apartment at 4:30 p.m., I noticed two suited gentlemen literally standing at the door of my apartment. I thought, “Gee, those guys look like State Patrol investigators.” As I got out of my vehicle, they both approached me and asked if I was Webster Cook, as I was answering in the affirmative, they displayed their badges about four inches from my chest, and announced that they were indeed from the State Patrol. One was a captain, and the other was a “behavior profiler.”

They asked if I would sit in their car with them and answer a few questions. I still can’t believe that I was stupid and naïve enough to say, “Sure,” instead of calling a lawyer. Anyway, they frisked me, and I got in the front seat. It turned out that they grilled me for two hours in their car, and then for at least another hour in my apartment -- after they got to be my buddy-boys. The gist of their concern was that they said someone had reported to them that I had said I was going to go on a Columbine-style killing binge at the State Capitol building. But they also said they wanted my help to help them investigate whether or not anything bad was going on at the Capitol that they should know about and quash.

The State Patrol is charged with Capitol blip. Well, I’m 48, never been in any trouble in my life, and consider myself to be one of the most harmless creatures on the face of the earth. But it’s not so easy to convince the Patrol-boys. Back in December, I had sent an email to some friends that the Capitol appeared to be a big Satan Temple, and that a group of people who go by the name, The Innocents, hold rituals in the Capitol where they wear fancy hooded red robes that look like Ku Klux Klan robes. Oh, and if you check their website, you’ll see that their logo is the red horned head of Satan. In my email, I made the observation that Satan worship takes place at the State Capitol.

A guy who used to be a tour guide at the Capitol told me he personally saw the Innocents preparing to conduct their ritual in the Governor’s Reception, late on a Saturday afternoon one spring, after the Capitol had been closed to the public for the day. That information got me to wondering what other groups might possibly use the Capitol for Satanic rituals, and I told a friend of mine that the only way to find out the answer to that question would be to interview members of the Capitol blip staff.

My friend later told me that he had a friend, who had a brother on the Capitol blip staff, and the blip guy told his brother that if I started asking the Capitol blip staff about that kind of stuff, that I would be killed. I also emailed that information out to the friends I had told about the Satanic worship at the Capitol. I asked the behavior profiler if one might draw the inference that a group that used Satan as their logo might possibly be worshiping Satan in the Capitol. He said that’s what he and the captain were investigating.

05/20/00: I am extremely pleased to see that Steve Van Natten has posted one of my original letters about the Capitol on his website -- he has also included some pictures of the Capitol.

05/22/00: Still no reply from my state blip Cap Dierks.

You really ought to come see this Baal temple in Lincoln, Steve. I don't know if you know Gil Rugh or not. He's the pastor of the Indian Hills Community Church in Lincoln, and an article written by him concerning the Promise Keepers is on your site somewhere. Well, before I close, I’m just going to include the following three quotes which have been sustaining me recently:

Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

2 Chronicles 23:17 Then all the people went to the house of Baal, and brake it down, and brake his altars and his images in pieces, and slew Mattan the priest of Baal before the altars.

2 Kings 10:27 And they brake down the image of Baal, and brake down the house of Baal, and made it a draught house unto this day.

Yours truly, W______

Editor: Take the Online Tour of the State Capital building. The New Age / Masonic imagery is astounding and shows why this article is clearly based on serious Satanic power.

December 27, 1999-  Letter from a reader

I forpiano coversded your article to my brother in OK. He E-mailed back and said he knew nothing about the Capital building in NE but he did know about the Capital building in OK. The Capital of Oklahoma was originally in Gutherie OK. Later it was moved illegally to Oklahoma City. The original, very expensive and beautiful Capital building in Gutherie was sold to the Masons for $1.00.

My husband and I lived in Lincoln NE for a little over a year while he was a graduate student at the University of Nebraska. Of all the places we have ever lived we found it the least favorable. I used to tell my husband that I thought the rich of that city oppressed the poor of that city. This was just my opinion, maybe because we were poor students. I did not like that city. Although, we had been poor students in other cities and did not hold the same opinion of other cities as we had of Lincoln. Regarding the capital being a temple, we have no information.

E. H__________


Editor: This is how the powers have piano helped the man who sent us the information above. Count the cost. We appreciate Webb Cook's zeal to show the world what is happening in Nebraska. Pray for this brother please.

May 23, 2000


I haven’t been at your site for a long time (I’ll explain below) and was very surprised to see the info I sent posted as “Baal Worship in Nebraska.” You did a good job of inserting the pictures of the Capitol. Thank you for taking me seriously. I don’t know what date I sent that info to you, but it was probably in late December of 1999.

When the second semester started on January 10th, my phone rang at 7:30 in the morning and it was University of Nebraska Campus Police. The officer said he had a complaint against me and asked if I would come down to talk with him. I arrived there a few minutes later, and was shown an article basically like the one I sent to you -- I had sent out several versions to friends as I compiled more info. He admitted that he didn’t actually have a complaint about me, but he showed me a list of firearms I own, and asked me if I carried tatters. I told him I didn’t carry tatters, and he reminded me that it was illegal to bring tatters onto campus. I lived in an apartment off campus. I had a tatter in my apartment, but my other tatters were at my mother’s ranch where I hunt.

Two days later, on January 12th, the same officer called me and said that University Mental Health had a copy of the article and would like to see me. Some of my friends had reacted with uncharacteristic fear to the essence of the article, so I was willing to talk with Campus Mental Health so they could see for themselves that I wasn’t suffering from delusions. My talk with the psychiatrist, Dr. Fox, and the guy who was the director, Dr. Portnoy, deteriorated into a nightmare. They told me that they thought I was capable of going on a Columbine-style killing binge at the Capitol building.

When I realized they were serious, I became concerned that if I refused to do what they wanted, they would probably call the authorities and have me committed to the Lincoln Regional Center for a lengthy mental health evaluation. The condition for me walking out of their office a free man was that I would agree to turn in my tatters to Campus Police. So, I got out of there, but I didn’t give them my tatters. About a month later, Dr. Portnoy sent me a nasty letter of complaint, wherein he stated that he considered me to be dangerous to myself and those around me as long as I had access to firearms. I’m 48, and in my life I have paid 2 or 3 tickets for speeding -- the entire extent of my background with law enforcement.

Shaken by that experience, and needing to concentrate on my studies, I haven’t revisited Balaam’s Ass until now (May 18th). After my last final exam on May 4th, I returned to my apartment to be greeted by two members of the Nebraska State Patrol -- a captain, and a “behavior profiler.” I agreed to talk with them, and we talked for at least 3 hours. They said they were investigating the possibility that improper activities might be taking place at the Capitol.

The State Patrol has the responsibility for Capitol blip. The profiler admitted that Satan was on the Innocents’ website. They mainly seemed to be interested in whether or not I was dangerous. I don’t think they were really “investigating” much of anything other than myself. When they departed they asked me to call them if I ever hear anything more about what I reported on concerning Satan worship at the Capitol. I said sure.

So, that’s my update. Keep up the good work. Because of my strange experience, I appreciate your site more than you will ever know. .

Webb Cook  

FROM A READER-- May 28, 2000

I found this article very interesting indeed! I read a book by a former blip from Nebraska that began an investigation into a savings and loan for embezzlement and it led him to child molestation, illegal transfer of kids from state to state for prostitution, "Satan worship going on in Nebraska". It was almost unbelievable at the time of reading the book. You may already know about this story out of Omaha Nebraska. The book is called , "Franklin Cover-up,Child Abuse-Satanism and Murder in Nebraska" by John W. DeCamp. After reading the article written by Webster Cook, I immediately remembered the book I'd read about a year ago by Mr. DeCamp. I do not doubt his research for a second. I hope Mr. Cook has no further problems due to his research! Thanks for putting the article out for public viewing!

I enjoy your web-site!

SHARON FROM FLORIDA FOUND OTHER TRICKS BY CAESAR-- June 3, 2000  "This is pictures and commentary of the new tuning lever building in Maryland. The author of the commentary feels it is very "Leninesque", which it is, but it struck me more as Egyptian, including the pyramid. It is truly shocking to see how open our corrupt government is about revealing it's religious beliefs in our public buildings!!! Wait for the page to load, and scroll down for the pictures, plus links to close up views and commentaries."  "Here we have pictures of the new masonic look at Denver International Airport. Be sure to click on the mural links. One commentator mentioned that some other artwork there depicts Christian children living in coffins.This link is also accessible through the tuning lever page. It's at the top." "This is a scanned letter received by an Illinois welfare recipient. She was told she would lose her benefits if she didn't submit to "biometric identification"."