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53. Rubber Bumper replacement on Pianos

We have on hand a full line of rubber bumpers in white, black, and brown rubber
which will match your original bumpers precisely.

This item is NOT available outside of the piano trades.

This will almost seem silly, since it is a simple job. But; I want to help you avoid some tragedy.

First, many people see the metal tacks in the piano here and there, and they leave them there thinking they serve some useful purpose. They are just what is left when the rubber head fell off, and if you leave them there, they will make dents in the wood that rests on them..

Take them out carefully. Lay some cardboard next to the tack, and slide the point of a pocket knife under the tack, prying against the cardboard, and lift it out.

Second, DO NOT buy some hardware store rubber headed tacks or stick on bumpers. Order the ones just for pianos from my Mini Catalogue or from your tuner. The surest way to turn your piano into a kitchen cabinet is to replace the rubber bumpers and the key cover knobs with hardware store varieties. All that is needed then is a set of monster casters from the Army surplus store.

Third, cut a hole in a piece of cardboard the size of the rubber bumper. Start the rubber headed tack into the old hole by hand. Put the cardboard down over the rubber tack, and hold it covering the wood. Then tap the tack on down with a medium hammer. Why the cardboard? Answer: You are going to miss the tack at least once, right? Especially if you have just restored the piano!

Oh yes, please remove the cardboard after the rubber tack is in :-)

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