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This is the best tuning lever we can find anywhere.  If you
intend to make any kind of career of tuning pianos, this tool
will be a great help.  It is not just classy though.  There are
many tool attachments which can be added to the lever to
make it useful in all sorts of applications.  You may eliminate
buying a special tool by simply buying the appropriate
attachment, later on when you need it. If you have a Hale
lever, the thread pattern for the head to the shaft, and the
tip to the head, is the same. These attachments should fit
your Hale lever.


Definition: A "Tuning Lever" and "Tuning Hammer" are the same thing.










         Best in the trade!!!
Schaff Premium Tuning Levers    

Hand machined of the best alloys.

Accepts a vast assortment of attachments and tips...
To enhance the tool over the years.  
"Extension" means that the handle can be
         lengthened considerably. 
Rosewood handle--  Sigh!!!!  
Packed in a fleece lined pouch-- What else?

Take it to the country club and flash it at the piano
         man  :-)
I hate to admit this, but some musicians look for this
tool to see if you are a serious tuner.  If you are just
beginning, flash the lever and act like the silent
type--  You never know, it might get you into a
concert hall. 


In most cases, the lever is drop shipped directly from
the manufacturer to you. Any problems are quickly resolved.


Regarding all tools on this page....

From the steel mill
to the UPS
at your door--

USA !!

When you buy tools that
look like tools on this page,
ask where they were made.
Ask if they were made by Schaff or "Hale."



These are "Made in USA" tools, in that, all our tools come from Schaff Piano Supply in Chicago, not Shanghai, China! Both "Hale" and "Schaff" tuning lever names are now owned and made by Schaff Piano Supply. You may see piano tuning levers and tools that look exactly like Schaff tools but are made in China. Ask the seller if they are made in China.

These tools are used by American Piano Technician Guild members and reflect Schaff's years of experience demanding the best workmanship in tools.

The worst issue with Chinese tools is that they are copies of American products. I have been warned by two Chinese American business men to be very careful when buying from China. The quality defects are often hidden behind high quality outer appearance. Chinese steel tools often blacken with age.

I have samples of piano tools from two manufacturers in China, and they are typical-- tinkering quality at best.

I, Steve, have used Schaff's tools for 23 years, and I have never had to replace a tool. I used their economy tuning lever for 13 years on about 2000 pianos, or 500,000 tuning pins.

I finally bought a rosewood lever (above) because I became self-conscious about my customer's perception. My old economy tuning lever is still on a shelf where I can loan it out to customers making repairs.

I use Schaff's tools, I sell their tools, but I let Schaff decide who makes the best tools. Schaff has examined Chinese tools, and they have rejected them. As to quality, I would take the word of the janitor at Schaff before I would believe a Chinese "expert."

A certain party informed me that he had a catalog in front of him from somewhere which claims that Schaff buys tuning levers from the Orient. Lie! All Schaff tuning levers come from New Jersey, Illinois, or Wisconsin. All their tools, except a couple from Germany, come from the USA.

There is a bit of a trade war going on, and I intend to stay with the "old established firm." If lying is how China sells their product, then I say, "Caveat Emptor!"

Last thought: If you have notions of starting a piano tuning business, these tools will stay with you for years and be passed on to your grandson.



First Quality Rosewood Extension Lever
        Fine piano stores have one of these.  
        Leave it on a tuning pin hanging out in space, and it says,
        "This guy is keeping on top of his pianos."
        Jerry Peterson in Grand Rapids always had his hanging there
        on a tuning pin on a big black Yamaha.  
        Hubris abounds folks, and admit it-- We love a little class, right?

        Overall length is 11-1/2 inches with a possible 6-1/2 inch
        extension Comes with a #2 star tip, Part Number 14B, and 13G head.
       Also comes with tip wrench and mackintosh carrying case.  

        Part Number                                                      SH21
                                                                 $ 415.00

        Replacement 8 inch long extension shaft-- Threaded on both ends

        Part Number                                                      SH21R
                                                                  $ 41.75




The Black Nylon Handle Extension Lever
       Same Extension Tuning Lever SH21, but with
       Black Nylon handle- Actually, this is very practical
       since the nylon will not react with hand moisture.
       9 inch handle, 12 inches overall-- weighs 17 oz.
       Comes with a 14B #2 star tip and 13G head. (Does not
      include tip wrench or carrying case.)   

       Part Number                                                        SH16
                                                                  $ 299.00







NOTE: We carry the latest carbon fiber tuning levers. They must be custom assembled. Call for details.

Piano Factory Style Tuning Lever
          This lever is designed for factory work. It is great
          for installing new tuning pins. With the pin plank in
          place and supported beneath, you can turn in a tuning
          pin a couple of turns, then hammer on the butt end of
          the tuning lever head with a hammer and drive in the
          pin all the way. 13" long with #2 tip- 15 ounces. Great
          for driving loose pins in deeper in uprights while tuning.

        Part Number                                                      
                                                                   $ 79.00

Black Nylon Handle
          An alternative to wood. Has a stationary handle made of
          black nylon with a light swirl grain. 8 inch handle.
          12 inches long overall.
          Comes with a #2 star tip and a 13B head.
        Part Number                                                        SH4
                                                                  $ 145.00

Deluxe Professional Lever with
Rosewood Handle

         This lever is one of the most classy looking levers I have seen.
         It is made on the design of a lever made long ago, and it blends
         the beauty of chrime, brass, and Rosewood. This lever also gives
         you the option of changing heads and tips like the quality levers
         above This lever has the same quality of steel of the #21 above, but
         the shaft is not extendable. Overall length is 11-1/2 inches long.
         8 inch rosewood handle. Comes with 13G head and #2 star tip.

         Part Number                                                 SH6
         Price                                                              $ 249.95

         This lever is also available in a Nylon Handle-- Inquire by Email


Substitutions For Tips and Heads
         Custom head and tip choices can be arranged, but some price increase
         must be expected.  See below for options galore.

Are these levers beyond you means?
Check out our Apprentice, and Craftsman Levers.

Schaff attachments for the above Tuning Levers:  
         All parts below will fit models above.

Part Description:                                                                                                          Part Number        Price


Hale and Schaff Tuning Lever Heads

Medium 1 3/4" head at 5 degree angle         SH13H               $ 54.00
Medium 1 3/4" head at 15 degree angle       SH13H-15         $ 54.00 
Short 1 1/4" head at 5 degree angle             SH13G               $ 34.00
Short 1 1/4" head at 15 degree angle           SH13G-15          $ 49.75
Extra Short 7/8" head at 15 degree angle     SH13F                $ 42.00
Long 2-1/4" head at 5 degrees angle            SH13J                $ 56.00
Long 3" head at 5 degrees angle                  SH13K               $ 601.75
Long 5" head at 5 degrees angle                  SH13L                $ 65.00





Tuning Lever Tips
These tips screw onto the head only

Small Star Number 1                                                                                                           SH14A                 $ 22.50
Standard Star Number 2                                                                                                     SH14B                  $ 22.50
Large Star Number 3                                                                                                           SH14C                 $ 22.50
Large Star Number 4 (not shown)                                                                                        SH14G                 $ 24.00
Square Number 2 size only                                                                                                   SH15                   $ 23.50
Oblong (For square Grands mostly)                                                                                     SH3128                $ 28.75


Schaff One Piece Tuning Lever Head / Tip Combination
Cannot be used with other tips.

2-1/2 inch long, #2 star head, 5 degree angle                                                                         SH17                    $ 28.75 
2-1/2 inch long, #3 star head, 5 degree angle                                                                         SH17-3                 $ 28.50
2-1/2 inch long, #2 star head, 15 degree angle                                                                       SH17-15               $ 28.50
1-1/2 inch long, #2 star head, 15 degree angle                                                                       SH17A                  $ 28.50
4 inch long, #2 star head, 5 degree angle                                                                                SH17B                  $ 33.75
5 inch long, #2 star head, 5 degree angle                                                                                SH17C                  $ 37.50





Misc. Accessories

Fendon thin walled head/tip combo
This is now the option. Fits all levers with made by Schaff and is styled like a Hale head
Has a 2-1/2 inch length, #2 star tip. Screws onto the shaft of a high end lever. Chromed.
CAUTION: This tip is only for where tuning pins are too close together, or where
a pin is set close to the brace on a grand. It is not able to be used continuously due
to the thin walls of the tool.                                                                                                    SH17N           $ 31.00

Thin walled tip- (Not shown)
        For use where pins are very close together or where a pin is too close to the harp                                                                                                          
        1-1/2 inches long                                                                                                          SH14H            $ 30.00

Tip Wrench--  Removes tips easily                                                                                       SH11             $ 17.45

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