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B. Two key levers stick together as they go up and down

After opening the piano until the keys are all exposed, look at the back ends of the keys. Are two keys warped together? If so, read the last section, "Back ends stick:" to learn how to free them.

The most common cause of two keys sticking together is some junk is stuck in the space between the keys. Even before you open the piano, try to run a flat thin blade down between the keys that stick as far back as you can. I like to use a dental probe since I can usually snag the item and pull it clear out. Slightly pry the keys apart. If the junk, a coin, mouse manure, or whatever, drops out underneath, leave it. If the keys are freed up, just play it, and get the quarter later when the tuner comes. If you are Scottish, well open the piano, and fetch your tuppence old man.

Old uprights sometimes lose ivories which can hang up keys when the ivory comes off and falls down between the keys. You should take the keys out, and rescue these ivories, since they can wedge under the key messing up the "key drop". Store these ivories, and any other parts you wish to present to the tuner later, in the bottom of the piano in a jar. Why? Because you will forget where you put them otherwise. Or you can find the section on Putting Ivories Back on the keys later in the book.

If you have to remove a key to get the piece of junk out, it will still be a very brief and easy maneuver. If, after you get a key or two out, you see that there is a mouse bed-and-breakfast under the keys, go ahead and take all the key levers out (read section on opening the piano), and clean out the animal farm.



C. Key lever stays Down Or, Key broke