We are looking to trade
links with....
Piano Tuners
Piano Sales Stores
Music Teachers
Restoration Shops
Sheet Music Sellers

Why bother?

I am very high on a couple of Search Engine. On almost every popular search engine I am on page one with one of both of my mirror sites.

You may have gotten E-Mail from me inviting you to join this list, or you may have found my site while surfing. I am not afraid of helping you. It may mean I lose a sale to you once in a while, but in the long run, we will all benefit. A favor's a favor, right? If you give me a link, I will do the same for you.

Let me tell you a true story. I worked my way through college, among other things, as a gasoline station attendant. I worked for a very efficient and industrious station owner. He used to complain because he was on a boulevard intersection in a residential area where there was no chance of another gasoline station going in. His was the only one there. I asked him why he wanted competition. He told me that intersections with four stations on them would all get more business as each station was added. It seems to be the element of choice-- People like to shop. That is what we are doing exchanging links. An overly competitive person will miss a real boost to his business if he holds back from this opportunity.

So, here are my prioprites in trading links:

1. No digital music making products wanted

2. No rock music, rap, or E-flat boiler factory music

3. We require decency online, exceptional business ethics, patience with the ordinary user, and a zeal for serious music. One tuner wanted to trade links, but his site had several filthy stories on it. A tuner who hangs his vile libido out in public will hustle the ladies when he is tuning. I followed one such animal in Arizona, and I got a lot of his trade. Do not bother to ask for a link trade if you are a moral dog.

4. Music which is either performed, or enhanced, by the music trades and services.

5. Tuners and technicians who advertise tuning and restoration services.

6. We decline to advertise piano parts and accessories sales sites. That is asking too much :-)

7. Drop my link from your site after I have posted yours, and I will drop yours at my site.

8. I will not link to a tuner who attacks other men in the trades at his site. One idiot had an attack on one of my other competitors on his front page. I would like to beat my competitor out of some business, but honestly. I will not be party to gorilla warfare.

9. If you have a long list of famous people on your page for whom you have tuned, and vanity and arrogance is all over the site, I will not link to you.

Now, if you feel we have things in common, please send mail with your:

Brief description of your trade distinctions