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By Steve Van Nattan

How does one get at such facts?  Answer:  Not by consulting the "experts" at the Center for Disease Control.  I try to read Utne Reader at the library regularly to see what the space cadets are up to.   Every pastor should visit the library regularly to browse the world's intellectual rags.  It really reveals their motivations and thinking.

Well, in the November-December 1997 issue of Utne Reader I found an article on page 57 telling of the 15 most "hip" places to visit in the USA.  "Hip" to these people means that there are no rules of thinking in these places, and there are no standards of morality.  Sodomites are VERY welcome, like mascots, in very "hip" locations.  Thus, these people have by default told me the most AIDS infested places in the USA due to the fact that casual sex and sodomy are the chief factors in rapid advance of AIDS.

I now give you these locations.  you have NO business going to these locations for any reason other than to win souls to Christ.  You should NOT work in these places, and you must never shop there.  Casual transmission of AIDS is a real factor, especially when the saturation of infection is high already, as in cities in Africa.  I will list their specialties morally and socially.

1.  LOWER GARDEN DISTRICT, New Orleans--  Specialties:  Latin sensuality with no holds barred-- experimental theatres [ meaning sodomite filth ]--  "shotgun" cottages--  Brazilian lust.


2.  INNER MISSION--  San Francisco--  Specialties:  Web page and INTERNET groupies--  "messy" and noisy like a Third World capital--  panhandlers-- poets--  Notorious parties.


3.  WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn, NY--  Specialties:  Vacant warehouses filled with artists--  ethnic mix of Italian and Polish and all others as well.


4.  THE PLATEAU-- Montreal-- Specialties:  Cross culture transcends race and language--  sidewalk and cellar cafes--  art galleries--  Little Italy--  salsa clubs and bordegas on the north edge.


5.  COLLEGE AND CLINTON-- Toronto--  Specialties:  Bovine sex club-- High priced pool halls--  Writers and film maker's haven--  Theatre goers, teenage run-aways, and tripers mix freely.

The owner of manager of this establishment claims this place is ordinary entertainment and typical of other clubs around the country.  He is miffed that we would claim there is a hazard here.  Other than that, I don't know how this information makes a lot of difference.  He has made no clarification regarding the run-aways and tripers.  Perhaps this will be forthcoming.


6.   WICKER PARK-- Chicago--  Specialties:   Polish and Mexican originally--  Now, coffee shops and bars abound--  visual artist at work--  Cult bands drawn here.


7.  BELLTOWN-- Seattle--  Specialties:  Incubator of artiness--  Art galleries, cafes, and bars abound--  Wild pool halls-- The Speakeasy Club--  Book stores for perverts--  Dance clubs--  Sodomite drag zone.

E-Mail response which should be noted:

Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 02:32:34 -0800

From: ____________________

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Subject: Seattle's Belltown area

God bless you for your pages.

I have a clarification to your page on the "15 most likely places in the USA to get AIDS". I'm not a big fan of the Belltown area of the city, but if you are warning people away from areas of sodomite/adult bookstore concentration, you'd be better to warn them away from Capitol Hill (main gay/drag area of the city) or 1st Avenue between Pioneer Square and the Pike Place Market (porno shops, drugs, and liquor/gun stores). Compared to these two places, Belltown is a relative safe haven, especially since some of the late night clubs are shutting down.

In Christ



8.  OLDE CITY-- Philadelphia--  Specialties:  Warehouse area near water front--  Evening only, it is taken over by artists and wholesale dealers--  Coffee shops--  Shipping and receiving atmosphere.


9.  COMMERCIAL DRIVE--  Vancouver--  Specialties:  Longtime home of, are you ready, lesbians, Italians, "Greens," and "Reds"--  Rasta shops, topless bars, and coffee shops--  Feminist bookstores--  Hate straights.


10.  WHITTIER-- Minneapolis--  Specialties:  Proto-grunge bands--  Art school groupies and bands--  Rock clubs--  Dance floors and performance bands crawling all over the area.


11.  LOS FELIZ--  Los Angeles [Los Diablos?]--  Film industry and writers groupies meet here--  Just east of Hollywood--  Chicano neighborhood nearby--  Sodomite cruise area since the 60s--  Anglos with money welcome.


12.  HAMTRAMICK--  Detroit--  Specialties:  Narrow streets for walking--  Polish heritage--  70s and 80s punk culture--  Buddhist temple--  Iggy Pop scene--  Coffee shops everywhere-- Graphics design groupies--  Underground art done in old factories.


13.  U  DISTRICT--  Washington DC-- Specialties:  Cool restaurants, clubs, near Howard University, and thus the "U"--  Unsegregated--  Hip Hop and Go Go clubs--  Proud of their naked Black and White ladies--  Salvadoran cafes.


14.  DAVID SQUARE--  Boston--  Specialties:  Blue collar residents and artists mix--  Young writers groupies--  Bookstores, Irish pubs, and weird theatre--  New in the area are leftist and lesbian groupies.


15.  LINCOLN ROAD-- Miami-- Specialties:  On the beach but still funky--  MTV Latino--  Chique crime--  Haitian groupies--  Design groovers moving in right no.

There it is kiddies.  Do you want to die of AIDS?  Well, make a tour of the 15 above districts of the flesh and the devil, and AIDS is certain to haunt you to the grave.

I hear someone ask, "Can't I just walk through and look at the place for information?"

Answer:   1 Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

And:   1 Peter 2:11 Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul;

And:   2 Timothy 2:22 Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.

Feb. 20, 1998


In what way?

They don't put up stop lights until they have a pile of dead bodies from auto accidents.

Also, the courts don't take criminal action until there are infected victims of AIDS loonies.

Read and weep


HIV-positive man who didn't warn sex partners ordered to prison

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich.-- A drifter who never told 10 young women that he had the AIDS virus before having sex was sentenced Friday to 15 to 22 1/2 years in prison.

James Wallace Jones, 33, apologized for keeping his HIV-positive status a secret from his partners, most of whom were in their teens. So far none of the women have tested positive for the virus.

That was no consolation to one of the victims.

``I think he should go away for life,'' said the 17-year-old woman, who would not give her name.

She added tearfully: ``I have a 3-year-old daughter at home who already doesn't have a father. And now I have to live for a year wondering if I have AIDS.''

The danger has largely passed for most of the women because the virus usually shows up within three months, according to Kit Mikovitz of the Grand Traverse County Health Department.

But it will be a year before they can get a clean bill of health, she said.

Jones received the maximum for the crimes to which he pleaded guilty last month: failing to notify a sex partner he had HIV; third-degree criminal sexual conduct for having sex with a 15-year-old; and being a habitual offender.

Convicted of attempted criminal sexual conduct with a minor in 1993, Jones tested positive for HIV and began taking the drug AZT, court reports stated.

Jones returned to town after his release last summer and fell in with a group of troubled young people who shared apartments, money and alcohol and had unprotected sex.

Even though two of the 10 women asked him directly, Jones denied being HIV-positive, prosecutor Dennis LaBelle said.

Jones's attorney, Peter Shumar, described Jones as a lonely man of limited intelligence who was afraid to tell people of his condition.

``He felt that he would be ostracized, he no longer would have any friends,'' Shumar said.

But Judge Thomas Power said Jones preyed on vulnerable young women and would again if given the


``I therefore view you as very dangerous when you get out of prison,'' Power said.