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WOGS- Wrath of God Syndrome- San Francisco-- Used at onset of AIDS by doctors and nurses

GRIDS- Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome- San Francisco-- Later, politically correct version
AIDS- Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome- Used to let sodomites off the hook.
HIV- Human Immune Deficiency Virus- Even more innocuous
SLIM- African name for AIDS, which is found in mostly heterosexuals there.


CIRCA SEPT. 2001-- Twenty years ago this month, AIDS was officially identified as a new disease in San Francisco. It was then called GRIDS, Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

FACT-- The disease was already being observed in San Francisco and had been for probably a couple of years. It was first called WOGS by hospital staff, which stands for Wrath Of God Syndrome, with reference to the sodomite community in SF.

AIDS was immediately covered up and made to sound like a local problem. US Surgeon General Everett Koop lied and lied over and over about how harmless AIDS was, and virtually every lie he told is now proven by history. AIDS can be passed casually, as has been observed in Africa. AIDS can be passed by kissing, contrary to stupid Koop's claims. The myth of bleach and free needles, and free condoms, have only speeded up plague.

In fact, much of the Zambian Army is infected, and The Gambia may cease to exist as a viable nation soon. AIDS is taking so many lives in Uganda that employers are training at least three people to fill every new job so that someone will survive to DO the job.

AIDS is rampant in the USA, but doctors, because of the orders of Dr. Krazy Koop, have been forced to say nothing about infected AIDS victims. Not even nurses are to be told, and this policy is now SOP all over the USA. Any doctor breaking this code can be sued in civil court and his license revoked.

When you hear of some sort of cancer on the increase, it is very likely a cover for AIDS. Many pneumonia deaths are in fact AIDS related. All sorts of neuropathy patients are turning up as a result of AIDS drug complications. But, twenty years into this worldwide plague, the Western nations are in total near denial.

I gave predictions and statistics in about 1985 through 1990 to the people in the church I pastored, and I must say, my predictions were right on target. So, here goes again.

In twenty years on down the road:

1. Whole nations in Africa will be down to only a population consisting of people 12 years of age and down. At this time, on the islands of Lake Victoria, virtually 100% of the population are AIDS positive. But, of course, the CDC says mosquitos cannot carry it. In 2021, India and Asia will be into a advanced net loss population growth pattern. Haiti will be gone. Cuba will be close on Haiti's heels. Mexico will be bankrupt.

2. In 2021, Western countries, economies will be near bankruptcy due to health care of AIDS victims.

3. Open discrimination and grass roots quarantine will have developed, and police and the courts will be forced to look the other way to avoid anarchy.

4. Many schools will be forced to close or consolidate due to parents removing their kids from school as they learn of sexually liberated teachers being AIDS carriers. Many US states will pay parents to home school in order to sequester a population of restrained and God fearing kids.

5. AIDS victims will be seen on the streets wandering about with no care, and care givers will refuse to help them. Dementia crazed AIDS victims will be killed regularly as people are forced to defend themselves.

6. With few exceptions, the nations of the world will be in economic decline. Stock markets will be in a slow slide downward, not due to speculation, but due to businesses and manufacturers losing employees to AIDS faster than new employees can be found and trained. Large manufacturers, like automobile companies, which depend on close profit margins, will all be gone. A thriving business in restoration of cars and trucks will be in place.

7. "Clean" people will be offered unbelievable incentives to go to work, especially in services to the public, like fast food and transportation. Hotels and restaurants will not exist as we now know them. Only the very rich will be able to afford to pay for a "clean room."

8. AIDS will have reduced transportation services vastly as pilots, air traffic controllers, and drivers have to be laid off due to AIDS dementia. Few people will want to risk infection on the airlines by 2021. The automobile will prevail.

9. Housing prices and real estate will be dropping drastically in price, and "clean" people will get bargain prices on homes and very low mortgage rates. Inner cities, on the other hand, will be wastelands of empty buildings and abandoned shops, as city people flee from death and lawless insane AIDS victims.

10. Discrimination in 20 years, over AIDS, will be a way of life, and no government will dare stop it if it wants to remain a viable nation. People will simply move to safer countries which allow discrimination based on AIDS peril.

11. Sodomy will no longer by considered cute. Sodomites will mostly all be dead. AIDS will be transmitted in 20 years by casual contact as well as by heterosexual promiscuous sex.

12. There will be no vaccine. The very nature of the disease, and its unbelievable mutation rate, makes a vaccine impossible. One man was tested one year and then the next, and he had produced eleven new mutant varieties of AIDS in his body alone.

So, go on and shack up, dress naked, shoot up, and generally get your libido out and busy. But, you WILL pay the price, and you will rot in a hospital room one day, IF the staff will let you in. You may rot away in some filthy room with a bunch of whores and pimps as you wait for death. Ask some African how it is in Nairobi and Lusaka.

Psalm 14:3 They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one.

AIDS will not go away until promiscuous people and sodomites are eradicated, either by world force of law, or by the world's morticians. God and His Law, not Charles Darwin, will have the last word on this one folks. And, the righteous of the world will not have to do a thing-- just sit back and watch the rebels die. I am not talking of revenge or vengefulness, I am simply saying that God has a built in penalty for sin, whatever and whoever perpetuates it. It is not fun, and it is not something to rejoice over, but it is a relief to the righteous when wicked men are removed from their place of power.

After 4000 years, we are still answering to the Seventh Commandment.

There is good news-- There is a cure--

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

There is no other cure.

I lost count of the "AIDS cure" and "vaccine" discoveries from the media at about 140 recently. There is no cure for AIDS outside of The Lord Jesus Christ. With the ongoing hate for Jesus and the Gospel, I have to assume that most of this old world is about to self-destruct, for many of you out there will NOT stop your promiscuous sin.


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