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On AIDS in Africa

March 20, 1997--  
Our heart felt thanks to Ryan Meyering of, I presume, UCLA, for getting the English translation of this article.  This is the kind of help we appreciate in the work of this journal.  

From: (Ryan Meyering)


Here is the text for which you requested a translation. I attached a Word for Windows 6.0 version and a text-only version.

In Christ,

Ryan Meyering

The name WAMATA is an abbreviation from the Swahili for: WALIO KATIKA MAPAMBANO NA AIDS TANZANIA and means translated, "People, who are in the fight against AIDS in Tanzania.

The History of WAMATA

Because of the AIDS problem in Tanzania Mrs. Theresa Kaijage began the WAMATA in June of 1989, to take care of the HIV-infected, those sick with AIDS, and the affected families. She is the leader of the Department for Social Work and Family Therapy in the Muhimbili Medical Center in Dar es Sallaam. With the help of her students she collects contributions from relatives, friends and acquaintances for her work. The Catholic Church (Catholic Brothers of Christian Institution) made an office available to Mrs. Kaijage for her work. In March the WAMATA was registered as a non-governmental organization (NGO). In 1992 the affiliate in Mwanza on the South side of the Victoria Sea and in Rubya/Bukoba on the West side of the Victoria Sea for the Kagera Region was founded. The separate affiliates of the WAMATA work completely independently, and are also responsible for the collection of their contributions. Also the WAMATA works together with the national AIDS Program (NACT).

The Discovery of AIDS in Tanzania:

The first case of AIDS was reported in 1983 in the Kagera Region, the border region after Uganda. After that the HIV/AIDS epidemic broke out over the whole of Tanzania like a brush fire. The spread (of AIDS) had many ramifications. By May of 1992 there were 34,600 cases of AIDS known to the NACT. One reckons with a doubling in 19.5 months. One estimates the count of HIV-infected people at circa 700,000 or 2.8% of the population of 25 million.

[ Balaam's Ass Speaks comment:  At this rate the infected number must be nearly 3,500,000, or about 15-16% of the population of Tanzania.  Projection for 20 years is to frightening to consider.  ]

The Goals of WAMATA:

1. Prevention of the spread of HIV infection and AIDS through enlightenment.

2. Reduction of the social and economic consequences for those infected with HIV and sick with AIDS.

3. Looking after the affected families, the widows and the orphans.

4. Support of the adoptive families, who have taken in AIDS-orphans. In the Kagera Region alone there are in total more than 80,000 AIDS-orphans, who need help.

The WAMATA understands its work in the following manner: "It is better to give a small help than to sit in a comfortable chair and make clever speeches."

The organizational structure of the WAMATA:

The national structure of the WAMATA is made up of seven honorary members. At the annual main meeting they are elected for two years. The secretary of the separate affiliates has an Executive Officer, a secretary and four advisors and social workers. These make the advisors and housekeepers (?) together with the volunteer helpers.

Training of the WAMATA members:

All WAMATA workers undergo a voluntary procedure and are completely schooled for their work. AIDS consultation is a completely new branch of social work and always brings new knowledge. A complete training of the workers is therefore necessary, so that these (trained people) can teach the volunteer helpers. Also the leading white-collar workers must undergo constant training, which should widen their familiarity in management, administration and modern office organization.

All of these training manners take place in short intervals. In the WAMATA, one is of the conviction, that for him the education can never end.

Membership in the WAMATA and Sponsors:

In Tanzania everyone can become a member of the WAMATA who agrees with the goals of the organization. He pays a one-time entry fee of TSHs 250 (about 0.60 Deutsch Marks) and gives once every year a contribution in the desired amount in money or goods. The WAMATA is also supported by large foreign organizations, such as USAID and the Emely George Fund from the USA, NORAD from Norway, DANIDA from Denmark, the Dutch embassy in Dar es Sallaam, and Terre des Hommes from Switzerland.

The Help Actions of the DETAF for WAMATA:

Our Tanzanian member, Dr. Francis Mutajuka, visited the WAMATA affiliate in Mwanza and Rubya in the beginning of 1994 and received a good impression from the teams and their work. The structure of the DETAF decided in this respect to make the support of WAMATA a lasting project. First supplies and financial support were given. This is however a drop on the hot stone and further help is urgently needed. The DETAF can not do this alone, we need your help also!

Detailed information about WAMATA in the English language is available. Please send them your request and 5 Deutsch Marks (in stamps) for expenses.

What does the WAMATA need?

For the continuance of their work, the WAMATA needs financial means and is very thankful for a gift in any amount.

With a contribution of 100 Deutsch Marks, for example, one child is cared for with food, school clothes and school money. With 500 Deutsch marks about 65 people can be cared for for 3 months with foodstuffs.

Along with the financial means the WAMATA also needs medical supplies and medical advice. With our Dr. Francis Mutajuka, Haberstr. 50a. in 51373 Leverkusen, Tel. 0214/402324, Fax 0214/43173, we ask for the latter contribution, possibly from a medication manufacturer.

Do you want to contribute to WAMATA?

Contribute to WAMATA please use the heading:


Konto (Account Number) 100 76 80 11

Bensberger Volksbank (like a Savings and Loan, I think) BLZ 370 621 24

Because we have only official workers, contributions go almost entirely toward the good of the project, because our administrative expense is low. The DETAF is especially worthy of promotion and is recognized to be of benefit to the public. Contributions to the DETAF are tax deductible. (For contributions) up to 100 DM your deposit slip is sufficient for the finance department (Germany's IRS, I believe.) With higher amounts you automatically receive a contribution receipt. Please do not forget your complete signature on the transfer.

What else does the DETAF want from you?

We want to win you for our work! If you employ many of your ideas, strengths, experiences, talents and relationships, the friendship between Germany and Tansania can grow. You are also naturally welcome only as sponsoring Member. We are also happy about the membership of firms, which want to support our work.

Our Jahresbeitrag begragt for:

Berufstatige 60 Deutsch Marks

Students, Pensioners and non-commercial 25 DM

Action groups such as, for example, Third World Laden 100 DM

Firms and Sponsors from 500 DM

Do you want more information?

Do you want to become a member?

Then please write to:


c/o Klaus Gottschling

Am Diengholt 7

48291 Telgte

Tel. + Fax: 02504/77305

We are not promoting this work, but it would not be ethically right to tell their story without giving the whole text of the thing.


If you'd like, you may add that I am a member of Bible Baptist Church in Santa Monica, to my knowledge the only KJV bible-believing church in the Los Angeles area (about 30 members in a city of over 3 million; the Word of God is not popular in this sinful city). Perhaps there are users of your website in L.A. who would like to come hear the Word of God preached.

In Christ,

Ryan Meyering