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Washington's award winning newspaper Thursday, September 20, 1990 Volume 36 Number 47


Say African scientists cure for AIDS ignored by white press

Black health officials have charged that white racism is to blame for the lack of publicity about a Kenyan drug hailed as an inexpensive cure for AIDS.

Kenyan President Daniel Moi announced earlier this summer that a cure for acquired immune deficiency syndrome had been found - a drug called Kemron that is marketed by the Kenyan government. As a result of the drug, nearly 1300 HIV positive AIDS patients have had death threatening symptoms disappear and reclassified as HIV negative.

"This is the first victory over AIDS and it's coming out of Africa, yet you haven't heard anything about it," said Gary Byrd, a New York radio talk show host who led a fact- finding mission to Kenya, where the above results have been documented.

Byrd learned of the miraculous treatment from a series of articles in the New York Native, a gay publication. He then assembled a team of video and print journalists and a medical research team, headed by Dr. Barbara Justice, to travel to Kenya to find out firsthand if the claims were true.

The fact-finding team conducted interviews, toured the state-of-the art medical facilities and were convinced that the findings were legitimate. Upon their return to New York, Byrd, host of the popular talk show "The Global Black Experience" On WLIB-AM, held a press conference at the world famous Apollo Theater.

The Apollo press conference was jam-packed with medical personnel, community residents and representatives from various professions, but media representatives were few and far between. Outside of coverage in the Amsterdam News, and various appearances on local Black talk shows, the announcement went largely ignored.

Dr. Justice also took an AIDS patient, Cedric Sandifford, who is well known to the New York community. It was his son who was killed in the infamous Howard Beach incident.

Sandifford was dying from AIDS, which he contracted through IV drug use. "When we left New York, Cedric could barely keep up. Today he is responding to the treatment and it looks like he will be okay." Dr. Justice said.

Black health officials contend that white-dominated news organizations did not publicize the drug because of a racially based distrust of African science, The New York Times reported. They also charged that the drug was played down because it posed competition for expensive AIDS medications offered by the white medical establishment.

"I don't know how this works but there's nothing else that holds a candle to it," said Ronald Woodroof, of Dallas, Tx. He said after 122 days on the drug, he feels better than even before he had AIDS.


BA Editor-- Steve-- If the above story is true, then it is also possible to show by this account that someone wants AIDS to kill victims here in the USA in significant numbers BEFORE a cure is released.  May I say, "I told you so" on behalf of those researchers who have shown that AIDS was man made to kill off the world's population and eliminate loses to big bankers due to welfare needs world wide?  

Here is how pathetic it has now become as an Australian drug company has entered the scene to profiteer and use Kenyans as guinea pigs.  The Kenya government has regressed to capitalistic behaviour in the process, even if it means people will die.