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The Federal Court system has taken a benign attitude toward AIDS terrorism.  Much talk goes down around the country about Anthrax attacks and gassing of people by outside forces in he world.  But, right here in the USA we now have a large number of sodomites who have AIDS and are dedicated to kill by sabotaging straights and the innocent.  I believe that the only way to stop this will be by citizen self-defense.  Our government is so obsessed with political correctness that they cannot bring themselves to defend the victims of these attacks.  Indeed, this is a good reason to get a passport, move one's funds overseas, and leave the USA for good.  

I have very little loyalty to the USA anymore, for they have declared me and my family the enemy in so many ways.  The courts and the media consider me and all Bible believers to be psychologically insane and dangerous.  So, if the loonies kill me and infect my kids, the average American thinks it is probably what I had coming.  In Fiji they don't think this way.  In Tonga ALL crime is punished.  In Afghanistan queers have to keep it all a very dark secret.  In Ethiopia queers have to wear women's clothes and do women's work or be beaten within an inch of their life.  In many countries in the world, my beliefs and way of life would be encouraged.  Perhaps Bible believers need to consider giving the USA to the queers and move on.

I will say this--  Stop going out in public carelessly.  Shop at Walmart when crowds are sparse.  Be cautious eating out and going to ball games and entertainment.  Change from monster churches, which are wide open targets, to very small churches or house churches.  This is the most common way we hear of people being infected by saboteurs of the queer world.  Just stay home more, and be with family and friends.  It saves money too.

Subject: Safety Bulletin
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 11:23:06 -0500

For your information:

A couple of weeks ago, in a Dallas movie theater, a person sat on something sharp in one of the seats. When she stood up to see what it was, a needle was found poking through the seat with an attached note saying, "you have been infected with HIV".

The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta reports similar events have taken place in several other cities recently. All of the needles tested HAVE been positive for HIV. The CDC also reports that needles have been found in the coin return areas of pay phones and soda machines.

Everyone is asked to use extreme caution when confronted with these types of situations. All public chairs should be thoroughly but safely inspected prior to any use. A thorough visual inspection is considered the bare minimum.

Furthermore, they ask that everyone notify their family members and friends of the potential dangers, as well. Thank you.

The previous information was sent from the Dallas Police Department to all of the local governments in the Washington area and was interdepartmentally dispersed. We were all asked to pass this to as many people as possible.

Name withdrawn


Editor:  Steve Van Nattan--  Everyone associated with this story is begging off.  My source was told it could not happen due to the short life of the virus outside the body.  That is a lie and shows the kind of disinformation which the CDC and police will resort to to stop the truth.  The Pasteur Institute in France PROVED, circa 1987, that the virus lives 14 days outside the human body in liquid, and a US research institute proved 7 days on a dry surface.  I have a report that AIDS virus was found in a heater vent in an apartment which had been unused for 6 months in the California Bay Area.  I had to drop the identity of my source because she was being troubled by all sorts of calls and those worried about the impact of this report.  I now have to drop the validity of this report since no one will stand behind it.  It should now only be considered "for what it's worth" as an unsigned report.

Editor:  We have also heard of needles being lodged in toilet paper holders in public restrooms.  Churches must become extremely careful, for queers will try to infiltrate and set these devices in order to punish God's people for simply being representatives of the Truth.  Their shame will drive them to it, and they know that Christians are wimps at defending themselves.  If you have any doubt about your pastor and church board watching this thing, you better take your family and children and start a house church where you control the entry of guests.  This is just one more case against monster churches with their milque toast leaders who hug the money bags rather than the saints.