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October 1999--  Asthma

Affluence And Rise In Child Asthma Cases, The New Straits Times, 27 November 1995 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - An asthma specialist has attributed the rise in asthma cases among young children today to affluence and development. He added that although most asthma cases were hereditary, improperly vacuumed carpets, soft furnishing and soft toys, increase in the intake of fast food, use of food additives and poor air ventilation and pollutants in the environment are a few causes of asthma arising from rich lifestyle. There is also a link between parents who smoke around their children and the risks of their children becoming asthmatic.



Editor: Balaam's Ass Speaks, Steve Van Nattan    

When it comes to herbs, four rules apply:

1.  The medical profession and drug industry are NOT going to tell you about herbal cures.  Why?  Answer:  They cannot patent a drug God created 6000 years ago.  Nor will the FDA examine them.  So, we are on our own.

2.  You must NOT take herbal cure advice from New age sources and unsaved space cadets.  They are on a spiritual esoteric journey to insanity and hell.  The devils who supervise them are only going to distract you.

3.  Don't go into a health food and herb store and ask about some product, "Will this help me?"  The guy who owns that store is there to SELL.  Of course his weed will help you!  Instead, try to find a narrow Christian friend who can help you find the truth about herbs from those who have been helped by them.  Also, avoid weed selling pyramid plans and the melaluka peddlers.  According to them, their weed will cure EVERYTHING.  They lie a lot too.

4.  The vast majority of herbs and weed cures are either helpful of harmless.  Seldom are they dangerous.  The way to find out if they work is to try them.  Use yourself as a laboratory.  It's not as deadly as it may sound, and I know there are people who are being helped  by various herbal cures.  I got off of Corgard and a big pill bill with Valarian root. 

Now, having said that, I want to pass on a discovery of interest.  I have a piano tuning customer in Green Valley, AZ, who for years had  to spend two weeks in bed in the spring months.  She got hay fever and asthma that bad.  She started using Fever Few, and now she says she gets a little hay fever reaction, but life has returned to normal.  I have used it, and it seems to help enough to justify buying and taking it.  You can raise it yourself.  We are looking for the seeds.  Does anyone know where we can either get it bulk from a farm, or can we get the plants?