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This page is an ongoing discussion of STAPH infection.  What made it clear that we must do this is a report from a Medical Conference in Tucson, Arizona, that STAPH infection has broken out in Chicago, and there is NO cure.  Please send anything you have on this.  I would appear that something is loose in the world which is extremely simple and as deadly as AIDS or E-Coli.


At the conference a lecturer from Chicago told of a Staphylococcus infection epidemic in the Chicago area.  In this infection the Staph pathogen would at first be on the skin surface, which is typical of past infections.  If the infection could not be stopped, the Staph pathogen would go sub-cutaneous, or enter the body under the skin.  It would then stay under the skin and advance at an unbelievable rate.  The advance of the pathogen could actually be observed in motion at a rate of about one Millimeter in 3 to 5 minutes.  At this point, antibiotics were administered, and the limb was amputated well above the pathogen's activity.

This tells us that something is loose in the USA which is far and away the most horrifying news in epidemiology and pathology in many years.  If this epidemic were to spread into the whole USA, many Americans would end up with amputations, and many would die horrible deaths.  If the pathogen were to move into the torso of the victim, there would be nothing to amputate.  There is NO antibiotic which can completely arrest the infection.  Chicago is under true epidemic conditions.

Now, hospitals are traditionally the primary carriers of Staph infection, and that is getting WORSE rather than better in urban hospitals.  This may not all be the fault of hospitals, but they DO bear a large responsibility.  Surveys have reported that some doctors never clean their stethoscopes between patients.  Many nurses do not wash between patients.  Sick people ARE doing health care in hospitals, since AIDS infected health care workers may not be discriminated against to exclude them from working in hospitals.  Many hospitals will virtually fight a doctor who asks for more protection for doctors and nurses.  This is the first line of defense in hospital born infection, for a contaminated doctor and nurse are and incubator of disease as they move from patient to patient.

So, it would be very wise to avoid ALL elective surgery and just suffer the lesser risk.  Even where surgery is needed, demand attention in surgery and recovery which will reduce the risks of getting a Staph infection.  Don't linger in hospitals when you are waiting on a patient in surgery or diagnosis-- move outdoors into patios etc.  It is exceedingly stupid to eat in hospital cafeterias casually because they have good prices.  Folks DO this-- I assure you.  Don't even walk by hospitals down wind if you can avoid it.  Some rooms have positive flow ventilation, and these rooms are reserved for AIDS patients and those with deadly infections.  That positive flow air is vented unfiltered, and if you are nearby, you COULD catch whatever was in that room.

After a family member comes home from non-infectious treatment in the hospital, they should be treated as a risk factor for a number of days in their home.  Watch for signs of skin eruption and rash.  Also, monitor temperature, and report any strange body reactions to your doctor at once.  If a Staph symptom is seen, at once quarantine the person in the home, and NO ONE should be going to public gatherings until the thing is resolved.  The US Government policy is now that quarantine is a civil rights violation.  This is not a law related decision, but it is public policy with virtually every state and the CDC follows this ethic.  It is assumed that we are so advanced in this modern age that we don't need to follow the old biblical model of quarantine.  This could be one factor in the coming destruction of the United States.  

AIDS in particular could have been arrested if the CDC and the Federal Government would have used quarantine as a method of control of the disease.  Instead, the Feds bowed to sodomites who claimed that quarantine was discrimination.  Thus, the AIDS virus, and possibly other pathogens, now have more civil rights than we the people.  So, we must do our own quarantine by excluding ourselves from risk in reverse.  Also, we must use common sense if a member of our family is ill.  Forms of TB, Staph, AIDS, and other diseases are not mutant to the point that there is NO cure.  Quarantine is the ONLY method of control.  

Back to the Staph infections in Chicago.  Let us get one thing clear-- This new uncurable Staph infection is NOT limited to hospitals only-- It is now running rampant in the community, as has been the case with all Staph infections since some time in 1996 when it moved out of the hospitals.  Those living in the city should be demanding that doctors speak of this factor.  Those living in close packed urban areas in the south side, where hospitals are old and dangerous, must compare notes in the community.  Doctors will be told to not speak of this to patients.  If the doctors do talk, they will be released from their jobs by hospital administrators.  That is now Chicago works my friend.  Persons who want to totally avoid the risk of this infection, and amputation of a limb, should move at once to another area of the USA.

I have no good news in this subject.  All I can say is that we are all on our own again in this one.  The medical community again has been 100% stumped.  I know this by the fact that they are resorting to amputation.  That step is a clear admission that there is NO cure.  This also tells us that in the days ahead the medical gurus and institutions will find more and more diseases which cannot be cured.  If you want to participate, eat out more, visit sick people more, fornicate more, don't wash your hands after being in public,  take your kids out in public every chance you get, go to ball games and public amusement parks more, don't wash food you buy at the store, use public restrooms without discrimination, make no distinction in who your friends are, keep going to a church which will not discipline adulterers, and generally handle and lick everything in public that you can get your hands on.  You will then be a great candidate to incubate some interesting pathogen which will kill you or incapacitate you for the rest of your life.

To the rest, beware.  Live and move in the world like a person walking through a snake pit in sandles.  You cannot avoid going out into the world to work and buy and sell, but you CAN be a lot more selective and defensive.

At the same conference in Tucson, a Doctor lectured and reported that he was part of a group which treated a powerful virus-- At least they thought so.  They gave massive doses of antibiotics, and after the patient got into serious condition, they concluded the virus was actually thriving on and eating the antibiotic.  They took away all medication, and the patient recovered completely.  This is strange and frightening news indeed.



The thing left the hospital environment and went public:


HOSPITALS ARE DEADLY-- Especially old hospitals and those
in large urban areas:

This shows that more drastic measures are now needed to combat invasive disease: