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Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
Bacteria strain incubated in AIDS patients

A reader we trust has sent this in.  
For obvious reasons, we have had to withdraw the identity of the source.

From: Sharon
Subject: re:MRSA

Dear Steve,

Greetings to you and yours.

I recently was reading some info you have regarding the deadly strains of Staph bacteria. I know of 2 cases here in Tampa, both related to surgery. One young woman lost her jaw to it following wisdom teeth extraction. This was from the infamous flesh-eating bacteria (also a resistant staph strain.).

I have been an allied health care worker for 11 years. I am currently involved in research work at the University of South Florida. All of my patients have AIDS. What I am about to write is strictly my own personal observation and has nothing to do with my research.  

There is another deadly deadly strain called MRSA, or Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. I have only seen 2 people stricken with this, and they were both AIDS patients. It resulted in septicemia, or bacteremia, which is infection of the blood stream. What I have observed is the strong correlation between the compromised immune systems of AIDS infected people and the Doctors bombarding them with antibiotic therapy resulting in virulent, mutant bacteria strains. And the end result? Innocent people like you and me ending up with these horrible diseases.

I agree with you 100% that quarantine should have been used long ago. It pains me knowing that this horrible disease is a direct result of sin and our society treats these people as victims. There are victims, the innocent ones who have it now because of the sodomites spreading it around our country. And you are also correct that it will get much worse. This is only the beginning I'm sure. The one great aspect of my work is the possibility of bringing the good news to those who are lost. Most of these people have lived their whole lives without Jesus, and I pray they might find salvation in our Lord through me, His lowly vessel.

I was also curious about the virus supposedly being treated with Antibiotics. Viruses are not treated with antibiotics, only bacteria is.

I hope you find this information helpful Steve, I'm probably not telling you anything you haven't already ascertained based on your comments!

God speed in all you do my friend.

In Christ Jesus always,


Editor:  The question now is, Shall we go into the hospital?  

There are a lot of surgeries which could have been put off or never been done.  The pulling of the wisdom tooth above seemed so routine, I imagine, to the medical staff and the patient.  But, would it have been infinitely less trouble to live with a wisdom tooth nipping the inside of the cheek instead of losing the lower half of one's face.  I hope I don't sound calloused.  I am simply showing that we now have a more dangerous world than we ever imagined, and we better beware of hospital stays and surgeries which are not needed.  

I recently heard that as high as 90% of Intensive Care patients were moved from elsewhere in the hospital.  This does not imply that all of them were due to blunders etc.  But, it does show that some folks might have fared better if they had just stayed at home.

Also, there is the question of whether it is better to die earlier than would have been possible with hospital and professional intervention rather than be at risk of AIDS and Staph infection from health care workers and hospital staff.  AIDS is rampant among sodomites, and the majority of male Health Care Workers are sodomites.  This is not meant to degrade them in any way-- It is simply how life is in most hospitals.

I don't have a magic answer friends.  The future will have to live itself out and the epidemics of AIDS and other killer diseases will ravage our health care system.  Then, just maybe, these hospital administrators will get off their fat rear ends and clean house.  I KNOW that over 50% of doctors NEVER clean their stethoscopes-- they admitted it in surveys.  They move from patient to patient and spread disease.  This reminds us of the horror stories of the Dark Ages.

Be careful.