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The following is from a Trans World Airlines employee, a co-pilot.  
It shows that if you fly ANY airline regularly, you will be infected with
TB and probably AIDS.
We will soon add more detail and facts on the
medical and pathological risks of flying on any airline.


Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 13:11:22 -0600
From: "_____________" <______________>

Subject: Oh Boy

Brother Steve,

You aren't going to believe this story that I have to tell you. I am an airline pilot for Trans World Airlines, and fly as a co-pilot for them. On Monday, I flew a trip, and had one of our 727 pilots riding back to Saint Louis with us.

Apparently, the airline's aviation medical examiner has been mailing certified letters to some flight deck (and I assume cabin as well) crew members telling them that they may have been exposed to Tuberculosis, and to go get tested.I haven't received one of these letters, but I'm still outraged. If I know our company's management, they have made no attempt to contact passengers, fearful of the lawsuits that would inevitably follow.

According to this pilot, the source of the contamination was a AIDS infected homosexual flight attendant. Prevailing liberal law is that AIDS infected homosexuals have a right to work because you can't get AIDS through casual contact. While this may or may not be true, such folks have weak immune systems and TB is a growing plague in their community. TB is an airborne disease -- you can literally get it by breathing the same air that a carrier does. Now put a gay flight attendant infected with this combination of diseases in an enclosed aircraft cabin with 180 other that's pressurized, and one in which the air is being recirculated in a continuouse flow from the front of the jet to the rear discharge valve...and you begin to see the problem.

And this problem doesn't exist at TWA alone, I'm sure. The vast majority of male flight attendants are gay. Who knows how many of them are infected with what.

I'm trying to see if I can anonymously get a copy of this letter that the company sent out to mail it to some news outlets. I'm worried sick about the safety about my co-workers, passengers, and Christian brothers and sisters who might be flying around the country.

Please tell them about this somehow, without mentioning my name, personal specifics, or airline name. Tell them that they should at the very least always try to sit as forward in the aircraft as possible (airflow is from front to back in most jets), that they should not eat or drink anything offered by a male flight attendant, or even by a female if even one male flight attendant is part of the crew. Finally, they may even want to consider delaying their journey and taking a later flight if they find male flight attendants on the crew.

It is sad when political correctness jepordizes our right to work and have healthy and safe lives to this extent.

God bless.


The identity of the sender cannot be given.  It is not possible to imagine what could happen to him if he were identified.  I know that giving the identity of a source validates it much more securely.  But, we do NOT burn our sources.  Take it or leave it as you see fit.  I believe it because it fits all the other data I have gathered.


Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 13:59:47 -0500
From: _________________

Subject: Incurable TB

Dear Steve;

I am a staff dentist at ----------- ------- Prison. Because of the increase of the incidence of TB and the possibility of contagion with the confines of a prison such as ours, TB updates are a part of the medical staff's continuing education program. I personally researched 'Multi-drug resistant' TB. AKA: MDR Tuberculosis. Keep in mind that MDR TB is incurable.

All my material came from the W.H.O. web site and the C.D.C. web site. The W.H.O. has published the recent findings of a five year study on TB and the "sudden" occurrence of MDR TB. The W.H.O. material cites a case where two pilots and two passengers contracted MDR TB from a female flight attendant. The W.H.O. has issued a traveler's alert warning that it is UNSAFE to fly non-stop for more than six hours due to the dangers of aerosol contamination.

For the straight information, go to the W.H.O. site or check the wealth of information on the web via hotbot. The pilot that wrote to you just does not fathom the depth of the danger to which he is exposed.

Please withhold my name and the prison where I work. Think the reason is obvious.

Your brother in Christ Jesus;

___________________________, D.D.S., US Public Health Service

______________ Prison