AAA, AAA, Here is a complete historical study of ancient origins of Islam, Muhammed, and Allah. It is a highly researched, easy to access book of 380
This is a page listing all of the prophecies
of Muhammed in Al Koran which tell of the destiny
of Muslims in this world and in this age:

















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Right, there are none.

Whereas, the Bible is loaded with hundreds of prophecies which were, are, and will be fulfilled. If even one goes unfulfilled, the God of the Bible is a liar. Muhammed, like all alleged prophets of all religions other than the Christian religion, did not dare make such prophecies. Why? Answer: he did not have a clue about the future of man on earth.

Muhammed jumped over the intervening 1300 years, and he grabbed the future in Paradise. Everything in between was 100% unknown to him.

The prophecies of the Bible, about man's earthly existence and God's work with man, start in the Garden of Eden in Genesis, Chapter Three, and they continue into the future for more than seven thousand years, indeed into eternity.

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I want to hear from Bible believing readers who are familiar with Islam, the Koran, Arabic, and Christian witness. What are your observations?