MUSLIM ATTACK ON CHRISTIANS AND CHURCHES IN PAKISTAN.  Islam is exposed in its deepest depravity. Muslims are  invited to come to deliverance in Jesus Christ. Women in Islam- the truth. Islam in India, Pakistan, the Middle East, and Africa exposed.






Destruction of the Calvary Baptist Church Tiba Colony.           Church member's tractor destroyed



Salvation Army Church at Tibba Colony Shanati Nagar.    Pakistani Air force officer in Shanti Nagar burned out.



Hospital built by Christians burnt by Muslims                            Christian's home burnt in Shanti Nagar




Who inspires that Muslims hate?  Links follow to show the source.  Let us hear Imam Chirri speak out against this attack on Christians.  Are you there?  He will NOT, for Jihad is part of his Theology.  Read the lies of fools for fool readers.

MISERIES OF CHRISTIANS IN PAKISTAN  Report of David Paul, Pakistan Community Council, Lahore, Pakistan--  This is a report on the vicious attack of the Christians by tender hearted Muslims.  This shows the fragile nature of Islam as it must attack physically everyone in Dar ul Harb (The house of Infidels).  Islam cannot tolerate choice.  Why?  answer:  Its millions of followers would exit the moaque by hundreds of thousands.  Thus, Christians are the ultimate target since they represent the truth in the face of the Lord Jesus Christ.

FLAMES AND ASHES OF BIBLES AND CHURCHES IN SHANTI NAGAR KHANEWAL, PAKISTAN  Again, Islam cannot stand before the quiet humble zeal of the Lord's Church.  So, as with the Roman Catholic Church and many other God haters, Islam has burned and raped the saints.  Will you pray for these saints to be strong for Jesus?