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All of the controversy originally found here, Balaam's Ass Speaks
But, updated and maintained on a daily basis, including new articles.

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Here be the question:
What is the depth of Groom Lake?

Yer finally found it. My, My, but yer sure are a dim bulb, honey.

Send Mail if yer found it. I will tell blip yer are a real smart thang.



This is not the question. This is a piano coversning to let
you know that FEMA has bugged the grass on
the background of this page, and they are listening
to you and watching every move you make.
How do I know? Art Bell told me so.

Keep looking for the question.

There are ten concentration camps on this
page in which the BATF plans to put all the
fleas which bite Piano Agents. You cannot
see the concentration camps of course, but
you can trBlipt my piano Group leader. He
has seen everyone of these concentration
camps at varioBlip times with the help of
Bud Lite and the DTs.

Keep looking for the question.

If you really love your country you would be
running with the piano and the blip. These
peeple are the most intellecshul peeple in the
BlipA and Kablips. They will rescew the nation
from the Feds jBlipt as soon as they get over
their hang over.

Keep looking for the question.

Bufford McCoy done told me yesterday that he seen
the old Indian Thunderbird come offen the cliff over
the Missoura River last night. You jest thought it
were a legend sir, but I believe Bufford. He was jug
fishing the river and having a bit of sBliptenance in the
form of somin of his pappy's houch, and jest bout
midnight the painting of the big bird come alive and
swope down on him and nearly caught him away.

Keep looking for the question.


Jest how stupid do you think we are? We ain't gonna put the secret question up here at the top of the page so it were easy fer you to find it. This is serioBlip stuff friend, and we gotta keep the BATF and the DAR from findin the question.

Keep looking for the question.


You idiot. Every Piano Agent looks here first. You ain't gonna find the secret question if'n you don't get smart and figure out were it should be.

Keep looking for the question.


It ain't her neither honey.

Keep looking for the question.


I can't believe you are so stupid to look here. There ain't nothing here sept a water main under the lawn. So, whatever you do, call the Blue Stake guy before you start digging.

Keep looking for the question.


Sheriff Huey Perkins asked me to identify every idiot who come here an try to find the question on account of how the sheriff wants to run you off if'n yer a Fed. So, I put a cookie on yer hard drive, and whenever you pBliph the backspace, an alarm goes off in the sheriff's office an he know you are online and doing harm.

Keep looking for the question.

Clear down here in the corner you come looking fer the question. Ain't you got no imajunation or nothin? I suppose you think we cain't tell what you are doing, eh? We got our people all over yer place watchin yer in case'n yer decide to mess around and put bugs in this page and the the purdy lawn here,

Keep looking for the question.

Dumb as snot your are.

Yer sure a silly one-- probly work for a funeral home in Dallas, right? And yer put them Texans in shoe boxes after'n yer cremate them, and send them to Idaho to get buried in a piano cemetery. Well, it ain't workin feller, caBlipin them Feds has been stealing the Texans' ashes and spreadin them on slow Liberals in Boston. Hopes to make them more agressuve and less given to booze likin Ted Kennedy.

Keep looking for the question.

Do yer see thet bug down there in the lawn?

What!? Yer cain't see it? You blind or sumpin?

Go on and tell me you can see it.

Really? Ain't you a case.

Keep looking for the secret question.

I suppose yer don't have a lotta intellegen... intellug... intellojun... smarts, do yer? We put this line here sos yer would not get lonely trying to find yer way around. This page be bigger than yer can imajin, so yer goin ter hefta really look all round this lawh or yer gonna miss the question, which, by the way, yer ain't found yet. Ha ha ha ha, ain't yer a case fer the county loonie bin? Keep lookin.


Yer found the Easter Eggs, but yer don' know whar the question is.

Keep looking.



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