Júlio from Johannesburg

Somebody sent an email asking me to stop being intolerant.

There are no tolerant people. Those who think they are tolerant will not tolerate intolerance. By not admitting intolerance, they are also in that category. Those who think themselves tolerant in religious affairs are useless to defend them. Moreover, when one is useless to defend his convictions, he is not even tolerant of anything. In this way, the more one insists doing what he is called to do, more intolerant he becomes in the eyes of those who call themselves tolerant for doing nothing. Eventually, the scenario turns into one of mutual intolerance.

If a person tells me to be tolerant, there's already a pronounced degree of intolerance from the opposition party. If I adhere to the call to be tolerant, I am surrendering to the tolerant's intolerance, turning myself useless in the cause where I was called intolerant. When I turn useless to myself, I join the group of those useless tolerant who detest anything intolerant in intolerant matters. Both extremes are not possible at one time.

I am intolerant to those who are intolerant to intolerance. That is, because I see so many pretending tolerance in matters where tolerating tolerance is intolerable, being intolerant is the right way. Now, being rightly intolerant to wrong tolerance is tolerable. Therefore, an intolerant is also tolerant when a tolerant is intolerant to his tolerance. Put another way, I will not tolerate the tolerant's tolerance when he does not tolerate my intolerance to the tolerant. I can call him to stop being intolerably tolerant because that is intolerable!

I was called to stop being intolerant.

You see, modern "bibles" have something to say about this. If one reads Romans 2:4, one finds the most astonishing fact about God Almighty: He is tolerant!

He was not before. Where God had forbearance, He is now tolerant.

Don't tell me this is not a major shift, or facelift, or turnabout of God as we have never seen before in history.

I want to find the man, or bible teacher, or university, or catholic scholar who discovered such an astonishing fact about the Almighty. That must have been such a revelation, don't you think?

Can you imagine Judas Iscariot being allowed in heaven due to this new tolerant approach to betrayal?

Now, don't you, please, come along and tell me that tolerance is a synonym with patience and forbearance. I have no patience to tolerate that! Why would God change to tolerance when before patience produced the results He is normally pleased with: repentance and obedience?

I say, tolerance on the part of God will certainly generate SIN and disobedience, whereas forbearance/patience produces repentance and submission.

Read the verse and see if the means justify the end.

If you ever wanted undisputable proof that modern bible versions come directly from Satan, Romans 2:4 is it!

Think in reverse. Was God not happy with the old black Book portraying Him with forbearance, which is God's wonderful patience? Did God now reveal His true divine nature to those who swapped one word with another?

Now! Being God Almighty tolerant, why does He require repentance? Do you see Satan repeating his old question in Genesis 3:1?

That's the way the old serpent spits poisonous venom right in your eyes and blinds you, when you open and accept new bible versions!

My friend: tolerance is the same as lukepiano coversm (Rev 3:16). How can God contradict the terms and condemn one while tolerating the other?!&

It is the new trend in "biblical" affairs: new words are being put in the bible to "simplify" doctrines. Such as "tolerance" applied to God, and "Man" (capital M  John 9:35, etc., NIV & others) applied to the new deity. Wait for the next two: SHARING & POSITIVE!

What is so much dangerous in this whole matter of calling for tolerance regarding our most sacred convictions is the fact that religious leaders are betraying us. Ministers and pastors have allowed false bible versions free circulation in their churches (we suspect, for some cash repiano coversd or human applause).

That is gross SIN, recalcitrant disobedience and lack of spiritual discernment, or even lack of scruples. Disobedience is the gravest SIN in the Bible, though church ministers disguise it with NEUTRALITY!

In order to cover up their SINFUL tracks, they now call their church members to be tolerant, sharing and positive ("neutral" is another word soon to become "biblical").

Three utterly non-biblical words, if you consider the gospel to be an aggressive NEGATIVE call against man's best intentions ("Not of works, lest any man should boast" Ephesians 2:9).

In other words, the humanistic philosophy calling us to "be positive and share your tolerance" is like allowing poisonous snakes free roaming in our houses.

Can you believe the utter dishonesty of church pastors who you thought were trustworthy and dignified when, in fact, they were betraying the foundations of your most sacred convictions? How is it possible that your pastor tolerates a 10, 20 degree tilting in the Christian building and still insists that it will never fall to the ground and that it is safe to live in it?

God Almighty being tolerant is in line for a fight with His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Sounds like blasphemy, does it not?

Well, if God will tolerate Judas Iscariot back with the apostles in heaven, the Lord will have reason to ask why He had to go to the cross and suffer and die for the sins of mankind, while there was another route to avoid the cry "O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me".God did say: "No, my Precious Son, there is not. You will have to suffer and die for the sins of man."

Cynical, is it not, if, after all, God had a divine attribute called "TOLERANCE".

It appears that it had not yet been revealed to bible translators! (By the way, Judas would, in time, conspire and launch a coup in heaven, installing himself as second in chief to Satan).

You see, being God a tolerating divinity, the whole gospel teaching, as we know it, is nothing but a complete farce. Islam turns out to be a better proposition, for the simple fact that its "scriptures" have never been revised, modernized and tampered with (they tell me), to allow its god some tolerance attribute.

The thing is that if God would ever tolerate the word "tolerance" attached to His divine credentials (as it appears in Romans 2:4, NIV, etc.), Sodom and Gomorrah, which He destroyed with some sort of an atomic explosion, would shine as ideal examples of what God can allow on earth!

Think about it.

You can try this experiment. Ask as many Christians as you can whether they concede that God is in any way tolerant. You must emphasize that, would God be tolerant, it would be part of His Holy Attributes and Holy Character, not an occasional or temporary mood swing to "share positive feelings".

Malachi 3:6a , "For I am the Lord, I change not." ; James 1:17, "& the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning."

For each Christian that you'll find attributing tolerance to the Almighty, you can take a cold shower in the middle of winter.

The Lord speaks of "tolerance" (Mark 6; Matthew 10, 11, etc.), after having reduced the cities of the plane to ashes! He says that He will be more tolerable to Sodom, Gomorrah, Tyre and Sidon than to Capernaum, Chorazin and Bethsaida (New York, Chicago and San Francisco!)

Just tolerating a little, will lead God to have a skirmish with His Son, the fallen angels will take revenge and Satan will install himself in power. Most probably, the whole universe will catch fire and burn "to the ground".

Thank the modern translators (energized by Satan!) for all that and continue to support them with your cash!

Please, will you help my intolerance?



August 17, 2000

(Revised, May 2001)