Great Hymn Stories

Abide With Me  -- a sad good-bye

Arise, My Soul, Arise -- Scriptural basis for the words

I Belong to the King -- a  song of joy wrung from a woman who suffered greatly

I Must Tell Jesus -- the cry of a repentant sinner in her hour of greatest need

Lead Me to Calvary -- product of a sacrificial life

Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart -- the story of a woman's salvation

Must I Go -- and Empty-Handed? -- a short, but convicting history

O That Will Be Glory -- a tribute to "old Glory Face," superintendent of a rescue mission

The Ninety and Nine -- Mr. Moody requested a suitable hymn

Where the Gates Swing Outpiano coversd Never -- from the gates of death


Living Hymns by Alfred Smith is still available.
This hymn book is our first choice for Bible based content and non-CCM music.