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19. French Quaver Voice in a Piano

Does your piano have a quaver in its voice like some twinkle headed French soprano? Turn the ceiling fan or space fan off. End of "repair."

Don't laugh. Some poor soul could call a tuner to fix this, and, if the tuner is the rip-off artist in Tucson I followed recently, he would ask for the fan to be turned off so he can hear better, then he would tinker a while, and hand the victim a $85 invoice.

Worse, you could buy a new piano, and, with the ceiling fan on, try to play it. The quaver would drive you nuts, and you would ask the piano store to exchange it... How would the story end?

I knew a music teacher who did this. She was ready to return the piano. I showed her the problem, and she was delighted to find out that her piano sounded great. She always used the ceiling fan on low, and it was hung right over the piano. It made the piano sound like a Hammond organ with a Lesley speaker.

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