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This area of the book is our way of
creating an exchange of ideas
and information
which will help piano owners, 
tradesmen, and music  lovers
communicate and learn together.

to be added to this list.





and how to reach them

US Made Pianos

Baldwin Piano
Boston Piano
Steinway Piano
William Knabe Pianos
Mason & Hamlin
PianoDisc Player Piano
Story & Clark
Walter Piano Company
Astiin Weight


World Piano Makers

August Förster
Bluthner piano
Broadwood Pianos
Fazioli & Son
This is possibly the most excellent piano made. See the a slide show of the Fazioli technique of piano making. This page shows hammer instal- lation.
Note the hands of the craftsman-- these are the hands of an artist, not a common laborer.


Julius Feurich
Kemble Pianos
Kohler & Campbell
Marshall (China)
Mason & Hamlin
Pearl River (China)
Piano Disc
Steingraeber & Söhne
Story & Clark
Stuart Piano Co.
VanKoevering Pianos
Whelpdale, Maxwell,
& Cod

The Woodchester Piano Co. Ltd.
Yamaha Piano
Young Chang Piano








This site is highly informative and fun, showing much about pianos, their care, and sample pages of the best pianos in the world













































































































































New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut


Amadeus Piano Company
Amadeus Piano Co., Inc. is a third-generation family company, specializing in custom restoration and refinishing of antique pianos. We also specialize in climate-controlled piano moving, piano storage, piano rentals, all piano services including piano tuning, regulation, repairs, fabrication of antique parts, and piano marketing.

Phone: (800)33-TUNER

New York, New Jersey

Take a tour of a restoration process by the pros. Play some sound samples. Great site to inspire the potential craftsman.

Long Island, New York

Jeffrey Lotocke

732 Sterling St.
North Bellmore, NY 11710

Phone: 516-781-7489

Jeffrey is a good choice to tune your piano. I have been trying to find someone on Long Island because calling a NYC tuner is a fortune, what with NYC mortgage and rent payments.


Toronto, Ontario

Jamie Musselwhite has one of the most useful sites I have seen yet. He is a technician with Robert Lowery's Piano Experts, but his personal site is extremely helpful to a piano owner, and he also includes information and sells a book set that will help the beginning piano technician.


Detroit, Michigan

Greg Boyd
1213 E. 2nd St.
Royal Oak, MI 48067

Phone: (248) 399-6922

I had a really delightful story about Greg from one of his customers. Greg is not afraid of the customer knowing what is going on in the tuning process. Greg is booked way ahead though, so call him now to be with you in six months or so.


Reston, Vermont

My name is Michael Plourde and I live in Reston VA. I'm a piano tuner and have been doing this since I was a teen (many years ago). Anyone needing a good tuner in the northern VA area or Washington DC area of Maryland, may contact me.

Michael Plourde
11646 Ivystone Ct
Reston VA 20191
Phone: (571) 218-7932 (my cell)

Cincinnati, Ohio

Gary Beeker
Master Piano Technician

I am also an ordained pastor, pasturing a church here in Cincinnati.
Specialty: Square Grands

640 Daniel Ct. Apt. 1 C
Cincinnati, Ohio 45244

Phone: 513-528-6304

See his Web Site:

Email is



+3010 - 8614756
+3010 - 2511565

Steve Reports: This man was the third who went to work on a piano of one of our readers. The first one refused to tune the highest treble and the lowest bass. He said that only Back and Schubert wrote music for those extremes :-) The second took a look at the piano and walked out. The third had a very expensive Yamaha tuner, and he had to drop the pitch from the first tuner. This is astounding since the piano is quite old. He tuned twice and had to take two and a half hours. The piano sounds great now. We suggest anyone in Greece try to get Akis to tune your piano.

Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota

John Carlson
One of our customers said John helped him learn to touch up his own tuning.
This is a rare bird indeed, and he must be a reliable man to be so helpful.

Phone: 763 427 1766

Tom Walker-- Same City:
Tom is retired and somewhat limited. But, he has a very God fearing and jolly personality. He is worth the price just for the visit.
Tom has many years experience in major piano repairs and restoration.
He is very good with Steinways.

Check the phone book.


Simon Husbands
Minneapolis / St Paul metro area
763 546 0843
All piano tuning and technician services
Specialty: PianoDisk Technician

Prince Edward Island: Ray Hinchey

216 Walker Ave.
Canada C1N 5K4

Ph: 902-436-0673

North Carolina: This Craftsman Restores Pump Organs

Nathan Black
4039 Hwy 15
South Oxford, NC 27565

Phone: (919) 690 1517

I live about 1 hour north of Raleigh, 45 min. northeast of Durham, and 30 min. from south-central Virginia. Please have any interested people contact me for organ repairs.

To piano tuners:  

If you can live with this book, and you want your name and business here, we would be happy to help you.  Send your NAME, BUSINESS NAME, AREA YOU COVER, URL IF ANY, AND PHONE NUMBER by E-Mail of surface mail.


I enjoy your web site, and would like to respond as a Piano Tuner in the Richmond, Va area.

I have been in the business for 24 years. I accepted Jesus as my Saviour and Lord in 1992, and was called into the ministry in 1996. I will graduate from Atlantic Baptist Bible Colege in May, 2001, seeking to enter into full time Christian service.

Business Name: Williams Piano Service
Area: Richmond, Va and surrounding counties of Chesterfield and Henrico.
Phone: (804) 743-7062
E-mail: In Jesus,

Jesse Williams


Here is a tuner who was in the Piano Tuner's Guild for many years as an examiner. He moved from Michigan to California, and if he is within distance of you, why not call him? His heritage in the trade is exceptional.

Ralph Terrana
Monterey Peninsula, California

Phone: (831) 393-2937


Santa Barbara area

Chuck Talmadge
403 Northgate Dr. #C
Goleta, CA 93117

Phone: 805-320-7075

I do tuning, regulation, repairs and have contact with a major rebuilding shop not far. Can travel 30 miles N/C, then $1 mile one way. Tuning includes free mini recital of classics, standards, hymn arr. as requested.

Steve: This fellow sounds like pie and coffee at intermission would inspire him to put on a bit of a show :-)


Celia S______ reports on a tuner technician who helped her put in bridle straps for a very reasonable price, and he stayed for two hours to help. During the session, Celia showed the tuner how she used a crochette hook to reset hammer springs and install jack springs. The tuner was so impressed at the notion that he used the hook to install a few himself. I am so impressed at Celia's trick that I intend to buy one and put it into my kit. This is the best improvisation I have seen in a long time.

If you live in the Chacago area, you should consider calling this tuner to help you:

Tom Sivak
Sivak Piano Services
Lombard, Illinois
Phone (630) 495-0633

Hi Steve:--  From Houston

I have looked through your web pages and really appreciate your variety of information, services, and candor.

I fell out of the space program after 10 years, as an animal psychologist, when man started going into space, and started tuning pianos in the Alamogordo, N.M. area. I had learned the trade before I started college and already had my tools and some supplies. After our lab closed (the 6571st. Aeromedical Research Laboratory at Holloman AFB, N.M.) I checked out Alamogordo and discovered there hadn't been a piano tuner active there or in those parts for about 10 years...except for an elderly gentleman who had mostly retired. In 3 weeks I realized I was making about 3 times the money I had been making in the lab, as a professional psychologist, and I didn't need to wash my hands or change my clothes as often.

My home is Houston, TX and I eventually returned to Houston where I worked for the Baldwin dealer (Baldwin Lively) as a floor tuner, warranty tech, and tuned the Baldwin grand at the Houston Symphony (the symphony conductor represented Baldwin) for about 10 years. Both the symphony conductor and Baldwin dealer are different now, and I get most of my referrals from the 65+ churches I service on a yearly basis. My wife and I are both Roman Catholic and I enjoy the "cleaner" air, all the way around; provided by my variety of church associations...more family oriented customers with keeping their pianos tuned regularly in mind and giving their kids piano lessons. I don't miss the impulsive buyer and inconsistant service mentality you get with dealer associated referrals. I am still the solo tuner for the Houston Ballet, however, and I often fill in for the Houston Grand Opera when their tuner can't be found.

I am still an independent technician and I am not a member of PTG. I respect the PTG's ubiquitous image, ideals, and service tips and I have several very fine PTG technician friends. Of the five technicians I recommend when I can't make it, three are PTG.

Coming from a technical background, naturally I have been attracted to the innovations in computer technology, as related to piano tuning. I now use the Sanderson Accu Tuner(since 1985) with fac, the Reyburn Cyber Tuner, and TuneLab most recently purchased computer tool. When you compare all these techniques on the same piano, you will find the results are almost identical...and far far far beyond the perceptions of any human to criticize. It's ironic I tuned by ear all during the time I serviced the Houston Symphony and have many letters of appreciation from the artists. Since I have been using electronic devices, I haven't been in situations where artists might make comments about the service. I do, however, have a lot of "foaming at the mouth" choir directors who would die before they would switch. Now that Dean Reyburn has developed the RCT Windows version, I use my laptop pc to shock my customers with UFO graphics and other space related trivia commensurate with the interests of an ex-space scientist.

I guess you probably figured out my musical interests are church organ...traditional only!. John Rutter is the most contemporary I can handle. I also like revival and evangelistic hymns before the time of the flower children. If you share this interest check out the web site "Cyber Hymnal".

Best regards,

Charles M. Hurst
Piano Tuner and Technician



You have created the best site for piano tuning and repairs that I have come across. I was surfing the net under the topic of piano repairs and your site came up. After tuning pianos part time for 30 years I recently became more full time. I retired form being a public school band director with 37 years. I have attended a few Piano Guild conventions, but bassically I am a self taught tuner technician. I have always used an electronic device. Recently I purchased a Sanderson SAT II tuner which I really like. I tune many pianos of local professionals and they are very pleased with my tuning work. Somewhere in your site you mention the problem of loose tuning pins in an vertical piano and possible solutions. At a recent convention I was introduced to some super glues made by Dryburgh Adhesive Products.[1-800-glueall]

They have a very thin glue called Hot Stuff. Several tuners and the manufacturer described how you allow this glue to seep in around the tuning pin. It will follow the pin deep into the block. You then spray the area with an accelerator and this takes care of the problem. I spoke to two technicians who swear by this solution. I have yet to try it. They also make an assortment of super glues of a thicker nature for a variety of jobs. I used one to glue a tip of a jack that had broken in a vertical piano. Saved me a lot of time and it was solid as a rock. Loved your diagrams. Without boring you to death I particularly liked tips on hammer shank alignment using heat, use of a dental pick for voicing and the iidea of using a abrasive tool used for removing callouses on your foot. My wife had one. I have placed your site in my list of favorites. Will need more time to fully explore it as I just came upon it yesterday.

Thanks for sharing.
Sincerely, Larry Vittone

I also have a web site which is

Comment:  Steve Van Nattan:  I plan to check this pin tightening trick out and hope to report more on it.

Eddie in the Netherlands

Eddie Futselaar
Buurtweg 45
6991VV Rheden

Piano tuner and rebuilder
I have work by Rippen piano in Ede i think that jou no this factory
With greeting

TEXAS: San Antonio

David's Piano Moving (210) 508-4974

Tuner: Bryant (210) 347-9122

Dennis Wilson- Arizona

area: Phoenix/Tempe, Arizona


phone: 602-456-6694

Jim Kinnear... 'The PianoGuy'

I don't know this gentleman's address-- sorry

Steve, I am a piano tuner technician in the
Marquette, Michigan area.

Bob Ham "The Piano Man"

2173 Center St.

Marquette, MI 49855

I serve the Marquette County area 80 mile radius.

Bob Hamalainen

My wife has a URL

She will be getting me a URL soon. I'll let you know

Larry Vittone, New Cumberland, PA

John A. Tuttle

407 19th Ave,
Bricktown, NJ  08724   USA

Phone:  (908) 840-8787

John is a player piano technician, and he is an authorized dealer for QRS Music Rolls.

A book is coming soon on player adjustment  and care.

Piano Education Page

Piano Mart-- Buy or Sell a Piano


Music Wonder House Restored Instruments
Mass Music-- Instruments etc.

For those of you who prefer a Digital Piano



Edinburgh Youth Orchestra - 2000 Murray McLachlan
Rachmaininov - Piano Concerto No.2 - Conductor: En Shao
Track 1ModeratoClick here to play
Track 2Adagio SostenutoClick here to play
Track 3Allegro ScherzandoClick here to play



Here is a Very Well Presented and Stocked Sheet Music and Instrument Sales Site:  
The Music Room--

Piano Sales
tel. +420 377 915 108 a +420 603 486 247

Piano accesories-- Very useful site:

If you want your business featured here, send your NAME, BRANDS YOU SELL, AREA YOU SERVE, ADDRESS, URL IF ANY, AND PHONE NUMBER by E-Mail or surface mail.

Interesting list of Piano Makers from a UK Page:

Music Max-
5737 South Hwy. 92
Sierra Vista, Arizona

Phone: 378-2451

Also, Computer Max is in the same business location.

Maxine has a full lone of guitars and band instruments.  There is often a piano for sale.  Maxine is honest and will do her best to help you solve problems.   Robert, her musical guru in residence, offers expert counsel and technical and repair aid. Great people.



If you wish to make yourself known to users of this book, send YOUR NAME, AREA YOU SERVE, LEVELS OF STUDENTS YOU TEACH, URL IF ANY, AND PHONE NUMBER by E-Mail or by surface mail.

Deanna Field

619 North Goodman (off of Western)
Nogles, Arizona

Phone: 287-6901

Deanna teaches all levels, and is usually booked solid.  If she has a slot for you, she is exceptional.  She combines compassion with down to business procedures, and teaching is personalized to the individual needs.  She is not a slave to a "system."  Deanna is fluent in Spanish and in Spanish cooking :-)

Jésus, her husband, offers private classes in English and Spanish.



Music halls, Universities, and community performance societies:--  Send us information about your service, and we will post it here.  Send your NAME, ADDRESS, URL OR E-MAIL ADDRESS IF ANY, PHONE NUMBERS, DIRECTIONS, such as "FIRST STREET AT JEFFERSON BLVD," TICKET INFORMATION, AND CURRENT MENU OF OFFERINGS by E-Mail or surface mail.  Feel free to add a sentence or two about your establishment and musicians who frequent it.  Music MUST be your majority offering.  Community "art in the park" and bandstand activities will be accepted also.  

Music Wonder House:  Antique music boxes and more.

Here is a fun page--
Take the links forward, and download the ZIPS
files-- What a break from modern music.



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