Exceptional Music Page with Definitions.  Home schoolers take notice please.

The Baldwin Piano Company's Home Page

The Yamaha Piano Company's Home Page

The Boston Piano Company  This is new to me, but the company merits looking into if you are on the East Coast.

The Steinway Piano Company's Home Page

The Young Chang Piano Company's Home Page   This is a pretty slick page.

Bechstein House. Piano Sales - New and Used Hire - Concert - Domestic ...   Interesting if you have the cash.

Bentley Piano Company  United Kingdom

Generalmusic of Itlay--  Wide assortment of musical instruments and products

Pianos Available Rebuild and Refinished  Sounds pretty cushy, but also very skilled and experienced.

Doss Piano Service  Some information of real interest, but not for the do-it-yourselfer.

Piano Mailing Lists  A little bit of everything

The Pythagorean Comma, or How NOT to Tune a Piano  To see just how nutty the piano world can be.

The Piano Education Page  This is perhaps the most useful link I can give you.  It will answer a lot of question, especially about piano lessons and piano teachers.  It is also "kid" targeted to some degree.

Piano Moving by Schafer Bros  For an insured cross-country move for your piano.

For those of your who prefer an electronic piano This is where you belong.

If you are a piano tuner, and you feel you are not part of the problem described in Appendix Four,
I would be happy to give you a LINK here. Send E-Mail with your Web page URL.