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I have received spam by the FAX maching several times recently. Every one has been from a group which peddles some sort of health insurance plan. This plan only costs $ 59.95, and it covers a whole family.

It pays for Medical, Dental, and Medication. It pays maternity, vision, hearing, and pre-existing conditions cannot be used to prevent you from using the plan. There are no limitations on usage, and you cannot be dropped. There are no age restrictions. Emergency room is covered.

Friend, this is a lie. It is not possible to cover all that for a whole family on $ 60 investment. Who is the company offering the plan. I do not know because they neglected to put their name or any identity on the mailing. There is only an (800) number. I called and asked to speak to a supervisor, and I was sent to a voice answering machine.

Now, will you idiots who respond to this offer please stop even calling them. They keep sending this offer for one simple reason-- YOU believed them and called them. And, some of you suckers bought into this thing.

It WILL go belly up, and they will retire with your cash. Or some .0000001 point font fine print will kick in the first time you send in a claim for a medical problem. That is a promise. In the costly world of medical care today, $ 60 will not buy you a whole bottle of pills for you clogged arteries, let alone a trip to the EM of the local hospital.

My dear sucker friends, please stop responding to these criminal scum who send FAX, email, and phone spam. If no one bought their rubbish, they would go away.

One solution to this is to set up your FAX modem to handle incoming FAX transmissions so that you can see if you want to print them. You may also be able to block certain senders. This way these scum will not be wasting your FAX print ribbon, which is not cheap. Another useful possibility is to call the (800) number often and let them talk, and ask questions. Then tell them you will stop calling when they stop sending FAXes. Also, ask your friends to call the (800) number and tie them up. The US Government probably will rule that this scam is free speech, so we will have to take care of ourselves.