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Spring of 2000 Price Hike:
This applies to all gas tricks, as we saw in 2005 in the name of Katrina.


Gas Price Solutions:

1. Drive less and carpool. Take a bus of train instead of driving. Warm up the car with a lightbulb instead of letting it idle on a cold morning. Stop the engine at stop lights. Buy gas in the early morning when it is cold in the ground tank. Later in the day it warms up and expands giving you less BTUs per gallon. Let station owners know that if they gouge, you will change stations forever, even after prices go down. Keep your tank full to avoid evaporation.

2. Drive your high gas mileage car ALL the time. Park the big sled, but don't sell it- prices will go down by and by. Ride a bike to the corner store and post office if you can. Advance your spark and add octane booster. Try to find alcohol laced gas. On an old beater work car, close off one or two cylinders by taking out the tappets and covering the rocker bar holes with gasket and hose clamps. You can even pull the pistons in those cylinders to avoid a compression load. Runs terrible but at half the price and power.

3. Business men- Raise prices to cover gas costs. If all businesses raised prices together, Slick Willie would get the threat from his handlers in high places to thump the Arabs, and George Bush would back off.

4. Exporters should double prices to oil producing nations.

5. Gouge Federal contracts where oil is involved.

6. Vote for Al Gore. George Bush's Harlen oil company has 3 to 5 BILLION barrels of oil pre-paid in the ground in Bahrain. The Bush cartel WANTS this crisis to make fast campaign money and to embarrass the Democrats. So, out with the Bush regime.

7. Build a still. Burn alcohol in your car.
Source: The Revenoor, Box 185, La Center, WA 98629 Ph 206-263-2200
Source: Mother's Plans, Dept W, Box A, East Flat Rock, NC 28726

8. Make methane from manure for cooking and stationary engines.
Source: Mother Earth News- See "Mother's Plans" above
Also, cook with natural gas. Avoid oil fired electric and propane.
Burn coal in the fireplace, or use wood to cook and heat.
Turn the thermostat down 5 to 10 degrees.

9. Build an electric car- All you need that is at all odd is a 707 engine starter motor, and these are very common in aviation salvage yards.
The rest of the parts are easily available. Start looking for a used Geo.
Source for plans: AMP Inc, Dept TMEN, 1008 West Sunset, AR 72764

10. Where you are on oil fired power plants, install solar power and a wind charger. The quality of the hardware is greatly improved and prices are going down. Search the Web for "solar power" sources. Many people have used equipment that they never installed for Y2K.

11. Cancel all vacations. Stay around home.

12. Once the crisis is over, don't return to past consumption. Humble the crooks that played games with us. They must fear doing this again.

13. Write your Senator and tell him to HANG POGO and Bill Clinton for funding it. POGO is a new Federal agency which is funded and encouraged to launch legal attacks on the oil companies at tax payers' expense, and the master minds of it, Robert Burman and Robert Spire, are personally awarded cash from Clinton from the tax funds. Clinton MUST suffer for this. In fact, this crisis may be Clinton's creation, courtesy of OPEC, to plunge the US into civil disorder so Slick Willie can declare martial law.

14. Demand that your Senator call for deregulation of the oil companies.

I am 1000% convinced that this gas crisis is engineered again by big bankers, Internationalbushists, and their puppet Slick Willie, and it is blamed on all sorts of other people. Saudi Arabia is over $70 billion in debt to US banks, and if this gas game were bad for business, the enslaved Saudis would snap to attention at once.

No, friend, this one is just like the two gas crises in the 1970s. The difference is that the Emir of Kuwait, in the 70s, did not cooperate so well, and gas began to flow soon. Today, the Kuwaitis have been neutered and spayed by Desert Storm, and they are in no position to cheat on OPEC again. So, a long era of high prices will continue, inflation will start up again like in Carter's days, and if Bush is implicated, Al Gore will win the elections. Clinton may get off Scot free if you are fool enough to think he is the gas savior- John Frum with a gas can.

I believe this is just another indication that the USA needs to be taken apart so each state can pursue its own destiny. For example, Arizona is paying extortionist prices. We are at $1.75 a gallon for unleaded as you read this. Ironically, we could get huge supplies of gasoline from Mexico just across the border. In fact, bootlegged gas will soon be showing up in stations in Nogales. The authorities here have a way of not seeing that the milk truck is not carrying milk.

Again, we must turn this beast from Houston back home to Daddy. The Bush gasoline cartel must not be allowed to play with us anymore.


By the Editor:  Balaam's Ass Speaks

I learned from a retired Black Postmaster from Chicago that you can seldom catch a culprit in any system, but you can design devices which will force them to behave themselves or leave.  So, we may never learn what the gasoline price hike was all about, but here is my suggestion to get the prices back down.

Small businessmen of the nation represent the bulk of USA business activity.  Let us simply raise our prices slightly more than the percentage raise of gasoline.  We need this to take care of our families, and there is a net effect which will force the feds, bankers, or presiding crooks in high places (Chase Manhattan, top floor) to drop gasoline prices.  

Why will this work?  answer:  1 Timothy 6:10,   For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.  Just take the Bible literally.  They raised the gasoline prices to feed their lust for more money.  If we raise our prices collectively, people will have less money to spend on vacations, chasing about, and transportation in general.  This will mean less money spent on gasoline, and less tax on gas.  The powers above will soon figure out that they skim more cream if the cows can graze the pastures more freely.  

It worked in the past, and it will work again.  When the second "Arab oil crisis" hit during the 70s, there was a world glut of oil just like there is right now.  People got mad and stayed home.  Alcohol stills began popping up all over America, and the Feds and oil barrons got the message.  We then had 20 years of gasoline prices which were affected almost 0% by inflation.  The oil producing companies laid off thousands of lushes they had on the payroll, and they streamlined production methods.  

So, here we are again.  It's the same old rodeo--  Same old hoochie kooch.  We are having a show-down with money grubbers.  The higher powers have NO power over our pricing.  Keep in mind that we are NOT in a controversy with our customers, but we are guiding their buying power to put pressure upward on the crooks of the USA.  This is a choice we still have, and it is powerful when used collectively.  After the price of gasoline comes down, we should relax our prices some so that we are not guilty of the same greedy spirit.  If we do not do this at once, Clinton and the Feds may very well "come to the rescue" of the USA and in doing so win the next election.