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This is a short item, but I think we need to consider being more aggressive in this area.  


All of you have been put on hold on the telephone and had to listen to gross rock or groiny country music while you wait.  Also, many stores and shops these days use vile music as background music.


1.  Go at once to the manager of the store, and tell him you intend to get out of his store as soon as possible.  Tell him you will shop elsewhere, even pay more, in order to escape his filthy choice of music.  DO NOT BE TIMID.  TAKE THE HIGH GROUND.

2.  Tell your friends about the atmosphere in such stores.  Make the manager pay dearly for his attack on the minds of good people.

3.  When on the telephone, as soon as you get your party, blast them for making you listen to their music.  Make them understand that they are forcing you to listen as a captive audience.  Then tell them that you will take your business elsewhere if they persist.  If you do not have the obvious manager of the establishment, call back and ask for the manager or president's office.  

4.  Fight back.  On the phone, sing a Gospel song to the person on the phone.  In the stores and shops, sing "Jesus Loves Me" good and loud to drown out the garbage music.  Also, I like to mock the singer.  If it is the slow show tune music with the filthy lyrics, mock at their moaning and groaning.  "Oh, poor Barbara Strysand, she has a hernia again--  poor thing." "Listen to that-- his baby left him, and the pagan fool is letting her go without a fight-- what a wimp!" "Now there is an idiot-- he must have had one too many Buddumbers."