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Now is the time to buy the old lead sled you have always wanted.  Old Lincolns will drop even more in price.  In the UK you will get a bargain on the old Jaguar sedan.  Why?  The price of gasoline (petrol) is going up again.  We have a report also that the king of Saudi Arabia is in his last days due to his age.  I don't wish him ill, but the heir to the throne is reported to be far more militant about oil as a tool of change.  Expect another Arab oil embargo.  

So, why buy the old gas hog?  Answer:  Oil prices WILL come down again.  Every time the world bankers and elite, along with the Arabs and OPEC, decide to milk us hard-- sheer the sheep closer, the sheep cut back, drive less, and find other ways to get around.  Thus, an oil glut that won't quit.  Thus, oil prices go down to encourage us to suck on the straw harder.  You right wing prophets of doom need to learn to plan on the absolute principles of commerce found in the Bible.  NOTE:

1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Now, you can count on it.  If the oil companies and the banks shut off the oil, wallah-- They stop getting profits.  People stop buying and earning as much, and, wallah-- The loan department starts to talk of bankruptcy OF THE BANK.  

Here is my plan to get the oil prices down quickly:

1.  Stop driving so much.  Skip one or two trips a week.

2.  Stay home to amuse yourself for a while.  Even take a vacation on the patio or in the garden.

3.  Stop eating out for a while.  Buy something special at the market-- even visit the Middle Eastern store, and cook up some dishes you cannot even buy in stores.  Invite over your Arab or Greek friends to cook a dinner together.

4.  Small businessmen-- DO NOT hesitate to pass on higher transportation costs to the customer.  He will pay, and he will not be able to drive in as large circles since he has paid you some of his gasoline money.

If 20 million Americans would follow this plan, and if even one quarter of UK and European homes would follow this plan, the oil would be running out of the nostrils of George Bush and Sheik Yamani in no more than 6 weeks.  Think about it.  Copy and print this and pass it around.  Copy or "link" it to other WEB pages at once.

Oh yes, you folks in the UK, go buy the old Humber or Wolsley you saw for sale around the corner.  Americans, don't wait too long to get that 1977 Lincoln or the 1972 Buick.  Great cars.  There is a Daimler in Nogales, AZ which belonged to the Queen Mother at one time.  The owner ought to get ready to drive it to the gas station to fill it up on cheap gas.