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By the Editor:  Balaam's Ass Speaks 

When the Pepsi truck, or any other delivery truck for that matter (Add Arrowhead Water truck), cuts you off or tail gates you, simply call the nearest soda pop depot, and let them know you are not going to buy their product again.  Then buy the competition's product.

If enough of us did this, they would see the drop of sales, at least in one area, and they would take action.  The dispatchers of those trucks don't care two hoots what the driver does to you.  They are nearly all void of any realization that YOU are the reason they have a job.  So, make your buying power count.  

Please note:  It is no use withholding your purchases from one of these companies if you do not also call by phone and tell them what you are doing.  If possible, call the corporate headquarters.  Sometimes these companies actually have a limited interest in your opinion.  

Another problem is the gravel trucks, semi's, and cement trucks that deliver to construction sites.  You cannot put purchasing pressure on them since you don't buy that much gravel, right?  So, when you see them speeding, get their number and call the police and complain.  Enough calls will make the police self-conscious about ignoring them completely.  If that doesn't work, go to the next city council meeting and stand up and bellow about selective law enforcement.  

Of course, you folks in Rome and Hong Kong may find this amusing.  Never mind-- just honk your  horn and cut them off at the next corner, right?  Ladies and gentlemen; Italians are very strange drivers.  Fantastic cooks, and so friendly and helpful, but in a Fiat, they are more dangerous than a charging elephant.  Also,  I submit that if Hong Kong's drivers simply keep driving like they do, Red China will be far too terrified to invade, let alone cross the street.  In Lagos, Nigeria, they solve driving abuse by simply moving over to drive on the sidewalk for a while.  It is far less congested there.  I am serious, groupies.