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I am convinced that the personnel at the average company, bank, and ministry are far less dedicated to guard their data than criminals are to steal it.

I suggest the following:

1. Never fill out customer surveys. You will be paid to do this in the future. Never respond to invitations to be a secret shopper, take a cruise, or accept some other benefit where personal information is required to earn the goodies.

2. Never give information over the phone to anyone who is not selling a solid obvious product (not a service) that YOU went looking for one way or other.

3. Never respond to email by hitting a link in the email which follows a story line. The story line will be about your Pay Pal, banking, eBay, or other account being used improperly, and the page may look like the real thing. Go to your account at the web site of the entity, using your usual entry pass word. See if there is a problem there by checking your account situation.

4. Get Spy Sweeper, Ad-aware, and Norton on your computer, and update them daily and before all financial online transactions. Other software is good. Ask around.

5. Restrict your banking information data access to only what is absolutely needed to do business. Ask your banker how you can keep a minimum of vulnerability.

6. Keep large amounts of money in well known investment programs, NOT in your account that is accessed automatically to pay bills and do business. Have separate accounts for business and personal expenses.

7. If you don't need the line of credit you once had, ask the credit card company to reduce it to only what you now need.

8. Never have a debit card account. Have a credit card account. The bank is far more eager to protect the accounts in which they share vulnerability and will lose badly if they are hacked. If you believe your credit card information is in unsafe hands due to some strange happening, call the credit card company, and ask them to issue a new card which keeps all your good credit history in tact.

9. Have your wealth spread over several venues and in several layers, all of which are totally isolated from each other. If you are older, and your mind is not keeping up with progress, have one of your smart and trusted kids do this for you. US Notes and Bills are a safe investment because you must make a physical appearance to negotiate them. If you are not sure you are mentally in control of modern transactions, ask all investment agencies to block all electronic transactions in your accounts. Write paper deposits and withdrawals.

10. Give cash gifts or bank checks at church and to charitable organizations. If you get into their data lists, you are in perhaps the most sloppy place on earth when it comes to diligence to protect the giver. Indeed, these mega ministries that collect hundreds of millions in gifts are well known for letting personal data get loose. Some of them sell it and hand it around to fellow shy locks.

11. Do not keep pass words on your hard drive or in personal organizers on your computer. Do not keep them laying around the house. If you don't have a firewall or hard wall against hackers, do not let your computer keep data you enter to be used later. Keep the pass words and codes on paper and concealed. Make sure a trusted family member or friend knows where they are. Do not use pass words which relate to you or your history. Use contrived words which relate to totally foreign ideas. Use a different pass word for every individual account and activity for which a pass word is needed.

12. Do not share your strategies and choices with anyone except you trusted partners in the family or in business. Do not tell people things they do not need to know about you and your encryption precautions. Never give the last step in such matters to your computer technician. Make them walk away, and YOU type in the last step. Never give the back door data to anyone unless you are in absolutely dire straights. If you must do so, after the event is passed and life is back to normal, change ALL your pass words, and find a way to block the back door.

Finally, be conscious how you would survive if you were wiped out financially. The day may come soon when the whole US economic system will be hacked or wiped. There are people in the world who would love to pull this off, and they may well be sitting in the EU Parliament. Keep print outs and paper records, and print them out regularly so that you could prove what your last transaction bottom line was in the event of a crisis.

I believe that the great economic collapse of the Whore in The Revelation will be an electronic event more than anything. Also, the Mark of the Beast will be seen as a great and useful thing by the masses. This willingness to participate may well be the result of several world class hacking crises which wipe out whole nations and economies. The US economy may be one of them, for we have no place in prophecy of the End Times. So, between now and the Rapture of the Lord's Church, walk circumspectly.