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You may turn off the music here if you wish.


When ordering, please have the following ready:

1. The part you want by name
2. The Part Number
3. The Price

How we help you:

For our part, we will be patient with your ignorance of the piano part names. Some of the names for parts are almost silly and don't sound like piano parts at all. You might want to look at the Diagrams of Piano actions to see what is the name of the parts you need. We are here for the ordinary person, not the professional tuner and technician. Having said that, we do sell to a number of men in the piano trades also.

How you speak to us:

1. You must know enough English to make yourself understood. We are Americans, and if you are not fluent in English, please have a friend help you order. If we cannot understand you, we will ask you to send E-Mail in order to discuss your needs with us.

2. Beware of profanity and blasphemy of God's name. God's last name is not "Dammit." Nor is "Jesus Christ" a cuss word.

In fact, we do not participate in Islamic and Catholic cussing, such as exclaiming, "Wallah," "Yell'ah," or "Sacreblu." Though we are not Muslims, we do not encourage sacrilege in anyone. Potty mouth or sexual innuendo are also not appreciated.

3. Fresh remarks to the ladies will result in their hanging up on you. A very few men talk down to the ladies as if they are stupid. If you do this, the ladies will hang up on you.

4. We are just ordinary folks with 40 years of experience with pianos, but we also feel we can ask for common respect in our field of work. Thanks.

We often like to visit with our customers on the phone a while. That is one reason we don't have a shopping cart. Our customers are our friends. So, please do not be frightened of the above comments. If you are a God fearing and self-controlled person, we will have a very good time doing business together.






CALL TOLL FREE: (800) 338-8863
If there is no answer, please leave a message- we do answer our voicemail

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