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Epistle to Piano Tuners

Did I miss something? If you would be good enough to send me such an observation, I shall put it in the next edition, or on the page, Updates and Forum, with full credits to you, including your company name, location, and phone number. I am especially interested in some special technique which you have developed. It ought to be the kind of thing the average do-it-yourselfer can handle.

Also, I am looking for technicians who do some special repair, like making new upper wood bridges for the old uprights (Cable, Hackley, etc), or like some way to disguise cabinet damage. If this book goes well, I may start putting out a newsletter on the Web, and I shall be looking for contributors, world wide.

For the record, gripe calls and gripe E-Mail will be charitably and instantly terminated.

Otherwise, feel free to contact me by E-Mail.

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