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Professional Piano Tuning Instructions

       Also known as "Appendix One"

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This Section is now in Print Format:

8 1/2" by 11" page notebook in a three ring binder--  Lies flat for easy use while tuning.
75 pages
This study course is more complete than a well known course running into hundreds of dollars.  AND, I use the common language of us flatlanders.
$ 30.00

WARNING:  The printed study course does NOT include the Repair and Restoration instructions found online.  This you must study online only.  The Professional Study Course includes ONLY the topics below which are also found on the CD which we sell.

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We sell all tools and tuning meters needed to tune and regulate pianos professionally.

This section is for the few who decide to try to learn to tune a piano closer to a professional level.  If you follow these instructions, and if you practice on many pianos, you will be able to tune a piano professionally with time. You will need an experienced tuner to mentor you along the way.  It is very helpful to find such a gentleman if you can.  But, if all the tuners in your area refuse to help you, then just follow the instructions, and keep at it until you have the skill mastered. 

You could probably get a fair tuning by tuning your piano with a Korg A-120 Tuning Meter, or you can use a chromatic set of tuning forks.  Both can be ordered from the Parts Catalog.  The forks are hard to use though unless you have a third arm :-)

Before you go on to try to learn this art form, that is, if you are not really interested in piano tuning as a trade, please consider using Robert Scott's TuneLab 97-3.07 tuning shareware.  It is only $34 to register, and you get the full program here in order to try out.  I have used it, and I find it a fantastic program for the price.  Other programs like it are going for $700.  It is very easy to use TuneLab 97 to do a touch up or even a rather serious tuning.  You will need a laptop PC though, or a computer placed near your piano.


The following instruction is only found on the CD which you may order from us.
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Feel welcome to send E-Mail for assistance in applying these lessons.  
I will answer on a first come, first serve basis.  
The number (800) 338-8863 IS available for you to make parts orders by Credit Card.

Introduction to tuning theory:

Piano Repair Tools:

Theory of Musical Sound and Learning to Hear Beats:

First Things First: Learning to tune Unisons

Octaves and Tuning Lever Technique:

Temperament--  Setting up the Foundation of the Tuning (Finishing the Bass)

High on the Treble-- Low Down Bass: Learning to do "Stretch"

Tuning with a Tuning Meter:

Charts for Stretching the Treble and Bass with Tuning Meters or by ear

Tuning to Robert Scott's TuneLab 97- 3.07:

The most popular manual in the piano trades:
Second Edition-- 2003 printing!

The first edition of this world famous book has sold over 45,000 copies
and has become the classic manual for piano technicians and amateurs
internationally.  Originally published in  1976, Piano Servicing has now
been updated and expanded, incorporating the experience of another
decade and a half of exacting service and restoration by the author.  
Bibliography and index included, 8 1/2" x 11", and hundreds of illustrations.  
Close to 300 pages of the best information available for the professional
tuner / technician. College textbook quality, but at trade prices.

1668 Paperback-- This is the latest reprint of the most recent edition of this
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Phone and order by VISA or Mastercard at (800) 338-8863



These links are rather technical. You may want to register with the sites so that you can join in the forums.

J. CREE FISCHER-- Piano Tuning Instruction Book on this CD
Be careful not to get bogged down in the minutia of this book. It was written long ago in the format of Victorian picky detail. But, Fischer has been highly respected over the years.

Toronto, Ontario
Jamie Musselwhite has one of the most useful sites I have seen yet. He is a technician with Robert Lowery's Piano Experts, but his personal site is extremely helpful to a piano owner, and he also includes information and sells a book set that will help the beginning piano technician.



Possibly your most useful Web resource, IF you can follow their lingo

Load Robert Scott's TuneLab 97- 3.07--  Shareware--  $34
This is the best deal in professional tuning PC software.
The complete program is here.


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