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GMT minus 5 hours
Monday thru Friday
Do not call on
Sat. Sun. please





We offer this new service. We know of no one in the USA who will do this for you.

Please read the CAUTION below carefully.

We will not be held liable for anything which goes wrong. You have to simply decide
if you can trust us. He has been tuning and repairing pianos for over twenty years.
He is offering these services for two reasons.

First, and obviously, We like the idea of turning his hard earned skills into cash, your cash :-)

Second, we have had many customers do some repairs on their piano, only to come to a point
where they feel at a loss for either the skill or time needed to do a certain repair. In the past,
we have had to send them to a professional technician. This has produced mixed results.

For this reason, we feel he should give the assistance if you are willing to pay for it.

We do not accept work from outside the USA.






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Study the Diagrams of various piano actions

Order your parts from our Catalog

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The following tasks MUST be discussed by
email or by phone before you send samples
or make parts purchases:

or Call 800-338-8863


If you would rather have us make the repair, the following applies:

UP FRONT: The following prices are only for labor--
Parts are extra and are at the prices found in our online catalog.
Prices may change for any reason.

Hammer butt, shank, and hammer complete repair
        (new hammers used unless a used one will be a better choice)                                           $ 25.00 per assembly
        Send the hammer to either the right of left of the broken one
        and send a note for each assembly.

Hammers Voiced-- Buffed and cleaned (Not "picked" to soften)                                              $ 140.00
        Send the 88 hammer, shank, butt assemblies.

New bridle straps attached to above set of 88                                                                         $ 35.00

Grand Piano hammers replaced                                                                                                 $ 500.00
        New shanks and hammers- You purchase the new shanks and hammers
        Remember, my price here is for my labor over and above the price of parts.
        I cannot accept parts from another supplier for this work.
        You must send all your old shanks and hammers-- Do not remove the hammers!
        (No square grands done)
        You may need to do some minor shimming of the flanges with paper to fit them.
        I will tell you the technique used in all piano factories for this task.

Grand wippen and underlever restoration-- Not available

        New ASSEMBLED set of drop wires, top nuts, and Vagias elbows attached--
        Full set of 88 new drop wires with button of your choice on top
        and Vagias elbows mounted on the bottom
        Ready to install-- Allow two to three weeks
        I use a trade secret from my mentor, PTG member Jerry Peterson, for exceptional results
        I must have precise sample or measurement of your old rods--
        For best results, I should use your old metal drop rods.
        I need a sample of your top button or nut--                                                                                   $ 135.00

Key bushing felts installed--                                                                                                   $ 3.75 per key lever
Full set of 88 keys--                                                                                                                         $ 280.00
        You MUST insure the key levers for the value of the piano to you.
        Uninsured parts, especially key levers, which are lost ARE 100% YOUR LOSS, not mine.

Key buttons replaced--                                                                                                             $ 24.00 per key lever
        Send a sample key lever to the left of right of the one to be repaired,
        but NOT the one across the break from the one to be repaired.
Full set of key buttons replaced--                                                                                                $ 590.00
        You MUST insure the key levers for the value of the piano to you.
        Uninsured parts, especially key levers, which are lost ARE 100% YOUR LOSS, not mine.

Stickers built for upright pianos--
        For pianos with stickers shorter than 4 inches or longer than 9 inches
        Send us a sample of a good sticker, and we will match it                                                              $ 24.00 ea.
              We make stickers for player pianos also. Send a good one to copy.                                        $ 34.00 ea.

All prices subject to change for special situations. No discounts offered.


PHONE APPOINTMENT-- Get us on the line while you do the repair:
This is a first in the piano world!

We will arrange to be on the phone,
paying the phone bill, while you do a given repair.

This includes:

Sound board repair,
Key button replacement,
Bridle strap installation,
Key bushing replacement,
Flange and hammer butt felt bushing replacement,
Bending hammer shanks,
Removing upright or grand actions,
Replacing damper felts,
Voicing hammers,
Buffing hammers,
Hardening hammers,
Securing a split tuning pin block on uprights,
Adjusting upright actions,
nding buzzes and rattles (whether you are successful or not),
Laying a piano down and treating the tuning pins (upright),
Laying a piano down and installing casters,
Treating tuning pins on a grand,
Moving a piano and loading it on a truck,
Destroying a piano trapped in a basement or remodeled situation.

SEND MAIL for other tasks for which you wish to have phone support.

The Deal is this:

I will be on the phone for a solid hour. Interruptions will only be for incoming
callers, who will be told to call back later, and for potty stops :-) SWe will be sure you get a full
hour money's worth or better. After a second hour is beyond 25 minutes, you will pay a prorated
price according to the time used with a maximum of $ 43.00 per hour.
If you do not use the whole first hour, the whole hourly price will still be charged.
CALL: (800) 338-8863 to schedule an appointment.
You may have to take an evening hour.
Priority given to those who purchased their parts here.
You must speak clear English. NO PROFANITY WILL BE TOLERATED.
If you use a cell phone, be sure an alternate conventional phone is nearby.
You will receive an invoice showing what you paid for this deal.
Pay by VISA and MasterCard accepted.
Sign and mail the statement below.

MINIMUM PRICE                                                                                                        $ 43.00 per hour

CAUTION: Disclaimer

We will NOT be liable for fitting the repaired parts into your piano.
This applies to both parts shipped to us which we do on our bench, AND
this also applies to help we give you over the phone by appointment, or in e-mail.

You understand that we may not make the repairs perfectly.
In the event that the repaired parts do not work ideally in your piano....

We will ONLY do one of the following, at his choice alone:

a. Pay a technician of his choice, in your area, to fit the parts, OR

b. Accept the parts back to do the work over. You pay shipping both ways, OR

c. Refuse to make an adjustment. This is because we cannot be at your site and
determine whether you are really having a problem or whether you are just trying to
get your parts free of charge by making unjustified claims.

We will not be liable for ANY problems which transpire for you as a result of
phone or e-mail support. Nor will we be liable in any way if he is not able to
keep a phone support appointment.

IN OTHER WORDS, We will do his best, and if that is not satisfactory to you,
you lost your money, and you have to start over. Anything you need to do regarding the
repaired parts we worked on is YOUR responsibility. WE TAKE NO RISK.

We will NOT be held to any promise as to turn around time. If you are in a panic,
or under a deadline, kindly contact a technician in your area to do the work.

You must prepay for this work only with a bank check or personal check.
Repaired parts must be shipped to your credit card billing address.
You understand that you must pay for parts separately from the labor prices quoted.
This statement, signed by you, will be on file in the event of any credit card disputes.

You take full responsibility to insure your mailed parts for the value you place on them
should they get lost in transit. We will charge you shipping plus insurance when
returning the repaired parts to you. You agree to accept whatever insurance settlement
is made for any loss, even if the carrier succeeds in refusing payment.

Any attempt by you to use a credit card that does not have your name on it will result in
a complaint being filed against you with the prosecuting attorney in your area.
You agree to use arbitration or our choice, in Eastern Tennessee, to resolve ANY disputes.

COPY ALL OF THIS STATEMENT IN RED, paste it into a publishing program, print it, and:

SIGN HERE _________________________________        Date: ____________


Optimize the results of Phone Support by us:

1. Read the section in the Table of Contents which discusses the work you intend to do.
Print it out and have it on hand the phone call is made.

2. Have the piano, or the parts, ready as far as you can do the work.
Don't pay me to help you do what you can easily understand.

3. Do not call until you have all parts, tools, or materials ready for the task.

4. If you are using a cell or remote phone, try to be sure a second phone is available nearby
in case the cell phone dies.

5. Do not start this call if you have some deadline or tension pending.

6. If you are moving a piano, or demolishing a piano, have all equipment on hand ahead of time.

7. If at all possible, have a knowledgeable friend take the phone and describe to me what is
happening as you do each task. This way, you can get maximum benefit, keep moving, and
avoid dead time for me. If I go to sleep, you get no help :-)



Ask Questions About This Service:


Call Toll Free at: 1 (800) 338-8863
Go to Mail Order Form for printing: