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Bench Covers, String Covers, and Leg
and Lyre Covers Also, Lesley speakers,
Cabinets, Pulpits, Sound Units--
If you have a lump of stuff that you want
to cover we can supply the cover.


There are SIX Cover Options for Bench Covers & Leg/Lyre Covers

Black or Brown Mackintosh
This is cotton drill cloth bonded with a rubber compound to a soft flannel.
Very tough and durable, and well suited for schools, churches, and studios.
This material repels water to a limited degree. This cover is probably the
least likely to snag when kitty tries to jump up on the piano.

Black or Brown Vinyl
Vinyl imitation leather outside, with flannel lining inside. Though this is the
lowest cost cover, it is the most water proof. It is ideal for restaurants and
situations where people are likely to set a drink down on the top of the piano.
Color Choices: Black, Brown
Special Colors: Sand (Beige), Burgundy, and White ( Add $20 )

Black Nylon Quilted-- Standard
High quality satin nylon outside with poly-cotton combination padding and
inside lining. This cover has the same sheen and look as the Premium cover,
but the nylon material is slightly lighter, and the cover will soak up water spills.
If there is a chance of liquid spills, do NOT order this cover.

Black Nylon Quilted-- Premium
Premium grade black satin look of top grade nylon outside, quilted stitching
throughout, with soft cotton flannel and padding inside. This one is the best at
preventing scratching and gouging. If water spills are an issue, this nylon material
sheds water very well, though standing water may eventually soak through.
The quilted cover is the most luxurious looking cover for the home or performance
area. This cover looks the great under stage lighting.

Special Color: Brown ( Add $ 10 to the prices shown for black )

Heavy Mackintosh Quilted-- Black or Brown (Add $20 for Brown)
This is a very sturdy cover, but it has a more ambient look than the rugged old time
Mackintosh above. The outside layer is Mackintosh with quilting throughout.
The inside is a flannel like cloth to protect the piano better from gouging. A good choice
for schools or public venues where durability and protective padding are important.

Heavy Nylon Quilted Premium
This is a nice looking quilted cover with a sheen, and it is quite water resistant.
(Pooled water could eventually soak in through the quilting stitches)
As with the other covers, it has a soft inner lining.

Because it is so hard to get color and texture right in a photo on a web site like this, we
are offering to send swatches of the above covers if that will help you make a decision
which cover you would like. We will not send swatches of all the covers to anyone. This
if unreasonable. Read the description, and decide on two or three choices, then call us,
and we will answer any further questions and then send the swatches. CALL 800-338-8863


Piano Bench Vinyl, Mackintosh or Nylon Quilted Covers:

These covers inclose the top of the bench and have a 7 inch skirt.
Or, choose the 19 inch drop skirt, and cover the whole bench to the floor.

For Heavy Nylon Quilted, Heavy Mackintosh, or Supreme fabrics, call for a price.

7 inch skirt
Brown or Black
Nylon Standard
7 inch skirt
Nylon Premium
7 inch skirt
19 inch skirt
Brown or Black
Nylon Standard
19 inch skirt
Nylon Premium
19 inch skirt
14" by 30"
$ 27.00
$ 28.00
$ 34.00
$ 40.00
$ 4100
$ 47.00
14" by 33"
$ 29.00
$ 33.00
$ 37.00
$ 42.00
$ 46.00
$ 50.00
14" by 36"
$ 31.00
$ 35.00
$ 40.00
$ 44.00
$ 48.00
$ 53.00
Larger Size






Leg Wraps (Grand Piano)

These wraps are made in your choice of three materials, as listed below.
Each leg is in its own cover. These wraps give added protection, or
insure a minimum chance of damage to the legs of a quality grand piano
during moving. Lyre wrap is also available, at a prices of one leg wrap.
The leg wrap is 16" by 27" and is secured with Velcro.

Standard Nylon Quilted--
                  $ 180.00 for three leg covers
Premium Nylon Quilted--                   $ 210.00 for three leg covers
Heavy Quilted Mackintosh--              $ 234.00 for three leg covers

One leg wrap available to sun shield


Cabinets, Sound Equipment, Work Tables, Pulpits,
or Large Fixture Covers

If you have a cabinet of any kind, or sound equipment, or a Lesley speaker
that you need to cover, we can supply a cover in any of the seven cover
material options above. We need length, width, and height measurements.
Because every cabinet is different, we must call our supplier for a quote.
Our supplier is also interested in quantity orders.

Churches may want to consider a matching set of Piano Cover, Organ Cover,
and a Pulpit Cover. Much Chaos is created by brats fiddling with the controls
and contents of the church pulpit. CLICK to return to the menu for other covers.

String Covers -- Premium Quality

This innovation comes from many requests by customers for a way to cover the string area of a grand piano to prevent dust build up while leaving the lid open for a more ambient look. The thicker string covers also mute the sound for people living in apartments, condominiums, or playing late at night.

All of the cover material up the page can be ordered as a string cover, but we suggest the Nylon Quilted Premium for sound muting, and the Vinyl for a good moisture barrier, and Supreme for the look of luxury. You may want a fitted scarlet wool felt string cover-- See down this page.

The cover will be hemmed all the way around the edge. The exception would be felt covers.

The one measurement we need for ALL string covers is shown in the graphic below - right.

Grand Piano Felt String Cover

We have finally made arrangements for delivery of felt string covers.
These covers are color saturated and very sharp looking. They are
hemmed all the way around, and they are 80% real wool. Wool is, for
some unknown reason, a barrier to falling humidity. This means the
felt cover keeps dust our of the action and off of the sound board when
you leave the lid up. But, it also reduces humidity in the string area.

Colors available:
-- Burgundy
-- Scarlet
-- Black

Prices for Grand Piano 80% Wool Felt String Covers

5 to 6 foot pianos- $ 210.00
6 to 9 foot pianos- $ 235.00


Key Cover

7 inch by 54 inch key cover of wool
        Price-- $ 45.00 for Burgundy, Scarlet, or Black heavy high quality 80% wool felt


Find your piano in the chart, then find the Part Number (545......).
We will get a price quote after you call.

Samick, Pearl River, and other
late model pianos:

Please SEND MAIL for prices.
Tell me the length by using the instructions in
the above graphic. I would also like the model
number which is in your literature, or it is under
the desk in the tuning pin area.

Petrof - For prices for Petrof covers,
use a similar length piano in the chart above.

Model I              9'2'       Concert Grand
Model II             7'9"      Concert Grand
Model III            6'8"      Grand
Model IV            5'8"      Grand
Model V             5'3"      Grand

Yamaha - Model GB1 and DGB1-- 4 foot 11 inches--
See chart above for comparable piano and prices.

Pianos now made by Baldwin:

Wurlitzer Grand Model C173 - 5' 8"
Wurlitzer Grand Model C153 - 5' 1"
Wurlitzer Grand Model C143 - 4' 7"

Chickering Grand Model 507A - 5' 7"
Chickering Grand Model 507CD - 5' 7"
Chickering Grand Model 507DL - 5' 7"
Chickering Grand Model 410A - 4' 10"
Chickering Grand Model 410FP - 4' 10"
Chickering Grand Model 410QA - 4' 10"

Again, find the same length piano anywhere in the
above chart, and then look at that Part Number
in the chart below.


Ordering Instructions

Here are the steps for ordering by phone if your
piano was in one of the tables above

1. Give us the brand name of your piano
2. Give us the 545.... number and / or the model
number of your piano
3. Give us the linear measurement of the
area to be covered as in the graphic to the right.
If your piano is in an above table, we need ONLY
this one measurement please.

Phone 800-338-8863 to order with
Visa or Mastercard




Instructions for a Custom Fitted String Cover
for Pianos not Listed Above

Before you make a pattern for your piano, call and ask if we have a pattern.
My cover maker often has patterns for pianos not listed above.
SEND MAIL or CALL 800-338-8863

You will need to make an accurate pattern, using paper pieces, of the INSIDE
of the string area. Be sure the pieces of paper are heavy and well taped together.
Make your pattern to fill the inside of the string area ONLY and over the tuning
pin area up against the front cabinet member under the desk.

Here is a suggestion for making a pattern:

Once you have a paper composite well taped together, tape this paper to
the top of the rim of the piano. Remove the lid and the desk to do this.
With a felt marker, make a line around the INSIDE edge of the rim of the
piano, and make a line along the INSIDE of the edge of the cabinet wood
cross member, in front, under the desk. In other words, the line will be the
extreme inside of the string and pin area where the string cover will lie
when the piano is not in use. You may cut off the excess after you remove
the paper from the piano by cutting along the line you made. Leave the black
line though so my cover maker knows you have done this correctly.

Please do not use news paper which is cheap and weak. Use brown craft
paper which comes on large rolls. You may find this used in packaging
operations in your area. Do NOT use plastic wrap. Hard thick plastic would
work, but nothing that wants to stick to itself.

Send the pattern to us, and write the following on the pattern:

Your name, address, and phone number,
Brand of the piano,
Model number,
Serial number if you can find it.

Send to:
Steve's Piano Service
2545 Roosevelt Rd Suite 107
Marinette, WI 54143




Grand Scarlet Felt Do-It-Yourself String Cover

Protect the strings, soundboard, and action from collecting dust and grime. This is VERY important if
you have a wood stove or fireplace in use all winter. This piece of high quality felt is laid inside the grand
piano string area when the lid is up. Expensive pianos are often displayed in this way. The red felt offers
a touch of class. Simply slip the felt out of the piano and give it a shake every day, and when you wish to
play it. Your sound board decal will always look fresh, and the action will not take dirt which can cause it
to slow down. AND, you can leave the lid up all the time for a more stylish look.

This is 70% wool felt, so it will act as a physical barrier to humidity which falls out of the air, thus inhibiting
moisture on the string and tuning pin area.

By the half yard, this felt is used between the brace and the under side of the top on Grand Piano Lids.
Action cloth above will not work since the brace is usually 54 inches long.

Sold by the Yard-- 72 inches wide-- A minimum of two yards must be order

Color of felt


Order Number

SH29 Scarlet



Price-- All


$ 38.00
per yard

Be sure to measure carefully. You will
need to cut and hem the felt if you want
a tidy fit. You can find a very nice oriental
hem of gold and colored braid at a Middle
Eastern shop in your area.




USA- Will be determined at time of sale


Canadian orders shipped US Post Office Air Parcel only.
Shipping will be charged.

Overseas Orders

Call for a shipping quote.


In the event that you do not want to keep the cover, or if the cover is defective,
you MUST call us for instructions for returning the cover. This is because our
cover maker does not have the records of the purchase transaction. If you
return a cover which has no defects, we will refund your payment less 20%
restocking fee. The cover will be returned to our cover maker, NOT to us, so
you MUST call for instructions how to return the cover. CALL: (800) 338-8863



Were you looking for one of these?




For people in apartments or who like to play Fugues at midnight




(800) 338-8863



Contact us by E-Mail if you don't understand.
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