Here we will try to give you some of the information that is often lost or untold in history books because of the bias of the publishers/writers or because it was not known to them. Some things that are interesting are also left out perhaps for lack of room or because they don't seem important to the writers.

Where the History Book Left Off

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Great Turning Points In the Earth's History

Legends of Rough Necked Bible Thumpers  Great stories about real
Christians, these will take the place of those worldly "heroes."

Great Hymn Stories  History of where we got some of our hymns.

Recommended Reading List  Here you will find a list of books that  give the life stories of various Christians as well as general history books that are not the usual "party line" type.

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A Russian Tribe That Escaped Communism

According to an Assoblipted Press release dated 09-09-97, a Norwegian anthropologist named Ivar Bjoerklund has claimed that he discovered a tribe of forgotten nomads in Siberia.  The tribe of about 200 reindeer herder living in the tundra, do not appear in government registries and have no papers, therefore, they do not exist according to the Russian authorities.

Bjoerklund says, "These people have done the incredible.  They succeeded in hiding from Lenin and Stalin, Gorbachev and Yeltsin.''

The Nenster, as they are called, live south of the Novaya Zemlya Islands in the vast area of northwest Russia. They determined to avoid the Soviet government's collectivization when they learned that their children, along with those from related tribes, would be forced to attend boarding schools. Rather than lose their children, they disappeared into the Siberian wilderness to pursue their simple life of hunting, herding and fishing. These Asiatic people chose to do without modern medical help and Marxist education rather than give their children up to the Communists.  Many wear reindeer hide clothing and they guard their herds with wooden lances, but they have maintained their families and avoided the large-scale disruption caused by the Communist regime.

Isn't this amazing?

Someone needs to take these people the Gospel.



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