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In this chapter I select common trouble symptoms, and I give both temporary and permanent solutions. We will begin with the most common problems and move on to the rare ones. In the table of contents, Chapter Seven, you can find many very specific problems and their solutions if you know exactly what you want to do.  This chapter is the place to look first, then on to Chapter Seven if you don't find help here.

I am not really writing this book primarily for piano tuners, but this section will contain some hints that I have developed in my trade. I like to think that a fellow tuner will also get some benefit from this. Also, to any tuner who feels agreeable to this book, if you want to contribute hints and tricks, I would be delighted to include them in future editions with full credit and phone number of the contributor.

A. A key sticks down

B. Two keys stick together as they go up and down

C. Key lever stays Down Or, Key broke

D. Dead Hammer OR, Stalled in A

E. Jack the Slipper OR,
                           Hit and miss key strokes, and double blows of the hammers

F. Limber Neck OR, Floppy Hammers

G. A Hammer broke off

H. Straighten a crooked hammer

I. Loose Tuning Pins

J. Squeak, Thump, Rattle, and Twang

The next chapter is made up of a long list of repair techniques. I hope we have covered your mysterious problem in a way that brought you to a happy conclusion. If not, I love you anyway.

On to Chapter Seven