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Some common Repairs A La Carte

This rather long chapter is for repair of a problem you have figured out by your own clever little brain waves, or it may be that your uncle Luigi figured it out for you. "You gotta get dis ting fixed or da wigget's gonna rip up da woist mess you eva gonna see." Either way, see if you can get uncle Luigi to read the appropriate repair and do the job for you. Bribe him, as always, with pizza. If that fails, up the offer with canolies and capuccino.

It may be that your tuner told you a certain repair is needed. Listen attentively, tell him it will have to wait a while, then find the repair in this book. If you feel you understand the repair WELL, go ahead. You may save a lot of money. But, PLEASE, do not tell the tuner, "Oh thanks for telling me. I have a do-it-yourself book, and I will do it myself." Some tuners will deeply resent this book, so why risk losing a good tuner by teeing him off?  Be charitable, OK?

Many of these repairs will relate to troubles we discussed in the last chapter, so, if you are a book browser, you really ought to read the last chapter to get a feel for things that can go wrong.

You will now want to go back to the Table of Contents to look at the list of Sub-Titles under Chapter Seven.  Hit the appropriate icon below.  Then browse the numbered list to locate what sounds like your problem.

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