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Piano legs and cabinets suffer greatly from rolling them here and there on the original casters, not to mention to your floor. A piano rolled on carpet can raise a wave in front of the wheel as it moves along, and if it catches on the wave, the carpet will fold, and the wheel can easily rip the carpet. Also, the tune is easily lost at door jams and rough spots.  

A grand piano should never be rolled around on its original wheels.

A caster can catch, and the leg will easily rupture, even dropping the piano. Beyond this, a run away piano, or a piano which tips over, can cause injury which can be far more costly in insurance claims than the cost of one of these trucks.  Think about it.

Look at the trolleys below.  Which one is best for you?  
Read the description carefully.

Do you see those nice shiny tuning pins?
Well the smaller the casters or wheels on your piano,
the harsher the bounce when you hit a mic cable or door sill.
If a tuning pin wants to let go, it will do it as you jar the piano.
A piano trolley will ease the thing along, save the tuning,
and save the legs from being ruptured when a wheel catches.
Piano trolleys are not pretty, but neither is a busted piano.

If you are looking for Piano Moving Equipment
instead of Trolleys?
We have the largest Piano Moving Selection on the Web.

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The three spider trolleys we offer are very heavy and safe trucks. They are seen in the graphic as 03542-3-4  If casters are removed, the piano is only raised 2½ inches off the floor which allows for normal height of the pedals.  The casters have heavy ball bearings. Shipped unassembled in two cartons.
Must be assembled by you. Weight- 100 to 120 lbs. total
Call (800) 338-8863

You MUST remove the wheels from the legs before setting the piano on the trolley. Be sure to store the wheels where no one will disgard them. The safe way to take the wheels off is to remove each leg, one at a time, and remove the casters and their sockets. The end of the leg MUST fit down into the recessed cup to be safe.

When you are ready to put the piano on the trolley, if you have questions-- Call (800) 338-8863 or (715) 803-4556.

These trolleys will NOT be right for concert grands with 5 inch wheels. Normally the wheels are 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 inches in diameter. If you have the 5 inch wheels, we can supply a special trolley for your piano.
Call (800) 338-8863

Shipping: UPS now ships "Ground" to Hawaii and other off shore US territories. It is still about twice USPO Parcel Post. BUT, beware, for if Parcel Post gets lost, the USPO will take six months to finally resolve the issue. You will NOT be paid back or be free of risk to reorder until the USPO pays us back.

Shipping data: Two Cartons sent
Carton One-- 27 by 14 by 9 inches-- 61 lbs.
Carton Two-- 33 by 16 by 3 inches-- 43 lbs.
To figure cost use a sending ZIP code of 60047

Part Description:                                                 Part Number       Price

Grand Piano "Spider" Truck (Trolley)-  
All trolleys come with a brake on two wheels.

For Grands from 4 ft. 8 inches to 5 ft. 11 inches-      SH4012           $ 660.00

Same as above-  
For Grands from 6 ft. to 7 ft. 6 inches-                       SH4013            $ 675.00

Same as above-  
For full sized Concert Grands                                      SH4014           $735.00
Concert Grands with large casters require a special
trolley. Please call for information.

Shipping costs will vary based on location and rates change daily, but figure at least $100 in the midwest and up to $180 or more on the West Coast and East Coast.

CAUTION: Kawai, Young Chang, and Yamaha grands up to 6 foot 1 inch must use trolley SH4012 These brands over 6 foot 1 inch must use SH4013 up to 7 foot 6 inches. Over that, use SH4014. SEND MAIL if in doubt. Please give us the model number and the length of the piano MEASURED UNDERNEATH FROM THE FRONT OF THE PIANO UNDER THE KEYS TO THE FAR END OF THE CURVE.





Replacement casters for above trucks with wheel brake- each                                                         
                                                                     For SH 4012 and 4013 (and 4006 below)        SH4015B         $ 72.50


This spider trolley adjusts from 4' 5" to 7' 4". The arms
are not one piece like the above spider trolley, but they
are very sturdy. This trolley will not take the large concert
grands. But, it will take the smallest grands.

One good reason for ordering this trolley is that, if you change pianos, this trolley can be used on the next piano.
Just keep the original casters in a safe place so you can sell the piano with the original casters

The wheels are "Hi-Tech 5" five inch casters. It is painted only in black.
It comes in two packages and has a total weight of 97 lbs.                              Part Number SH4004           $ 695.00


If you have a Concert Grand Baldwin, Steinway, or other Grand Piano with the newer style 5 inch casters,
the above three models of spider trolleys will NOT work. We offer a special trolley to accomodate these pianos.
for price.


This trolley has two uses:

1. The professional who sells a good number of spider trolleys will want this Transporter to lift grands and prepare them to be set into place on the spider trolley.

2. Concert Halls and institutions will want this in place of spider trolleys. This transporter has hydraulic jacks which lift the grand piano easily and quickly. Then the piano can be rolled from storage to the position where it is needed. The piano is then set in place on its own casters. This saves money where several pianos must be moved about, and the piano looks much more appealing sitting on its own casters during the concert. Also, direct contact with the stage floor allows the sound energy that flows through the legs to sound through the floor, providing greater "presence".

You must have doorways wide enough to move the grand piano through in its normal position, or about 60 inches minimum wide.

Load limit- 3000 lbs. Lifts from 22 to 31 inches.

Our model with the pneumatic tires is exactly like the one with the hard
rubber poly tires. The advantages are that the piano will not be jarred
by door sills as easily as with the hard rubber wheels, thus holding tune
better, AND the piano can be moved across gravel or onto sports
playing fields easily without the wheels sinking in.
CAUTION: Keep the tires fully inflated at all times.

Transporter with hard rubber "Colson" 5 inch diam.
hard polyurethane casters. For pianos 4' to 9' in length.                                                                                                                                             SN429             $ 2200.00

Softfoot Transporter, same concept but withpiano with transporter
soft polyurethane 8 inch diam. tires.Handle included.
For use with pianos 4' to 7' in length.
                  SN4600         $ 1895.00
Same as SN4600 but with double wheels                  
SN4600DW      $ 2195.00

Heavy duty frame Transporter-designed for moving
pianos from 7' to 9.5'. The operating length is adjustable
in 2" increments. 8" wheels. Handle is included.                  SN4900         $ 2950.00
Same as 4900 but with double wheels                                    SN4900DW     $3225.00


The Handle Kit is optional for the SN429 and must be purchased separately for $125.



NOTE: Prices are $100 more for international orders due to the paperwork required for international shipments.





See illustrations at the top of the page.

The main use of these trolleys is to put under upright pianos and attached permanently. They make it possible
to move an upright with much better safety and frequently. The wider footprint from the wheel out behind is
very much safer than rolling a piano on its own casters. The chance of floor damage is also minimized.

Upright trolleys are not safe to use in moving a grand piano.


Spinet and Console Piano Truck- See also 03545 in graphic above.
This rather odd looking truck is specially made to carry the spinet front legs well, yet it does not
interfere with the playing of the piano.  By laying the piano on its back, modifications can be made

to the truck to actually bolt the truck to the piano.

This is the ONLY trolley which is safe to use with a spinet or any piano with free standing legs.

When the trolleys below are used, the spinet front leg hangs down and can easily snag a pant leg,
tripping the operator. Also, the leg can catch an instep or ankle painfully. This trolley can still make
trouble but with much less pain. I personally have wondered about using this trolley to move grand
pianos. Two padded boards would be needed and bolted solidly into the two wheel mounts, front back,
and straps used of course.     
                                                                                                                               SH4008           $ 595.00

Upright Piano Truck- This is the favorite for institutions
Adjustable- See 03546 in graphic. This trolley cannot be used on some large Kawai
and Yamaha uprights. The opening receives pianos with a cabinet depth of 12 to 18 inches.
This trolley is ideal for moving pianos and storing the trolley for use another time. If this
is done, two straps MUST be used around the equator of the upright. Grand pianos can also
be moved with this trolley, but it is an improvisation and YOU are liable, so make provision
to avoid damage to the piano and use straps to secure the piano.
Also, where a piano will one day be sold and replaced, this one will come off easily, leaving
no scars.  Just remember where you put the original casters  :-)                                                                        SH4006           $615.00


This pair of trolleys clamp to the under side of the upright only-  
Very good for consoles which are frequently moved in various institutions.
CAUTION: All two piece trolleys must be attached by lag bolts to the
wooden frame at the back of the piano. Adding bolts through the bottom
of the piano, to connect the trolleys to the skid board, is a very good idea.


Part Description:                                                                                                              Part Number           Price

Two Piece trolleys-  More sturdy- Spinets to full modern upright - 2 1/2 inch wheels
          This is the most common one used in schools, churches, and nursing homes.
          Depth of cabinet opening, not measured at the arm (see graphic), 15-1/4 inches.
          Total dimensions are 22-1/4 by 8-1/2 inches. Weight 22 lbs.
          CAUTION: These are not recommended for spinets with free standing legs.
          They can carry the piano, but many stories are told of the legs getting caught
          on something, even on someone's toe, and breaking off the leg.
          If you insist on using there on a piano with free standing legs, you MUST
          remove the legs and store them.

          Raises the piano 3/4 inch off the floor.  Can be bolted on solid by drilling holes.     SH4009       $ 299.00


Heavy Duty Two piece 5 inch Wheel Trolleys

          These trolleys are very heavy.  Hold any upright with 14-1/2" cabinet
          depth or less.  Will handle the biggest old monster upright.  
          5 inch wheels with ball bearings carry the weight well and bounce less
          over door jams.  Raise piano only 3/4 inch off the floor. Only 7 inches
          added to the piano's overall width. Can be attached solidly by laying piano
          down and attaching to the bottom and rear (need to drill holes).
          Overall dimensions of each trolley are 28 by 9 inches.
          Weight 44 lbs for the pair.

          CAUTION: See the caution added above to SH4009

Heavy Duty Two Piece Trolleys                                                                                     SH4003         $ 399.00



We have told a number of you that we could not find a narrow doorway trolley.  Well, here is one finally, and it takes care of the need.  Do be aware though that the center of balance is closer to the back of the piano with this one.

This truck must be custom made by our supplier.  
You will need to provide us with the five (5) dimensions as shown above
from "A" to "E" in the diagram.  The truck does not protrude out from the piano--
Neither in front nor in back.  It is given a powder coat black finish.
Weighs 91 lbs.  Ships via UPS. Allow 5 to 7 weeks for delivery due to manufacture.           SH4011        $ 895.00





The adjustment on this new product provides a more steady posture of the instrument and the dolly together. Adjustment is possible for both the length of the instrument overall, and for the length of the side feet. Possible damage to the legs of the instrument is eliminated because sudden grabbing of casters which catch on something is absorbed the the frame. Improvised modification by the customer attaching the back panel of the instrument to the back bar will make the instrument even more secure. The foot 9-1/2" by 14" pedal guard is very important since some instruments, like the Clavinova, have a plug under the pedal area which like to catch on door sills etc. The two front single wheels lock preventing rolling around while playing. Finish is black powder electro-plated.

When ordering, you must tell us the instrument brand and model to ensure the dolly you receive fits correctly.



Price                 J4004                 $ 542.00
Some instruments require a deeper center plate. Cost for this model: $592

ALSO AVAILABLE: Fully adjustable Digital Grand Piano Dolly
Designed for pianos with casters. (Casters need to be removed before piano is installed on dolly.

PRICE:                 J4003                 $ 667.00



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If you need casters, see our complete selection for Upright and Grands


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