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It may be cute to see the piano go rumbling down the steps when
Abbot and Costello try to move the piano up the hill, but in real life
it ain't too cool Harry.  Also, a piano only slightly out of control can
ruin your foot for a long time. If you have a habit of moving a piano
around the country, or around the concert hall, one of these trucks
would be very much in order.

One insurance claim from an injury or falling piano will more than
equal the cost of one of these trucks.



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Shipping Policy:
We get your ZIP code, and we find the actual
shipping cost for United Parcel Ground, and that is all we charge.

If you are buying more than one item on this page,
or a cover or bench with something here,
we will talk about a discount.



Moving pads, shrink wrap, piano skid, E-straps, door jamb
protectors, skates, arm power moving straps


If you came here looking for permanently attachable
Trolleys, Grand Transporters, or Grand Spider Trolleys,
CLICK HERE to see our selection.



A moving dolly or truck can make the difference between disaster and a peaceful journey.  It is not out of the
question for a non-professional to purchase a moving truck.  Compare the cost of a truck with the cost of hiring
professionals.  If the move is not complicated, this may save you a lot of cash.  Also, moving companies often do
not have the best equipment, and if they do, it may be unsafe and worn out.

Consider the continuing usefulness of one of these trolleys. They are very useful for moving new large appliances
and heavy side drawer file cabinets, among many other uses. Hang one in the garage, and you will also be able
to rescue friends and neighbors who are moving large objects. Just be sure to put your name on it :-)  


Part Description:                                                                                                         Part Number               Price

Moving Dollies

The Piano Man's Dolly 4 inch
     Hardwood bolted construction
     Molded rubber capped ends to
     prevent piano slipping while moving.
     4 inch non-marking casters
     with hard rubber wheels
     and ball bearings. Weighs 23 lbs.
     Capacity- 1000 lbs.
     Dolly is 30" by 18"--                 SA3284          $ 80.00


Replacement Rubber caps
     for above two dollies- each        SARRC         $ 12.00 ea.


Flush Platform Dolly
     Hard Rock smooth Maple
     and flush bolted construction.
     4 inch hard rubber ball bearing
     swivel casters. All exposed top
     surfaces of dolly covered with
     non-slip rubber tread-
     glued and stapled (not shown)

     Countersunk carriage bolted.
     Capacity 1000 lbs.  32" by 18"
     Weighs 22 lbs.
     (SA3384 in graphic but with
     rubber tread added)                    SA3384          $ 75.00


Regular Platform Dolly
     Bolted construction with
     rubber capped ends.  3 1/2 inch hard
     rubber non-marking swivel wheels.
     Bullnosed edges- countersunk bolts
     Capacity 900 lbs.  30" by 18"
     Weighs 16 lbs.                            SA3084          $ 85.00


All Terrain Moving Dolly (not pictured)

     WIth 6 8" tires, 2 of them ridged on 1"
    lowered center so the dolly can make
    360 degree turns. 3 rubber caps to protect
    loads. Snap Loc tracks on sides; swivel locks
                                                                                               on one end. 42"L x 18" W x 14" H, Capacity
                                                                                              1800 lbs. Weighs 65 lbs. Made in USA          SA-ATD          $375


Piano Skid Boards- The right thing for moving a Grand Piano

Grand Skid Boards
     This is perhaps the most common way to move grands where there is a crew of men
     on hand to carry it.  Made of seasoned hard wood frame with white wood cover.  
     Padded and upholstered with heavy canvas.  Each side has two heavy duty flexible
     handles for carrying (total of 4 handles). The skid weighs 25 lbs, but it ships at the
     70 lb rate because it is oversized for UPS.
     5 foot skid board-- No straps or clamp      ($90 to $120 ships UPS)                           SH53A                $ 425.00
     6 foot skid board--  No straps or clamp    ( $90 to $120 ships UPS)                           SH53B                 $ 450.00
     7 foot skid board--  No straps or clamp    ( $95 to $130 ships UPS)                           SH53C                 $ 475.00
     9 foot skid board--  No straps or clamp-   ( $120 to $150 ships Motor Freight Only)  SH53D                 $ 525.00

Economy Grand Skid Board
       Made in USA. 5' or  6' Length. Long rails, battens & headboards are kiln dried select
       North American hardwood. Finished 1 3/4" deck wood & 3/4" plywood
       fastened with plated hardware. Padded & upholstered with heavy canvas.
       Rope handles each side. E Track standard. Uses E straps.                                SC-PSB-5-ET                $ 160.00
                                                                                                                              SC-PSB-6-ET                $ 190.00
                                                                                                                              SC-PSB-7-ET                $ 205.00

Economy Grand Skid Board


Innovation for moving Grand Pianos

Go to our Trolley page and look for "UPRIGHT PIANO TROLLEYS"
You will find a discussion of moving grands where they do not need to go upstairs.
As far as I know, this is a first. It may make life a lot easier on some movers and institutions.


Quilted Covers For Piano Moving
     Constructed of heavy-duty black close-weave duck,
     padded with NEW cotton filling. Flannel lined and quilted
     in 4 inch diamond pattern with nylon thread. Fitted with
     slits in back for hand holds. The padding is NOT jute.
     This material is not commercial-- It is specially ordered
     for these covers exclusively.

         Cover                         Part No.               Price

     Uprights   4' 10"              No. 4-4'10"         $ 400.00
     Uprights   4' 6"                No. 4-4'6"           $ 380.00
   Uprights   4' 2"                No. 4-4'2"           $ 375.00
   Studio Uprights  3' 10"    No  3-3'10"         $ 365.00
     Studio Uprights  3' 8"      No  3-3'8"           $ 360.00
     Spinet Uprights  3' 4"      No  1-3'4"            $ 345.00
     Spinet Uprights  3' 0"      No  1-3'0"            $ 340.00

     Grands- Padded long side only for tipping grand onto skids:
     Two ropes to tie cover to itself
One size fits all grands up to 7 feet      SH49    $ 388.00
          Over 7 feet-- SEND MAIL

     Organ moving covers
     Spinet organs                                   SH852       $ 320.00
     Console Organs with full pedals        SH853       $ 335.00
     Console size organs                          SH854       $ 360.00
     Pedal Board Cover only                   SH855       $ 250.00

     We offer covers for storage and the parlor.
      They are the full covering pocket type with only the
      bottom open. Prices are very reasonable
      Bench Cover- Canvas- Completely encloses bench
                                       Part Number  SH827         $ 95.00

     Mover's Pads
     Square locked stitched with nylon thread.
     Corners bar locked.
     Green drill one side, brown on other.
     Size 72" by 80"                                 SH814        $ 49.50


Grand Piano Leg and Lyre Covers-  Set of four ample cut quilt pockets for protecting
     grand legs and lyres during moving.  Will fit legs and lyres from most pianos.
     Made of canvas moving cover material.
     Cut in box style.  32" long by 22" wide.   4 piece set                                                                  SH52C       $ 292.00


See our new moving pad selection
     If you buy a dozen or more, this is a better deal.
     Better made, better selection, and better prices


Piano Moving Accessories

Stair Rollers
     Don't drag the piano over the top step, the edge of the porch, or the van. ROLL it over this stair roller.
     Make it the easiest step, and prevent damage to the step edge and litigation :-).
          21-1/2 inches long-New part number                                                                                        SH871           $ 91.75

Keyboard or Jamb Protection-- See our door jamb protectors-- This is a much safer option

     Traditional durable white 2 inch 3 ply cotton belting for making mover's straps.  These days,
     most movers and piano stores assemble their own belts from this strap and the following
     hardware. This belting can also be used to add handles to large boxes and objects needing
     carrying                                                                                                                               SH801          $ 4.10 / Foot

Cotton Webbing with Nylon Core
     2" wide webbing can be used to make your own moving straps. Has a locking stitch soto
     prevent ravelling. Breaking strength-- 2400 lbs
          Available in 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 feet lengths                                                             SM1000      $ 3.10 / Foot

Web Straps for Movers
    3 ply, 2 inch cotton webbing equipped with 2 inch non-slip buckles.
     Sold in pairs
     This belt is ready to use.
     12 feet long - Pair                                                                                                           SH896A-12        $ 65.00
     16 feet long - Pair                                                                                                           SH896B-16        $ 70.00
     20 feet long - Pair                                                                                                           SH896C-20        $ 75.00
     NOTE:  Straps can be made in any length requested.  Send E-Mail

Rubber Corner Protectors
     This  flexible rubber pad fits on your web strap to protect the strap as well
      your piano.                                                                                                                      SM1001      $  7.10 each

"E" Straps-- CLICK HERE




Where entry ways are wider than the piano is wide-- CLICK HERE
Look at our "Grand Transporter"
This product is also purchased in other trades where heavy tables
and devices need to be moved around with safety and ease.



Roll-Or-Kari Piano and Organ Truck

     Two dollies with four straps, this truck combo is ready to go.  Rubber and felt cushioning
     protect your instrument or furniture.  The adjustable straps lock around the object
     and hold the whole thing together like one big trolley as you move along.
     Retractable wheels allow you to easily pick the load up without groaning, and you can set the
     piano or orgen down in your van or trailer for the delivery trip. Yet the casters are not able to roll
     around as you travel along. Cover in graphic not included. See covers above.


Place one truck at each end of the load, fasten the straps,
and press the foot lever at each end to raise
the load and start moving.

CAUTION: NOT safe for use with Grand Pianos

NOTE: There is another version of this truck with the option to lock the swivel casters so that the truck can be operated by one person. Call for pricing on this truck.

Four 7 foot straps included.
All four wheels swivel. 1000 lb capacity total lift with both devices used together.
When used to transport soda pop machines, you cannot move the machine loaded.
The handles fold out of the way when not in use or in transit.  
This is a very hard working tool for piano businesses and dealers.  
Hammond B-3 organ model available- Same price.
Height- 32" / Width- 23" / Liftine lip- 5 inches wide - / Weight- 55 lbs.

Roll or Kari Dual Trucks
          Height- 32" / Lifting Width- 23"
          Liftine lip- 5 inches deep - / Weight- 55 lbs.
                              SH4021       $ 625.00

Hammond B-3 model
          Height- 32" / Lifting Width- 28"
          Liftine lip- 4 inches deep - / Weight- 55 lbs. 
                             SH4022       $ 635.00

Moving Cover for the Hammond B-3
          This cover is heavy moving grade and quilted and fitted          
SH853         $ 335.00

New Set of Straps for Roll or Kari

          One set of four straps - 7 feet long                                            SH4023B       $ 60.00
          One set of four straps - 8 feet long         
                                  SH4023C       $ 68.00
          One set of four straps - 10 feet long         
                                SH4023D       $ 87.00

Casters for Roll or Kari                                                                SH4023G       $ 34.00 each


Putting the Piano Into Storage?

Moths and mice do terrible things to pianos left in storage. Check out the following product.


Nobody likes to admit that mice have invaded their home. A mouse takes
up residence, collects food from the pantry and dogs food dish, and may
even be well on the way to raise a happy little family of more mice before
you see the tell tale evidence of the mouse.

Mice LOVE upright pianos. They especially like to make house under the
keys. There are three sections under there, living room, pantry, and restroom.
Many times I have opened up an upright piano that had something restricting
the keys from dropping all the way, only to find a mouse apartment in full

Our MouseMaster traps will catch the mouse when it first enters the piano
down in the bottom area. It smells of natural real peanut butter, but the trap
has a thick layer of extremely sticky substance that catches the mouse and
holds it securely once it steps inside the box. Just fold the box up by the
instructions, remove the protective layer, and put the trap in the bottom of the piano.

You will need to remove the bottom "kick board" by lifting or turning the lever that secures it at the top in order to open the bottom area.

For moth proofing, simply drop some moth balls into the piano cabinet in a small cardboard box with holes in it.

Part Number-                        Mouse CM72MB

Price-                                    $ 2.00 each or $ 13.00 for Ten




Moving pads, shrink wrap, piano skid, E-straps. door jamb protectors, skates, arm power moving straps




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