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"Knowledge is not skill. Knowledge plus ten thousand times is skill."
Shinichi Suzuki



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You MUST browse the Catalog area, and try to learn what you want. We no longer search our catalog for you.

Have this information ready:
     1. Description of parts
     2. Part Numbers
     3. Prices
     4. Dimensions where needed
BEFORE you call us please.

Make sure you are in the catalog area for your kind of piano--
Such as Grand Pianos,
Full Uprights, Spinets, etc.

If you are confused, call us for assistance.

If we do not answer the phone, we are probably here-- Just leave a message- we will return your call (it may not be the same day).

Wheels on pianos take a lot of rough work when moving the piano two feet or two thousand miles.  Original wheels, especially on old uprights, are often metal and will scratch floors and rip carpet.  It is very smart to put better wheels on the piano.  Brass wheels are classy and essential on grand pianos.

For all parts possible I give you a diagram identity number so you can go to the  diagram and double check to see if you are ordering the right part.  It is impossible to give a "Back" button to return to so many pages, so please use your browser's "Back" button.

Also, I give you a link to the page which tells how to make the repair or installation of the new part.




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Be sure to read all about Replacing Casters.

Part Description:                                                                                                                  Part Number            Price


Grand Steinway Piano Deluxe Brass Casters-
        Carrier and stem brass plated
        Single wheel 1 inch face of wheel
        CR1 or CP1C or CP2C Sockets
        CP2C may fit inside brass cast ferrules
        Set of three casters- Made by Darnell
        See colored box below in Darnell section
        2 inch Diameter-                                    SH596A        $ 495.00
Set of four or the same caster                 SH596          $ 602.00

Grand Piano 1-1/2 inch brass wheel
Carrier and stem brass plated
        Made by Darnell
- Not shown
        See colored box below in Darnell section
1-1/2 inch diameter Brass Caster
        CP1C or CP2C Sockets- specify
3/4 inch face of single wheel-
        Set of three                                            SH597A       $ 396.00
Set of four                                              SH597          $ 485.00

Grand Casters-  1 3/8" inch diameter wheel-
        Solid Brass wheels-  Set of three-
        Carrier and stem brass plated                     
        CS1 socket unless otherwise specified     SH980           $ 134.50
        Same as above
but nickel plated            SH2620         $ 141.95
but wheel is 1¾" diameter--
        CS1 socket unless otherwise specified  
        Set of three                                             SH981            $ 167.50

Spinet and Console Casters-  
        Same as above, but with CS3 sockets
Use as back casters for pianos with
        free-standing front legs.
        1 3/8 inch diameter wheel- 
        Set of two                                           SH982            $ 95.00

Grand Casters-  One inch face
        but Nickel Plated rather than solid brass-
Wheel is 1-3/4 inch diameter
        CS1 socket unless otherwise specified
        Set of three- Like SH981 in the graphic  SH977             $ 176.50


Alternative socket choices can be substituted to fit the original socket mounting holes in your piano.

Solid Brass for studio, console, or spinet--for free standing front legs
        Carrier and stem brass plated
        Smaller furniture stem-- Furnished with nylon friction fit sockets-  
         CR7 nylon socket provided with casters-- Not pictured above
        11/16 inch face of wheel width- 1-1/4 inch diameter                                                                
        Two casters of this style
-- Spinet and console front casters--                                               SH978           $ 56.00                        

Full size upright casters- Cast Iron- Set of four- Similar to SH980 in style
        CR3 socket unless otherwise specifie
       1 3/8 inch dia- For studio pianos-                                                                                             SH1588          $ 75.00


        All casters you buy from us come with sockets. Be sure to tell us what kind you have.
        CAUTION: You may have to use the new sockets provided to keep the caster in the socket.
        Two methods of holding the caster stem are used. Also, old sockets may be worn or loose,
        so it is a very bad idea to reuse old sockets. I strongly encourage you to use new screws
        which are 1/4 to 1/2 inch longer if there is room for them.

         All casters you buy from us come with sockets. Be sure to tell us what kind you have.

                           Description                                                                                              Part number          Price
         Stem- Nine sixteenths inch-  2-1/8 in. dia. round plate- without notch                                 SHCR1           $ 5.00 ea
                  For casters which have a clip ring in the notch
         Stem- Nine sixteenths inch-  2-1/8 in. dia. round plate- with notch                                      SHCR3           $ 6.50 ea
                  For casters which have a notch with nothing in it
         Stem- Same- Square plate 1-1/8 in.-                                                                                      Not available
         Stem- Same- Round plate 1-3/8 in.-                                                                                  SHCR5           $ 7.50 ea
         Stem- Same- Square plate 1-5/8 in.-                                                                                 SHCS1           $ 6.50 ea
         Stem- Same- Square plate 1-1/2 in.-                                                                                 SHCS3           $ 5.00 ea
         Stem- One half in.- Round grip neck-                                                                                     Not available
         Stem- Fifteen Sixteenths in.- Round die-cast plate 2-1/4 in.dia.-                                         SHCP1C        $ 10.50 ea
         Stem- Fifteen Sixteenths in.- Square die-cast plate 1-13/16 in.-                                          SHCP2C        $ 17.50 ea
         Stem- Nylon furniture type- Not shown- Fit casters 977, 978, 979-                                   SHCR7           $ 1.00 ea

Wood spacer to fill holes which are too large for the new casters-
         These spacers are sent free with all caster sets we sell with the large stem diameter                CWF           $   .90 each

Composition washers for leveling pianos by adding them when installing casters- Dozen-          SH1670          $  6.00 dozen
Also, raise the piano so that the new casters do not drag in the recessed area.
You will have to drill holes in the fiber washer for the mounting screws.
Use 1/4 to 1/2 inch longer screws if you add composition washers.


The rubber wheeled casters are actually a hard high quality pliable plastic compound
which will not mark or dent floors. Metal wheels will leave trails in the floor which
cannot be removed. Rubber casters also diminish the transfer of sound into the
floor in apartments and condos. Having two wheels insures that the wheels will not be
too high, and they will not collapse with age.

Part Description:                                                                                                                  Part Number            Price

Upright iron casters with attached
       cast iron sockets like CP1C above
       Set of Four-                                            SH589             $ 89.50
       These casters will mark wood,
       tile, and most other hard floors.
       We strongly discourage their use
       except on rough floor areas.

Upright cast iron wheels-  Furnished
       Solid wheel instead of as in graphic
       with CR3 sockets-  Set of four-
       See 328112 in graphic                             SH4588           $ 100.50

Upright double wheels- 2 in. dia.-
       Ball bearings impregnated with
       graphite-  Set of four-    
       Rubber wheels will not damage floors
       CR1 or CS1 sockets included:
       Round for uprights, square for grands
       unless you specify otherwise
       Wooden grommets also provided
       Set of four-                                             SH1592            $ 99.50
Same as Above-
But, set of THREE for grands                  SH1592A          $ 78.00
Same as Above-
But, set of TWO                                     SH1592-1/2       $ 55.00

If you have a full sized upright made in the early 1900's, you need a heavier duty caster
because of the weight of the piano. We recommend the SH2592 found below. (Scroll down.)
Also, if you want the best caster for nice wood or tile floors, get the SH2592 casters.




Plate Mounted Casters- Double Wheel-  
       BUT, mounted by 4 inch by 2-3/4 inch top plate-  Set of four-                                                SH1903            $ 95.00
       Only use this caster where damage to mounting area is severe


Darnell Deluxe Casters-  There is no better caster in the trade.


DARNELL CASTERS have a double race of ball bearings. The upper race of ball bearings takes the load, and the lower race takes the side thrust. The axle is designed to be serviced and lubricated when necessary. The models with cast iron sockets allow for the sockets to be removed. Do not order the casters with the cast iron sockets if your piano has the drop forged (pressed steel) sockets.

Old style mounting socket of cast iron
              These casters with the cast iron sockets are for pianos from the turn of the century

              Double Wheeled casters
                            Two inch diameter wheel with 3/4 inch face on each wheel

                            Set of Four                                                                                                       
SH592           $ 265.00
                            Set of Three                                                                                                      SH592A        $ 220.00


Casters meant to be mounted in drop forged (pressed steel) sockets
              Double Wheeled casters-- Best Caster for all floors
                            Two inch diameter with 3/4 inch face on each wheel
                            Sockets- CR3 or CS3
                            Set of four-                                                                                                         SH2592        $ 215.50
                            Set of Three-
                                                                                                     SH2592A    $ 170.00             


All casters come with mounting sockets (and wooden grommets where drop forged sockets are sent).

All the above- [ Repair instructions- Chapter 7, # 10 ]



These are used mostly on heavy pianos, and they are essential to heavy grands.  Don't skimp here.
Hopefully, you can understand what you see well enough.  There is no formal description of these casters.
Only the wheel and socket dimensions are given. Some retro fitting may be required.

We do not have the socket stem diameter at this time.











NOTE:These caster prices are very volatile since they are brass and imported, so call for current prices and availability.

Part Description:                                                                                         Part Number                         Price EACH

Wheel- 2" diameter-- Socket- 7/8" diameter -- 1" wide wheel                              SH2600                        $ 147.00 EACH

Wheel- 1-7/8" Diameter -- 13/16" socket -- 1-1/2" wide wheel      
                This caster is also low profile in height and is similar in                           SH2601                         $ 149.00 EACH

Wheel- 1-7/8" diameter-- Socket- 13/16" diameter -- 2-3/8" wide wheel            SH2602                        $ 274.00 EACH

Wheel- 1-3/4" diameter-- Socket- 13/16" diameter --
                2" wide wheel --  2" inside width ferrule --                                            SH2603                        $ 250.00 EACH

Wheel- 3-3/4" diameter-- Socket- 13/16" diameter-- Caster has a brake --
                5-3/8" wide wheel. It is common to use two casters with
                brakes per piano to stop piano from wandering                                     SH2610B                      $ 751.00 EACH

Wheel- Same as "B" above but without brake                                                      SH2610A                       $ 619.00 EACH

Wheel- 3-1/2" diameter-- Socket- 1-1/8" diameter Caster has a brake --
                3-3/8" wide wheel. It is common to use two casters with
                brakes per piano to stop piano from wandering                                     SH2605B                       $ 785.00 EACH

Wheel- Same dimensions as "B" above, but no brake                                           SH2605A                       $ 650.00 EACH

Wheel-  1-7/8" diameter--  Socket-  1-1/8" diameter -- 2-3/8" wide wheel           SH2604                         $ 299.00 EACH

WARNING: These special casters are priced by the EACH!

Note:  These casters can be returned ONLY if they are perfect
and can be sold as new.
Also, there will be a restocking fee of
20% on all returns-- No exceptions.

For returns, your shipping both ways will NOT be refunded.

If you order the casters, and then cancel your order after the
casters have drop shipped from our supplier, there will be a
20% restocking fee against your refund.

Caveat Emptor Please. Order only if you are a serious buyer.
We require pre-payment by check for these casters. Thanks.
We ship these casters world wide, but there is NO return policy at all.
SEND E-MAIL for prices.  Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.


We offer maple, Lucite, and plastic caster cups
to protect your floor and steady your piano.


A moving dolly or truck can make the difference between disaster and a peaceful journey.  I have another nice picture for you to look at.  Read carefully also.  

Piano Moving Truck Graphic

For Grand or Upright Pianos

A piano trolley can, [A] Save the floor; [B] Save the legs of the piano from coming loose or breaking during moves, and; [C] Prevent the piano from tipping over while moving, especially in institutions like schools and nursing homes.  I saw two piano people moving a spinet without a trolley, and the casters caught, and the piano tipped.  They caught it, but they were sore for a while.

Again, I have a graphic for you to ponder. Which vehicle do you need?  

Presentation Truck Graphic



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