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This section is for the purpose of giving the truth about commonly accepted "facts" in science, history, etc. that have been tampered with by men either on purpose or unwittingly.  Also, we will expose authors whose writings are generally, or perhaps not so generally, considered "good" for educating students and entertaining young minds.

Due to the popularity among home schoolers of teaching classical art and music, we will also try to include these "artists" in this section.

In the "Lost History" section we will try to give you some of the information that is often lost or untold in history books because of the bias of the publishers/writers or because it was not known to them.  Some things that are interesting are also left out perhaps because of lack of room or because they don't seem important to the writers.  Also included will be stories of people that were great, though not noted by the world or noted for the wrong reasons.

"Great" Men
and Women

Job 32:9  Great men are not always wise:
neither do the aged understand judgment.

Benjamin Franklin  Historical "hero" who was in reality a dirty, old man.

C. S. Lewis, The Devil's Wisest Fool Heretic, occultic, drunkard and truth hater. These articles only found on the CD we sell.

Charles Dickens  Adulterer -- and unashamed of it! Author of Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, etc.

Christopher Columbus  The bloody Roman Catholic who was responsible for the murder of American Indians.

L. Frank Baum and the Not-So-Wonderful Wizard of Oz

L.M. Montgomery  Author of the famous Anne of Green Gables series, she promoted Humanism and cast ESP and other occult practices in a "good" light.

Ludwig von Beethoven  A Roman Catholic, Freemason who seduced other men's wives.

Louisa May Alcott Author of Little Women.  A Unitarian that eagerly preached Humanism in her stories, she even promoted the use of marijuana!

Miscellanies Characters Brief notes on various and sundry people. blip Irving - Lord Byron

Robert Burns A filthy, fornicating Freemason! Famous for his many poems.

Rudyard Kipling The Fascist author of The Jungle Book and other stories.

Sergei Rachmaninoff  Needed "inspiration" from a hypnosis witch doctor to get him to write "good" music.



Lost History

As replacements for these people that were failures in God's eyes, we recommend you read and use the stories of some real Christians that were faithful to God.

Legends of Bible Thumpers


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