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You MUST browse the Catalog area, and try to learn what you want. We no longer search our catalog for you.

Have this information ready:
     1. Description of parts
     2. Part Numbers
     3. Prices
     4. Dimensions where needed
BEFORE you call us please.

Make sure you are in the catalog area for your kind of piano--
Such as Grand Pianos,
Full Uprights, Spinets, etc.

If you are confused, call us for assistance.

If we do not answer the phone, we are probably here-- Just leave a message- we will return your call (it may not be the same day).


Felt is used in a piano to prevent wood and metal parts from
hitting each other and clacking. Also, felt is the material of choice
for hammers and dampers.  It wears out very slowly, but it does
wear out.  So new felt is in order in restoration and in pianos which
get heavy use.

For all parts possible I give you a diagram identity number so you
can go to the  diagram and double check to see if you are ordering
the right part.  It is impossible to give a "Back" button to return to
so many pages, so please use your browser's "Back" button.

Also, I give you a link to the page which tells how to make the repair
or installation of the new part.




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FELT- A little science lesson with Uncle Steve

Felt parts compress over many years, and the adjustment of the piano is pushed to the maximum.  
In a well done restoration these felts parts are a must.  If you think our felt is too expensive, let me
say this-- You pay 40%, or LESS, mark up on all parts at this site.  If that is too much, go away.  
We don't want to be associated with shoddy workmanship.  I am serious about this.  We do not sell
to you out of desperation.  Get your felt at Wal-Mart.  

Also, carpet beetles, mice, and moths can eat away at felt parts.  Please read about moth proofing
in Chapter 7, #44.  Also, department store felt is almost all synthetic.  Piano felt is at least 70% wool,
and it is woven in two directions or even three.  

Again, cheap felt is OK for making hats, but NOT in pianos.

A la carte felt parts are found below the following KIT

NOTE: This kit is now available in two forms: with key pins and without keypins. For the kit without keypins price is $126.35.

This kit will restore the physical operation of the key levers.
This will in turn make leveling and adjustment of the action
much more accurate, and the touch will be improved also.
If you wish to replace the key tops, go to the Key Top Page.
Look for the Key Top Restoration Kit.

This Key Lever Restoration Kit contains the following:

1. SH336C- One set of 90 Front Rail Felt Bushings--
These cushion the key as it is pressed down.

2. SH332C- One set of 90 Center Rail Felt Bushings--
The key lever rocks on this felt at the center pin.

3. Front and Center Rail Paper Shims-- Our product-- See graphic down page.
Assortment of thicknesses-- These are needed to lever the keys.

4. SH322C- SH324/Steinway Grands- SH324-/Grands- One Key Back Rail Felt (Cloth)--
The back end of the key lever rests on this strip of felt when the key is let up.

5. SH321 Key Button and Key Front Pin Bushing Felt-- Three strips of medium and three strips of thin provided. Also 2 oz bottle of glue.
This felt is glued in the center rail pin hole and in the front pin hole under the key lever.

6. SP147-- Key Button Wedges-- One dozen are provided. Size .147 is provided.
It would be advised that you mic the center pin and front pin (across the flat) to make
sure they are both .146 diameter. If not, we can send the right size wedge for your pins.
This aluminum wedge is precision made to hold the key button felt in place as it dries.
-- See graphic --->
Mic. your center rail pin and front rail pin, the flat narrow way, in thousandths of an
inch so we can send the right wedges.

7. SH304R- Name Board Felt-- TWO PROVIDED- This felt strip is self-sticking and attached to the fall board (name board) under the edge to rest on the back end of the key levers. It stops clicking of the key top on the wood, and it makes a nice accent. All pianos have this. The second strip is added in case some other accent felt is used on your piano.

8. One Hundred Center Rail Key Pins- Mic your center pins.
Old pins are rough and often covered with verdigris, and this slows the movement of the keys up and down. The nickel plated new pins slip easily and enhance motion.
Choose one of the following:
             SH351A- 2-1/4 inches long by .146 diameter
             SH351D- 2-1/4 inches long by .160 diameter

9. SH352- One Hundred Front Rail Key Pins- 1-7/16 inches long by .146 diameter

10. Key Leveling Kit - Includes custom made straight edge and Jaras 3-in-1 Key dip and sharp leveler device, plus complete instructions.

Instructions for using this kit found here online.

PRICE: $ 306.35 (Without Keypins: $172.95)

Above is the price for kits with SH322 backrail cloth.
Substitute SH324-    Add $ 25.00
Substiltute SH325--      Add $ 13.00

Add a tool:
Jaras Electric Key Bushing Remover, Part Number SH909-- $ 49.00
This tool is like a soldering iron but with a tip which will insert into the bushing
hole and heat and melt the glue. Speeds up the process greatly.

This kit cannot be changed, and felt not used cannot be returned. If a Kit Customer
finds they do not have enough felt for some task with this kit, we will sell them
additional felt as needed with at-cost shipping, meaning, regular minimums do not apply.

CAUTION: The key tops should be replaced before leveling the key levers. If not, the
leveling will be all over the place. See our Key Top Restoration Kit.




We now have nameboard felt, understring cloth, stringing braid and hitch pin punchings available in blue. Call for price.


Part Description:                                                                                                        Part Number          Price

Self-sticking name board felt- Used as the dressing between the back end of the
             keys and the fall board or name board. 52" long by about 1/2 inch wide
             Maroon    Old Part No. 3390275M                                                  New Part No. SH304M        $ 2.60
             Scarlet      Old Part No. 3390275A                                                   New Part No. SH304R         $ 2.60
             Brown      Old Part No. 3390275C                                                    New Part No. SH304B         $ 2.60

Same felt By the Yard-- NON SELF-STICKING

        7-1/2 by 52 inches-- Cut your own name board felt.
        May be used as stringing felt to mute wire tails. May be of use in pump organs to
        seal of reservoirs.

        Description                    Part Number                     Price

Medium 7-1/2 by 52 inches

Scarlet                      SH2312-1/2R               $ 19,75 per sheet
Brown                       SH2312-1/2B               $ 19.75 per sheet

Maroon                    SH2312-1/2M          $ 19,75 per sheet

Thick 7-1/2 by 52 inches

Scarlet                   SH2313R                     $ 61.50 per sheet

Medium 5/8 by 52 inches

Scarlet                        SH312-1/2R                  $  2.60 per strip
Brown                          SH312-1/2B                  $  2.60 per strip

Maroon                    SH312-1/2M                 $2.60 per strip
Black                    SH312-1/2BK                 $2.60 per strip

Thick 5/8 by 52 inches

Scarlet                      SH313R                          $  3.50 per strip
Maroon                    SH313M                        $ 3.50 per strip

The above felt is almost a perfect fit for replacing key covering felt.
Use to keep dust out of the keys while you leave the fall board
(key cover) open. Some slight trimming may be needed.

* * * *NEW ITEM* * * *
              Attach to the flat horizontal surface of music desk to keep music from slipping. Available in two widths.
              1 3/4" wide by 40" long                                                                                         SH2450A             $ 10.95
3" wide by 40" long
                                                                                              SH2450B           $ 18.25

Part Description:                                                                                                        Part Number            Price

Spring Rail Felt Green or Red
             This felt strip is used on the back side of the rail on which the hammer butt springs
             are mounted. It is there to stop the dampers from clicking against the wood rail.
             13/16 inch by 52 inches by 1/8 thick                                                       SH311G or SH311R            $8.95

Back check felts- Complete set  [ Diagram I, Part 20 ]  [ Repair- Chap. 7, #2 ]              
              Cut and ready to glue in place     Old Part No. 33911                         New Part No. SH310X     $ 38.25


Felt "Cloth"
The word "Cloth" is used for the following items. This is felt with a woven
layer embedded in it for extreme durability where force is transferred from
part to part in the piano action. Where quieting is wanted, use regular felt.

Key Rail "Cloth"-  Used under the back end of the keys as rest and support-  
             May be used where heavy parts rest as under some fall boards when opened.                    
             1-1/2 inches by 52 inches and one quarter inch thick - Standard thickness             SH322C            $ 17.25

Hammer rail "cloth"-  Green only-- Hammers rest against this cloth when not active-  
             Upright or Grand - .227 inches thick                                                                     SH323C            $ 14.75
              Also available in 5/8" and 1" widths.

Grand Hammer Rail Cloth-  White only--
             3/4" wide, 54" long, a3/8" thick                                                                               SH326           $ 12.75

Backrail "Cloth" for Grand Pianos
             Steinway Thickness - 2-3/4 inches by 52 inches                                               
SH324             $ 42.50
             Steinway - 2 inches by 52 inches                                                                       
SH325             $ 30.00

Key Button Bushing Felt "Cloth"- For making new bushings in front and center of keys-
             May be used also under strings, on the plate, and on hammer butts with leather.
             3/8 inch wide by 54 inches long-- Purchase three for 88 keys.
             Thin-- .047 inches thick--                                                                                SH321A             $ 6.00
             Medium-- .054 inches thick--                                                                          SH321B            $ 6.00
             Thick-- .071 inches thick--                                                                              SH321C            $ 6.00
             Learn how to install this felt in the key bushing holes.

Flange Bushing Felt "Cloth"- For making new bushings in flanges, stickers,
              and anywhere else where a center pin is involved. Scarlet
              Also used for the Grand Piano Damper Bushings
               If you want to try this art-  Suggest you order two strips-
              17/64 inches wide by 18 inches long                                                             SH320X        $ 5.00

              Read installation instructions in Section 10.5 on felt bushing replacement.

Sticker or Abstract Felt "cloth"

             This felt has an inner warp woven vertically and is hard-- extreem wear and force points need this.

             For thinner woven felt "cloth" see Action Cloth listed next.

             This felt is used:
             1. At the bottom end of stickers on upright pianos
             2. Under wippens where the capstan pushes the underside of the wippen
             3. At the back end of grand pianos where the underlever contacts the tail of the key lever
             4. On square grands where the damper wire rides on the end of the key lever?
             5. On grand player pianos where the wood button or capstand activates the key lever

             1 inch by 52 inches, .139 inches thick -- Green or white                                       SH316G or SH316W            $ 13.25
3/8 inch by 52 inches, .110 inches thick -- Green                                                   SH316-1/2G        $7.95


Action Felt "Cloth"-  
              Used on bottom of stickers, felt insert in hammer butts, on
              damper levers, and in wippens--  Used on spring (damper) rail
              Can be used as understringing felt in some applications or where string tail damping is needed.
              Can be used on hammer rail rest. Anywhere felt needs to be added
              Can be cut in pieces to meet many needs in piano cabinet and action

Non-conventional uses:
              This felt is exceptional for rebuilding the action of electronic pianos.
              Also, glue to back of picture frames to protect the wall.
              Add a strip to the back edge of cupboard doors to stop banging.
              Inside accordion where damping is needed.
              For instruments near you ear and a hazard to hearing, line that area with this felt.
              Excellent for polishing glass lenses and windshields with compounds.
              Insert inside a hat band to reduce the size of the hat. Use white :-)

              Strips of action "cloth"-- 7-1/2 inches wide and 52 inches long

Part Number



Approz. Thickness

Thin White
7-1/2" by 52"
$ 86.00
Thin Green
7-1/2" by 52"
$ 99.00
Medium White
7-1/2" by 52"
$ 100.00
Medium Green
7-1/2" by 52"
$ 103.00

              Strips of action "cloth"-- 1 inch wide and 52 inches long
Aside from the above piano applications, these strips can be used to polish
                            turned lathe items. Add compound to felt and work the strip up and down to polish.

Part Number



Approz. Thickness

Thin White
1" by 52"
$ 9.50
Thin Green
1" by 52"
$ 9.85
Medium White
1" by 52"
$ 10.95
Medium Green
1" by 52"
$ 11.50



Part Description:                                                                                                     Part Number            Price

Policy on Front and Center Rail felt punchings: PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS
              UNDER YOUR FELT PUNCHINGS !!!!
              Your original felt punchings have been greatly compressed due to use and age.
              This means that your measurement of the old felts cannot be accurate.
              Too many people end up with new punchings which are too thin.
              So, we no longer carry all the thicknesses.
              We find that people end up with key dip troubles by guessing.
              You should buy a set of paper shims for each set of felt punchings you are ordering.
              The paper shims are down this page just after the felt punchings.
              This way, you can level the keys to the thickness of the new felt punchings.
              Correct key dip, usually 3/8 inch, is essential to accurate adjustment of the action.
              If you are not sure of yourself, ask about it when you order by phone.
              Also, it is not wise to do only the front rail, or only the center rail, punchings.
              Only replacing center rail punchings will result in too much key dip.
              Only replacing front rail punchings will result in too little key dip.

Front rail felt punchings-  Moth Proofed-- Green-- For under front of key levers
              Standard Medium--  .188 inches thick-- 100-                                                 SH336C             $ 17.75

Center, or Balance rail, felt punchings-  Moth proofed-- White
              Standard Medium--  .091 inches thick-- 100-                                                 SH332C               $ 10.25
             Learn about Leveling Keys in my Repair Section

Only sold with above Front Rail and
        Center Rail Punchings and in the Kit above
        See the Front and Center rail shims in the graphics ---------------->

        One Assortment of paper shims (punchings) for leveling keys-

        These are suggested with the new Front and Center Rail Felt
        Punchings listed must above.

                Front Rail  100 each of 5 sizes                                                                                     ShimPrtFrnt             $ 5.75
                Center Rail 100 each of 5 sizes                                                                                   ShimPrtCntr             $ 5.75

One Assortment of paper shims (punchings) for leveling keys of one piano-

        An assortment of 1000 each of 12 sizes of paper shims to level Front Rail punchings         SH338A          $ 165.00
        An assortment of 1000 each of 12 sizes of paper shims to level Center Rail punchings       SH333A          $ 82.00

Our Key Leveling Kit - Includes a custom made straightedge & the Jaras 3-in-1
Key dip and Sharp Leveling Device                                                                           SS-Level           $59.95


Regulating Felt Punchings-  Now sold in sets of 100 only
              Replace worn or missing jack button round felt punchings-
              Also found on buttons in grand wippens and some damper actions.
              Also found in player pianos
              Remember to allow for wear of old buttons in estimating thickness of new buttons.
              Medium Green Cloth-
 For uprights-  3/8" dia. by .130 inches thick                  SH330A             $ 11.50
ThickRed Felt-  3/8" dia. by .250 inches thick-  For grands-                             SH330D              $ 9.75
             Medium Brown Cloth -
(grands) 5/16" dia. by .130" thick                                   SH330J               $ 11.95
              Medium Brown Cloth -
(grands) 7/16" dia. by .130" thick                                SH330K               $ 18.50
              Thick Red Felt-
(grands)  7/16" dia by .250" thick                                             SH330L              $ 15.95

              Learn about Adjusting the Action and Jack Repair.

Hammer Butt Felt Squares-  
              Mount on the lower area of the hammer butt to cushion the top
              of the jack.  This solves the clicking in an action. Set of 100-
                            Medium-- Red-- .164 inches thick--                                                     SH308-1/2R         $ 7.50


Part Description:                                                                                                        Part Number            Price

Hitch Pin Bushings-- This is the scarlet washer which goes over the hitch pin and
              on which the loop or lower bend of the string rests. It prevents damage to
              the harp and prevents buzzing or vibration at the hitch pin.-- Per 100
              3/8" Outside Diameter-- 1/8" Inside Diemeter-- .047 inches thick--                      SH330G              $ 9.75
              1/2" Outside Diameter-- 1/8" Inside Diemeter                                                      SH330H               $ 13.50

Groove Felt Rounds (Spring Punchings)-  
              For Upright butt spring grooves and damper spring grooves.
              Also used on Grand Piano wippens as a cushion.
              Exceptionally useful on the back of picture frames to avoid wall damage.
              Set of 100-- White Cloth for Uprights--3/8" by .063 inches thick--                                  SH330E              $ 9.50
             Set of 100--Green cloth for Uprights--3/8" by .030: thick                                                SH330F               $ 9.50

Pedal Trim Felt-  Replaces the felt trim around the pedals- Scarlet-
              See photo at right.
              1-1/8 inches wide by 18 inches long- 1/4 inch thick--
              You must cut out three pieces to fit your pedal area.           SH9155        $ 9.55
              Read about Pedal and Trap Repair.

Grand Damper Lifter Felt-  Mounts on the back end of the keys of a grand and
             lifts the damper lever, or, on square grands, directly lifts the damper wire
             See part 5 in the diagram on Grand Damper Diagram page-
             Strip 1/2 inch wide by 14 inches long--Green only
             Consists of four strips--                                                          SH947              $ 10.75

Steinway Style Key End Felt -
7/8" wide x 34" long x 1/4" thick; Scarlet                                SH2333        $ 11.45

Grand Wippen Felt-to-Capstan Squares-
             Use Action Felt strip no. 317G above and cut them

Understringing Felt- Lays under the strings and mutes them by pressure--      
             1-1/8 inch wide-- Firm-- One fourth inch thick and 32" long                            SH2335           $  12.50
1-1/8 inch wide--Firm--3/16 inch thick and 32" long                                          SH2336             $ 11.75
                          Ideal for the bass section

             1/2 inch wide-- Soft-- One fourth inch thick and 52" long                                 SH949              $  5.25
                          Ideal for the trble section

             Woven Understring Felt- Use Action Felt which is listed up the page.

Steinway Understringing Cloth-- Medium thin (1/8 inch)-- Thinner than above choices
             Scarlet-- 1" wide-- 52 inch long strip                                                                     SH2330R            $ 11.50
             Scarlet-- 2" wide-- 52 inch long strip                                                                     SH2331R           $ 20.50

Understringing Cloth --.054" thick; 3" x 18"                                                                     SH302R             $ 11.50

Stringing Braid-  Thin and woven cloth web--  
              Used by weaving it through the tail of the strings to prevent very high overtones    
              5/8 inches wide by 52 inches long                                                                          SH327              $  3.50

Bellyman Felt- Grand Piano- Inserted between the front of the harp and the front
              wood rim. Consists of three strips of felt-- thin, medium, and thick
              Especially needed on Steinway grands.                                                                   SH2334            $ 34.75

Rim Braid- New Item- 3/8 inch diameter. Inserted around the inside of the rim of the
              piano to fill the crack between the rim and the harp (plate).
              Some old quality uprights had this around the top between the cabinet and the
              edge of the harp dropping down below the bottom of the pin block
              This product can be used in churches to block off pews. Tassle not available.
              GOLD                                                                                                               SH2340G          $ 11.75 per yard
              RED                                                                                                                  SH2340R           $ 11.75 per yard            



Practice Mute Replacement felt-  2 inches wide by 54 inches long and tapered
             This felt strip is made to replace the felt mute in old uprights that had it, and it
             is found in some Asian pianos in modern times. You will have to remove the
             old strip and fit the new ones. This will involve making provision for the vertical
             metal brackets mounting the action in the piano. Use Elmer's Carpenter's Glue
             to attach the new felt strip to the old bar.                                                                  SH300          $ 19.75 each



Do-It-Youself Rinky Tink or Mandolin Kit-- THIS IS A CONVERSION KIT
             You MUST already have a practice mute in your piano to use this kit.
             Also, you will have to innovate and make the products work for you. I cannot
             write instuctions which will cover anything you will run into. This means you will
             need to determine where the strings are in relation to the leather strip AFTER you
             install the leather strip. You may do this by attaching carbon paper to the back of
             the leather strip facing the leather and run the front of the leather with a hard object.
             Remove the carbon paper, and cut between the marks made by the strings on the
             leather. You may also rub the strings with chalk and rub the front of the leather.
             This will tell you where to cut the leather strip. You must have the confidence to
             innovate because I cannot predict all the variables you may encounter. Be sure to
             clamp the metal tabs so that they are in a straight line, and position the mute bar so that
             the tabs are just barely BELOW the actual point the hammer hits the strings. This will
             prevent destruction of the hammers over time.

             3 inch by 48 inch leather strip and 100 metal tabs to attach to the strip.
             Instructions included which can be adapted to this conversion process.
                                                                                                         Part Numbers DA68 and DA848    $ 55.00 total


To study the diagram of the Grand, Spinet, Full Upright, or Grand Damper Action


Worn dampers do not stop the wire from vibrating suddenly.  An after-sound or fuzzy sound may follow many
notes as the damper peddle is released.  Also, dampers which have gotten damp or wet will harden and cause
a buzz as they come to rest on the strings (Bzzzrung).  There is only one solution that lasts-  NEW PARTS.

[ Diagram I, Part 24 ]  [ Repair- Chap. 7, #14 ]


This is useful where the wood wedges are either dry and cracking or where you wish to have the convenience
of not gluing felt parts to wood. You may wish to also replace the blocks above to be sure the damper wood is
all new and the set screws easy to adjust later.

Part Description:                                                                                                        Part Number            Price

Upright Damper felt for OLD style wooden blocks--
Some older pianos have round or odd shaped wood blocks.
You will need to start over with new damper blocks and use the damper felt
on wooden blocks as seen below, SH534 and SH534-1/2.
Damper blocks with wire straight through (treble)                                                   SH533T                           $  1.00
Damper blocks with wire at an angle through (bass and some treble)                      SH533B                           $   1.00
Full set of either above style-- Tell us how many of each kind--                              SH533                             $ 49.00

Upright Set of 40 wood mounts with felt heads-- For NEW style square blocks
18" strip of the same uncut-- Cut them with a fine tooth hobby saw                        SH534                               $ 90.00

Upright Bass Dampers felt mounted on wooden strips
Consists of 10 for single strings, and 20 for double strings. If you need more of either type, we can add to the set. Just ask.
Made by Laoureux. These are the typical dampers for older uprights.


1-3/8" long by 3/8" wide
1-3/4" long by 3/8" wide
1-3/4" long by 5/16" wide
1-5/8" long by 5/16" wide
1-5/8" by 5/16" Trichord


Standard Length
Old Style
New Style
Back felt off center
Back Felt off center

Part Number



$ 42.50
$ 46.50
$ 46.25
$ 42.75
$ 3.50 each

HINT: When installing the Trichord damper felt on strips, make sure the damper is positioned so that it does not
catch on the top of the hammer as it strikes the string.

Upright Single bass damper heads, wood mounting layer (not block), and felt damper--
         Use the order numbers in the above table for size
         One wire note--                                                                                                                           $ 3.50 each
         Two wire note--                                                                                                                           $ 3.50 each
         Three wire bass notes (only in the bass section)--                                                                          $ 3.50 each


DAMPER FELT-- Other Alternatives

Part Description:                                                                                                        Part Number            Price

Upright Treble Damper felt- Two pieces of damper felt per damper
         Treble set for doing treble section of upright piano-
         1st Quality- Made by Laoureux-  The best product-- Scarlet backed, center stitched-  
         Tapered-- 80 felt pieces for dampers with two pieces of felt per damper- 3/8" thick-
         This means you can do 40 dampers with this set
         Includes one 4 3/4" strip to cut out trichord felts fir three string notes in the
         treble area-   Felts taper from1/2" to 11/16" in height.                                                SH1595             $ 94.75

Upright Treble Damper Felt-
         Tapered strip of solid felt with scarlet backing-- Taper from 1-3/8" tall to 1-3/16"
         Thickness tapers from 1/2" to 3/8"
         19 inches long-- One strip should do one piano
         You will have to cut the individual damper pieces from the strip                                 SH1534              $ 46.75

         Same as 1534 above, but cut into 45 pieces ready to mount 
                  One piece of damper felt per damper                                      
                  SH1534 1/2        $ 60.00

Upright Bass Damper Set-
         Contains 30 single and 36 double wedges 5/16 inches long with red backing              SH1595 1/2        $ 99.00

Grand Damper felt-  Set for doing the treble of a grand piano-
[ Diagram IV, Part 1 ]  [ Repair- Chap. 7, #14 ]  
         1st Quality- Made by Laoureux-  Scarlet backed, center stitched-  
         84 felt pieces for dampers with two pieces of felt per damper- 3/8" thick-
         Includes one 6 3/4" strip to cut out trichord felts fir three string notes in the
         treble area-   Felts taper from 1/2" to 11/16" in height.                                              SH1596                $ 105.25


[ Diagram IV, Part 1 ]  [ Repair- Chap. 7, #14 ]

Grand Bass Damper felt set-
      Contains 30 single wire and 30 double wire wedges-
        1-11/16 inches long with red backing- For Trichords, buy strips below.                      SH1596 1/2        $ 133.25

Complete Tokiws grand damper set (Treble & Bass)

        Will fit any grand with 20 to 33 Bass. Red backed.                                                SH1597        $ 165.00

Steinway Full set BASS AND TREBLE ready cut- Ready cut without scarlet backing.    Available with red backing for $139. 
[ Diagram IV, Part 1 ]  [ Repair- Chap. 7, #14 ]
The treble is not noted, though all treble damper felt is included.
              Model "A" Grand--   8 Single, 17 double                                                      SH954A                   $ 109.00
              Model "B" Grand--   8 Single, 12 double                                                      SH954B                   $ 109.00
              Model "C and D" Grand--   8 Single, 12 double                                            SH954D                  $ 109.00
              Model "M" Grand--   10 Single, 18 double                                                   SH954M                  $ 109.00
              Model "L and O" Grand--   10 Single, 16 double                                          SH954L                   $ 109.00
              Model "S" Grand--   10 Single, 20 double                                                    SH954S                    $ 109.00

Model "G" and "Professional" Steinway uprights use other upright felt listed above

Upright or Grand Damper Felt by the Strip-  27-1/2" long each
              I suggest you use this felt to do the bass dampers on a grand piano.  
              Determine how much you will need by measuring the damper felt length
              on all dampers, take a long look at the patterns below, determine about
              how much to add in height for compression and wear, then order the
              amount of strips you will need.  Allow some for error  :-) Also, you need
              to use scarlet backed felt since your dampers can be seen easily from above,
              and without the scarlet the dampers will look weird.

Without Scarlet Backing
Part Number
With Scarlet Backing
Part Number
Single wire
$  15.00
Double wire
$   16.50
$   21.00
Single wire
2A              SH1556
$   27.50
2A-Upright      SH1535
$ 39.75
Double wire
2B              SH1557
$  27.50
2B-Upright      SH1536
$ 39.50
2C              SH1558
$  33.95
2C-Upright      SH1537
$ 49.25
Single wire
3A             SH1559
$  23.50
3A-Grand          SH956
$ 34.50
Double wire
3B             SH1560
$  21.75
3B-Grand          SH957
$ 31.50
3C             SH1561
$ 26.50
3C-Grand          SH958
$ 39.00

               Here are the diagrams of the configuration of dampers above:

2A,B, & C dimensions: 3/8" wide at base; 1/2" high
3A,B, & C dimensions: 3/8" wide at base; 7/16" high
SH1550-1552 dimensions: 5/16" wide at base; 3/8" high



When the wooden block needs adjusting on very old pianos, it is common for the set screw to bind up and
break off. Also the wood can deteriorate and break. These blocks will solve that problem. Also, in a first
class restoration, it will be better to do all of the blocks so that the thing doesn't nickel and dime you to
death over the years.

Part Description:                                                                                                   Part Number            Price

One set of 68 old type square damper blocks with set screws
Consists of 32 short bass blocks--
36 straight bore treble blacks                                                                         SH533                          $ 49.25

Single damper blocks-- OLD style-- square-- By the dozen
           Short bass square damper blocks                                                       SH533B                           $ 9.75
           Slant tenor square blocks                                                                  SH533TS                          $ 9.75
           Straight bore square damper blocks                                                    SH533T                           $ 9.75

One Set of 70 new style round blocks with set screws
Consists of 32 short bass and 36 tenor or treble blocks                                 SH529J                           $ 85.00

Single damper blocks-- new style-- round-- By the dozen                              SH529T                          $ 15.25

Damper Levers, Wires, Flanges, and Repair Parts-- Grand Piano and Upright Piano


LEATHER for Actions
For very expensive imported leather used by German and
Japanese piano makers, SEND MAIL

Part Description:                                                                                                      Part Number           Price

Buckskin-  Used under hammer butts, backchecks, and for the
             catcher on the stump for the the upright back check-
             Also on grand back checks
             Ideal for hammer butts, backchecks, and upright stumps
             First quality iorted imported doeskin.
             You will receive two pieces of uneven length which add up to 36.5 inches

             One set of two strips 18 1/4 inches long and 11/16 inches wide--                          SH329A          $  6.20
             One set of two strips 18 1/4 inches long and 3/8 inches wide--                              SH329B          $  4.00
             One set of two strips 16 3/4 inches long and 7/16 inches wide--                            SH329C          $  4.50

             Same product as above but tapered for easy and neat
             covering of grand backchecks

             One set of two strips 18 1/4 inches long and 1 5/8 inches wide--                          SH329D          $ 11.50
             One set of two strips 18 1/4 inches long and 2 inches wide--                                SH329E           $ 19.80


Protect the strings, soundboard, and action from collecting dust and grime. This is VERY important if
you have a wood stove or fireplace in use all winter. This piece of high quality felt is laid inside the grand
piano string area when the lid is up. Expensive pianos are often displayed in this way. The red felt offers
a touch of class. Simply slip the felt out of the piano and give it a shake every day, and when you wish to
play it. Your sound board decal will always look fresh, and the action will not take dirt which can cause it
to slow down. AND, you can leave the lid up all the time for a more stylish look.

This is 70% wool felt, so it will act as a physical barrier to humidity which falls out of the air, thus inhibiting
moisture on the string and tuning pin area.

By the half yard, this felt is used between the brace and the under side of the top on Grand Piano Lids.
Action cloth above will not work since the brace is usually 54 inches long.

Sold by the Yard-- 72 inches wide-- A minimum of two yards must be ordered.

Color of felt


Order Number

SH29 Scarlet

Price-- All

$ 49.00 per yard

Be sure to measure carefully. You will
need to cut and hem the felt if you want
a tidy fit. You can find a very nice oriental
hem of gold and colored braid at a Middle
Eastern shop in your area.








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