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Other tools not found on this page can be seen
by hitting links at the bottom of this page.


Adjusting the action is absolutely essential, and often it is not that hard to understand.  
Also, the repair tools here will make for more precise and trouble free adjustment , repair, and assembly.
Some of the regulating tools below are not being copied in China. I have had samples sent to me from
the manufacturer in China, and the are tricky. Some are bent into position instead of machined or stamped.
Tools made by cutting and bending break easier.

Part Description:                                                                                                        Part Number            Price


    Basic Regulating Took Kit

    This Tool Kit is a great addition to the Touch Up Took Kit we sell
    The tools included are the basic tools used in light regulation done
    during the tuning of a piano. For bench regulation and for major
    restoration situations, the Master Regulating Tool Kit below is desirable.

    This kit is ideal for the person maintaining several newer pianos which
    do not have the issues of old age, only the small adjustments needed due
    to the compression of felt and the alignment problems of new pianos.

    The handle for this kit is the one shown in the graphic on the right of the
    page below. The case can easily be rolled up and added to our Touch
    Up Tool Kit pouch.

    This kit includes two flat bit screw drivers long enough to reach the inner
    areas of the action to remove flange screws and make adjustments. It might
    seem as though flat bit screws drivers would be better purchased at a local
    tool supply, but these screw driver tools will fit in the universal handle.
    If each tool were to have its own handle, the technician would have a huge
    bundle of tools which would be cumbersome.


    PRICE                           Part Number- SH#5          $ 199.95

Master Regulating Tool Kit

We are the only ones who sell this kit
with the handle included.

From my experience of 23 years in the trade, I believe
this kit contains the most used regulating tools needed
for both upright and grand piano regulation.


The following tools are in this kit:

         All of the individual tools fit into one handle which has a lock grip.
         This reduces the size of your tool kit by eliminating all the handles on separate tools.
         The handle we supply is Number SH26 which has a bezel ring tightener:           SH- #8 and SH26                $ 475.75
                                                                                                                                  Order BOTH part numbers above

8" Screw Holder
Jack Spring Hole Reamer
Grand Hammer Butt Spacer
Punching Lifter
Philips Screwdriver
Philips Screwdriver
Screwdriver Blade
Screwdriver Blade
Offset Key Spacer
Regulating Screwdriver
Damper Regulator
Right Angle Damper Regulator
Grand Screwdriver
Kimball Screwdriver
Grand Drop Screw Regulator
Bent Backcheck Regulator
Spoon Bender
Pointed Awl
Steinway Capstan Regulator
Screwdriver Blade for Flange Screws
Grand Spring Adjuster
Grand Screwdriver
Carrying Case for the tools
SH26      Handle for many of the tools- See above right


         This is a special set we have acquired from our supplier.
         We cannot make any substitutions.
         Some of the tools in the kit above are found below on this page.

Part Description:                                                                                                        Part Number            Price

Universal Friction Fit Handle--  
All tools
    which are noted as needing
    the "universal handle" fit
    this handle.  15152 in graphic           SH150        $ 18.50

Universal Handle-- High Quality
    Tool Steel with high impact plastic handle.
    Tools are held tight and released by turning
    a compression knurled bezel. Fits all
    regulating tools which come without a handle.
    See handle graphic at right                SH26            $ 38.00

Capstan tool for removing lost motion-
    Nut type-  8 in. long- Two sizes on
    one tool-  16140 in illustration           SH84B           $ 21.50

Capstan tool- Pointed-  For removing
    lost motion-  Hole type- 16143 in
    illustration                                         SH83             $ 21.25

Steinway Capstan Regulating Tool  
    Old Part Number  16144                                                                                                       SH97              $ 33.25

Grand Damper Wire Easer-- Great little tool for loosening felt bushing around damper
         wire. This is needed on many new and rebushed pianos 
                            Old Part Number  16147                                          SH195          $ 22.50

Bearing Check Gauge--
Used at the lower bridge to determine if there is bearing                       SH106          $ 24.75

Grand Lift-off Jack Button Regulator-- (replaces Old 16149)
         Measuring 5 1/2" long, this accurately machined wrench enables precise adjustment
          of jack escapement in any grand piano made in the USA without removing the
          action. One end designed for precise eye type regulating; the other for dowel type.            SH3149           $ 39.50

Mason Hamlin Wrench--
         A Must for "screw stringer" or "top stringer" M/H
         Also use on grand jack screw regulating  Old Part Number  16150                                      SH19            $ 27.95

Hart Spring Tool --
         The best one for adjusting action springs from any angle without worry aabout kinking.
         Stainless steel.                                                                                                                     SH895         $ 49.95

Grand Spring Adjuster--
         Adjust tension on grand springs including on Steinways
         Also, position hammer butt and damper springs on uprights
                             Old Part Number  16151                                                                                SH91C           $ 22.75

Double head Offset Screwdriver--  Get into tight spots- Universal handle needed-
         This tool can also be used in automobile and other applications
                             Old Part Number  16137                                                                                SH73              $ 20.95

Pointed Awl--  Three sided tip for making guide holes for screws
         Also, great for dressing holes in tennis rackets and other plastic objects
Universal handle 15152 or SH26 needed-     Part 16138 in graphic                                    SH3111            $ 16.75

Screwdriver for action flange screws--  
         Thin shank allows getting around jack to reach a buried screw--
         Universal handle 15152 or SH26 needed- Old Part Number 16148A
                  8 inches long                                                                                                              SH34             $ 23.35
4-1/2 inches long                                                                                                        SH35            $ 30.50

Hammer which fits into Universal Handle- Just right for tapping in loose tuning pins.
         You MUST have a universal handle which locks the tool with a twist bezel.
         Not shown in graphics- 3-1/2 inches long- 7/8 inch diameter head-                                      SH36             $ 58.25

Our Key Leveling Kit - Includes a custom made straightedge and the Jaras 3-in-1
         Leveling and Key Dip Device                                                                                           SS-Level         $59.95

Key Leveling Tool-
This is a professional tool for leveling the keys.
         See Instructions for KEY LEVELING in the online book.            SH255        $ 80.00

Sharp Adapter for Key Leveling Tool
This tool is needt to accurately level the sharps and
         is used with SH255 above                                                            SH265         $ 21.00

Jaras 3-in-1 Leveling and Key-Dip Device                                                                                          Jaras 3-in-1 tool
Replaces multiple dip blocks because it is adjustable. Can be used
to set dip on sharps. After white keys are leveled, can be used to
set the height of the sharps.                                                                      SH40          $ 53.50

Key drop "dip" gauge-  
New model comes with keytop on the wood
block for realism- Set this on a key, push it
down, and determine if the key next to it has
correct key-drop.
See Instructions for KEY LEVELING in the online book.
        3/8 inch keydrop                                                                                                                 SH199            $ 4.00
         13/32 inch keydrop                                                                                                             SH199A         $ 4.00
         7/16 inch keydrop                                                                                                               SH199B          $ 4.00
         1/2 inch keydrop                                                                                                                 SH199C          $ 4.00

Nylon Key Felt Bushing Wedges (not pictured)
        This is what we use in our shop.- Durable and accurate
        Available in four sizes
        .147"          One Dozen minimum                                                                 SP147          $  25.00
        .162"          One Dozen minimum                                                                 SP162          $  25.00
        .138"          One Dozen minimum                                                                 SP138          $  25.00
       .125"           One Dozen minimum                                                                SP125           $ 25.00
        Set of 90                                                                                                                     $  99.00

Ley Lever Front Rail and Balance Rail Pins


One Assortment of paper shims (punchings) for leveling keys- CLICK HERE TO FIND THEM

Bearing Test Gauge--  Set the center on the string between the bridge pins.  See how much
         the ends clear the string as it leaves the bridge in both directions.  No rocking of the
         gauge means no bearing--   Old Part Number 16253                                                          SH106         $ 24.75

Grand Screwdriver--  Very small slot
    Good for Kimball damper screws
    Brass upright butt plate screws
    Universal Handle needed--                
    Old Part Number 16131                    SH4106        $ 17.25

Jack ring top button screw adjusting tool
[ Regulating Screwdriver ]
16124 in graphic
(ring head type) Universal handle needed
     16124 in illustration
     5 inches long                                     SH67             $ 20.50
     7 inches long                                     SH67A           $ 21.75
     12 inches long                                   SH67B           $ 21.75
          Use 12 or 15 inches for drop actions

Regulating Screwdriver (not pictured)
This tool is an improvement on the SH67 tool in that
the 3/8" diameter ball end has crossing, oval openings
that allow regulating eye screws to be turned at any
90 degree angle. Overall length is 8"; fits universal handle.          SH269          $ 73.50

Grand Drop Screw Regulator--  
    All screws with flattened tab ends
    Found mostly on grands and a few uprights
    Universal handle needed
            Old Part Number 16133
     5 inches long                                     SH4102           $ 20.00
     9 inches long                                     SH4103           $ 20.00
                  See model with wooden handle down the page

Damper Regulator-- 7 inches long 
    Need higher quality Universal handle
    Work through the action--  Old Part Number 16128
     Straight (Adjust right to left)                  SH61B        $ 20.00
     Right Angle (forward and back)            SH61C        $ 20.00
      Right Offset (forward and back)           SH61A        $ 20.00

Spoon Benders--  Bend Spoons with
    action in piano--  6 inches long--                     Old Part Number 16135                                        SH85        $ 23.75
    12 inches long--  (Universal handle needed)     Old Part Number 16136                                        SH87        $ 22.50

Tuning Pin Extractor -- FOR BROKEN TUNING PINS

This 3/4 inch long tool (not shown in Illustration) will remove a tuning pin which has been
damaged by amateur efforts to turn a tuning pin with improvised tools. It will also remove
a pin which has broken off at the hole. The tool fits into the tip of a tuning lever. It has
tapered reversed threads so that, when turned counterclockwise, it bites the top of the
broken pin and removes it. This is similar to an "easy out" used in automotive applications
on broken engine bolts. It will seldom be needed, but when such an emergency transpires,
this is the ONLY thing to save the day. It should be in EVERY professional tool kit. If the
tuner before you did not have one, this tool will make you look like his superior for sure.
You will want to price the task to pay for the tool the first time since you will seldom use it.       SH110        $ 33.00

Music Wire Gauge--
    Wire No. 12 to 28-- Old Part Number 15170                                                                             SH342       $ 133.25

Grand sound board cleaning steel- Be sure to read our section on using the Cleaning Steel.
         Can be used to clean bridges on uprights. 
         Rag is tied in end hole, and the steel is pushed under strings
         to clean sound board--          Old Part Number 16104                                                          SH934          $ 8.25


Hammer Voicing (Picking) Tool--  GO TO HAMMER RESTORATION TOOLS PAGE


Weights for Balancing Keys and adding Leads--  Gram increments from 1 to 64 grams--  
         The weights are used to see how much pressure is needed to push the key down and
         move the action.  Can be added to increase or decrease tension--  Old Part No. 16396          SH198        $ 37.50

Grand Key Leveling Leads--  For the professional--  These leads replace the weight of the
               action when the keyboard is removed for adjustment and leveling with punchings.
               Simply press them into the back end of the keys, the nails keep them in place.
               Set of 52 For doing naturals -- See grapic at right          Part Number SH973             $ 159.00

Long tweezers (8 inch)- Essential to align parts for gluing, especially loose jack flanges- stainless--
        6 inches long--           Old Part Number 15091A                 Part Number SH160A           $ 8.25
        8 inches long--           Old Part Number 15091B                 Part Number SH160C           $ 11.75
        12 inches long--         Old Part Number 15091C                 Part Number SH160D           $ 23.75




Regulating Screw Driver with handle--
Regulate any flat tab adjustments in uprights
or grands, especially grand wippens
Improved model with plastic handle
                                                   SH194          $ 17.75

Screw holder--  
    If you don't find one anywhere else,
    get this one--
    To insert screws in action!          SH874       $ 81.75

Jack Spring Reamer for removing
    glue when replacing jack springs--  
    I find this tool unmatched by
    improvising if a whole set of jack
    springs are being replaced-        SH127         $ 24.45




Capstan Screw and Front Key Pin Regulator (Straightener)--                                             SH82             $ 21.90

Grand Back Check Regulator-- Upright and Grand (Straightener)-- Not shown
         Replaces Hale tool no. 16449-- One end for uprights, the other for grands.
         Crome plated-- Invented by piano technician Tom Fendon
         This tool is ideal for adjusting back check wires in a spinet with the action in the piano.        SH197           $ 38.00




Gauge for sizing tuning pins while still in the piano--
        This gauage allows you to size the tuning pin before removing the pin,
        and you then can determine which size pin you need and check your
        supplies or order the pin accordingly.                                                       SH44            $ 31.00

False Beat Eliminator-  Thump a false beating wire just above the
        bass bridge (or below upper bearing bar) and clears it up-                       SH101           $ 34.20















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