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The average medium sized piano has about 230 strings, each string having about 165 pounds of tension,
with the combined pull of all strings equaling approximately eighteen tons.



Minimum Order $20

    Priority Mail shipping for most items. UPS by request.

You MUST browse the Catalog area, and try to learn what you want. We no longer search our catalog for you.

Have this information ready:
     1. Description of parts
     2. Part Numbers
     3. Prices
     4. Dimensions where needed
BEFORE you call us please.

Make sure you are in the catalog area for your kind of piano--
Such as Grand Pianos,
Full Uprights, Spinets, etc.

If you are confused, call us for assistance.

If we do not answer the phone, we are probably here-- Just leave a message- we will return your call (it may not be the same day).

Piano wires are called "strings."  Now, isn't that confusing? 
Why not "wires" since they ARE wire?  
Answer:  Ask JS Bach or one of those fellows.  I call them wires :-)

Replacing piano wire is not beyond the average mechanical skills IF
you read the chapters on the subject at Repair:  Chapter Seven, Number 64.  
Also, you must follow instructions in ordering very carefully. If you have
any doubts here, please send E-Mail.

For all parts possible I give you a diagram identity number so you can go to
the  diagram and double check to see if you are ordering the right part.  It is
impossible to give a "Back" button to return to so many pages, so please
use your browser's "Back" button.

Also, I give you a link to the page which tells how to make the repair or
installation of the new part.





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CLICK HERE for stringing tools

Avoid handing piano wires with bare hands if possible.
Acids in perspiration greatly encourage rusting.
Also, do not let a roll of piano wire get out of control.
It can fill the room with wire at once, and it can cut
you and do serious eye damage.

Ideally, use goggles and gloves when working with piano wire. Store piano wire in the driest place possible.

When cutting a piece of wire from a spool, bend a 90 degree in the wire BEFORE you cut off what you want to use. This way, the bent wire will prevent the wire from pulling out of the brake.



This is the wire with NO copper wrapping.  This wire, at about size 12, is also used commonly to remove and install
automobile windshields.  It has many uses outside of the piano trade.  Ask any BATF agent.


Instructions for duplicating treble strings.

           You MUST mic the old wires since the size changes are very small as
           the scale progresses. Precise duplication of the diameter is essential for
           volume matching.

                      METHOD ONE: To get a perfect match, mic the old wire in thousandths
                      of an inch and, using the chart below, determine the diameter of the new wire needed in
                      thousandths of an inch. Then find the size number in the left hand column.
                      METHOD TWO: Send a sample of your broken string in the mail.
                      Be sure to tape it to a piece of cardboard in your letter.
           We no longer sell single cut wire pieces per note.

RÖSLAU WIRE From Germany

Note: When certain wire is sold in wire size 12 through 22 only, this is because these sizes are the
common sizes found on pianos. Much lighter or heavier wire is used in other applications.
We can deliver wire in large lots and quantities at reduced prices. SEND MAIL for information.
The ideal way to order is to mic your wire, and use the chart below to see which wire size you need.
You may also send us samples of the broken wire. Send a piece with no kinks and not rust if possible.

One Third Pound of RÖSLAU Wire-
           See chart below for 1/4 and 1/2 lb. smaller size wire.
           Our single rolls of RÖSLAU wire come only in the metal reels and with a brake attached,
           as seen in the graphic below. This makes for a safe method of removing wire so that you
           don't lose control. If you were to hold a spool of piano wire at arms length and just let go
           of it, you would be amazed how it instantly uncoiled and filled the room with wire. It is not
           a good idea to buy this wire bulk if you do not have cannisters or brakes already.
           It can also be quite dangerous.
           Metal spool of wire with brake       
                      Size 12 through 22 only   Order by wire size                                         $ 23.75 per reel


Restringing Treble Wire Kit of RÖSLAU Wire for One Piano--
           1/3 lb. reels--  Made in Germany
           This kit of wire will restring the whole treble (plain wire)
           in most pianos. 12 reels, each in its own reel.
           The brake is available below-- Part Number SH168.
See the graphic to understand the added safety in this arrangement.
           This keeps the wire from flying wild if you slip and let go of it.
           Piano wire is very dangerous and can cut or injure eyes very quickly.
           The kit includes one 1/3 lb. reel of each of the following sizes--
                      13, 13½, 14, 14½, 15, 15½, 16, 16½, 17, 18, 19, 20
           To be sure you don't have an unusual piano, check this--
           If the highest treble wire is not less than .031 in diameter, and the
           lowest treble wire is not thicker than .045, the above set will work.
           If you have different diameters than mentioned, we can still sell you
           a special priced bundle, but we need the diameter in thousandths
           of the highest and lowest wire.
           Use a micrometer to measure thousandths of an inch..                                                            Part Number-- SH-#3          $ 247.50

Brake for the above reels- This controls the wire better as you unwind it
           and store it. One brake is enough if you transfer the brake from a
           used reel as you move to the next weight wire.
Also, by bending the
           tab of the brake upward, you can straighten the wire as you unwind
           it  from the reel.
        Part Number-- SH168      $ 3.00 each


One Pound of RÖSLAU Wire-    Size 12 through 22 only  Order by wire size                         $ 28.00

           CAUTION: Open these rolls carefully

Five Pounds of RÖSLAU Wire-  Size 12 through 22 only  Order by wire size                          $ 140.00

Canister for holding wire rolls up to one pound
           (Without this, you could have the wire escape from your control and
           literally fill the room with wire.                                                                                SH166         $ 8.25


Mapes International "Gold" Wire-
           This piano wire is made to the highest international standards,
           but it is made in the USA. It has a high resistance to elongation
           making tunings of new wire last longer- It also has a brighter shine
           than other brands. Where the wire can be seen, many technicians
           choose this wire.
           Size 12 through 24 only- SOLD ONLY IN 1 LB. ROLLS              Order by wire size       $ 27.00
           Five pound rolls available-- SEND MAIL



There is a tool available for gauging plain wire, BUT it is very expensive.
I suggest you order wire one of two ways.

1.  Send me a straight piece of the old wire so I can match it myself.  OR
2.  Measure the diameter of the wire with a micrometer in thousandths of an inch,
           and use the chart below to choose the right wire size number.

Here is a link explaining how to use a micrometer.

If you are ordering by mail with an order form:
Be sure to write the amount--  
1/3, 1/2, One, Two, or Five Pounds-- on the Description line of the Order Form.

If you are in a metric measure area of the world, HERE IS A CONVERSION SITE TO USE.

       Wire sizes 12 through 21 come in a reel. Sizes 22 through 36 come in an X clip,
       and you may want to buy a canister to hold the wire and dispense it more gracefully.

       Cannisters are listed up this page.

       W12       .029       440
       W12½       .030       415
       W13       .031       390
       W13½       .032       366
       W14       .033       350
       W14½       .034       328
       W15       .035       306
       W15½       .036       290
       W16       .037       274
       W16½       .038       260
       W17       .039       250
       W17½       .040       234
       W18       .041       223
       W18½       .042       212
       W19       .043       200
       W19½       .044       190
       W20       .045       182
       W20½       .046       174
       W21       .047       165
       W21½       .048       160
       W22       .049       156
       W23       .051       140
       W24       .055       121
       W25       .059       105
       W26       .063       92

RÖSLAU Specialty and Zither Wire:
       Size 4/0 through 4 come in One Quarter pound rolls.
       Size 5 through 11 come in One Half Pound Rolls.
       The wire below is NOT in a reel when you get it. It is in an X clip,
       and you may want to buy a canister to hold the wire and dispense it moregracefully.
       Cannisters are listed up this page.

Wire Size
in inches
Common Use
Feet per
Weight of
    W4/0       .006              10,204       1/4 lb.        $ 50.00
    W3/0       .007              7,462       1/4 lb.        $ 27.50
    W 2/0       .008              5,714       1/4 lb.        $ 27.50
       W0       .009              4,545       1/4 lb.        $ 27.50
       W1       .010              3,700       1/4 lb.        $ 21.00
       W2       .011              3,033       1/4 lb.        $ 21.00
       W3       .012       Zither       2,560       1/4 lb.        $ 21.00
       W4       .013       Zither       2,170       1/4 lb.        $ 21.00
       W5       .014       Zither
       Nasal Surgery
       1,886       1/2 lb.        $ 25.00
       W6       .016       Zither
       Butter Cutting
       1,428       1/2 lb.        $ 25.00
       W7       .018       Zither
       Cheese Cutting
       1,136       1/2 lb.        $ 25.00
       W8       .020       Zither
       917       1/2 lb.        $ 25.00
       W9       .022       Zither
       757       1/2 lb.        $ 25.00
       W10       .024       Zither
       Cheese Cutting
       636       1/2 lb.        $ 25.00
       W11       .026       Zither
       Fishing Leaders
       540       1/2 lb.        $ 25.00

You will need to do the math of dividing the length per pound by the amount on a reel.

Some interesting ways our customers have used piano wire:

To suspend heavy deco items
Magicians-- To hang objects so that they look suspended in air
To survey and lay out buildings
Hat bands
A seismograph in Hawaii
Hoop dresses for dolls
To cut "green" clay before firing
Spring manufacturers
To remove broken windshields
To pull electrical and computer wire through tubes and pipe
Cheese cutters
Door gongs


This wire is used to hold the piano in the old pick up truck in case you have to haul it to the dump and throw it away.  
Find it at your friendly True Value Hardware store.  Tell them Pat Summerall sent you  :-)


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